The Thug Diaries Episode Ten – Living the good RV life

Thug Diaries

This is one of my favorite fighter video blogs, join Rose and Pat Barry as they travel to LA

A lot of fighters have video blogs and I sincerely enjoy watching them. I have an interest in the fights and the fighters. I love to see how they live and few people are as open or honest as Rose Namajunas. Her and Pat Barry and simply two great human beings and if I could go a cross-country road trip with anyone in MMA, it would be those guys. In short, I can’t get enough of Thug Diaries.

They are traveling via RV to Los Angeles from Denver in this episode. They are going to LA for JJ Aldrich’s fight on the UFC 227 card. They stop and do a photo shoot, play with their dog and take their time seeing America along the way.

From Thug Rose

Were back! Watch us as we travel from Denver to L.A to watch J.J Aldrich compete at UFC 227, test out a new RV, and do a photo shoot with Austin (@austinarreguin) for a magazine (@Venimagazine). We hope you enjoy this episode and stay tuned for the next one to see more training and behind the scenes footage from before UFC 227.

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Watch Bantamweight Sean O’Malley hit the punch meter on UFC Tonight

Sean O'Malley

Big things come in small packages. O’Malley cracks the bag, passes Woodley.

Sometimes you seriously can’t judge a book by its cover. He might look like a hippie McLovin, but that doesn’t stop Sean O’Malley from packing dynamite in his hands. He was on UFC Tonight and as others who have guested on the show did, hit the punch meter. The top performers of all time are listed below.

  1. Derrick Lewis – 967
  2. Daniel Cormier – 966
  3. Pat Barry – 965
  4. Sean O’Malley – 950
  5. Tyron Woodley – 944
  6. Michael Bisping – 942
  7. Daniel Ortega – 942
  8. Jeremy Stephens – 927

Everyone was quite surprised when O’Malley hit it and earned a 950 score. It moves him into fourth all-time behind three heavyweights. The kid has bricks in his hands. Those Montana kids don’t play. If you come from Montana you have a certain hay bail, mountain toughness to you. Sean is no different. Check out the video below, courtesy of FOX Sports UFC.

Sean is an interesting guy, take a look at the first episode of his Youtube series, The Suga Show, right here. It takes you behind the scenes into his training at the MMA Lab and his home life as well. If you’re not already on Team O’Malley, you better get on board.

Pat Barry opens up about struggling with addiction

Struggling Pat Barry, back to the straight and narrow

Before Pat Barry went on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, we hadn’t heard from him for a while. Pat revealed that he had been struggling with addiction. “A lot of us (fighters) eventually… and I was one… had no idea. I was like, I’m not a drug addict, I wouldn’t do that. Doctor prescription … Read morePat Barry opens up about struggling with addiction

The Thug Diaries – Episode 9 Snorkeling, Rock Climbing and saying goodbye to Indonesia

thug diaries

Rose Namajunas is back for more adventure!

If you’re a fan of the excellent video blog series, The Thug Diaries, today is a good day. After a lengthy break after Episode 8, Rose is back with a new episode.

In this episode, Rose and company say goodbye to Indonesia and head back to the states to prepare for her upcoming fight with Michelle Waterson.  She also does some serious rock climbing in Colorado.

We’re all excited to have more Rose Namajunas in our lives, check out Episode 9 of The Thug Diaries below.

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Real Quick, Retro Pick. Pat Barry does the Techno Viking.

Real Quick Retro Pick. Pat Barry does the Techno Viking.

Here’s a new thing we are doing at ‘Real Quick, Retro pick’ will be a way for new fans to see old videos that they may not even know existed. Our first video is Pat Barry doing the Techno Viking.

Here at… We think Pat Barry Nailed it!

Back in the the days before World Star Hip Hop came in and ruined everything, we had clean wholesome fun. You guys remember the Techno Viking, right? It’s essentially a Nordic looking man threatening a ruffian, then proceeds to dance hard down the street. People follow him, bring him bottled water, and seemingly ask for autographs.

In short, the video was a viral sensation.

For whatever reason, it made it’s way into MMA circles. I remember Urijah being a huge fan. It was Pat though, who turned the cameras on and did his own Techno Viking. In turn, Pat’s video became an MMA viral hit. I think the original video was this one, but for all of our sake, I’m posting the one that is vertical… with his name spelled wrong.