Eve Gracie accidentally chokes Rener unconscious with the ‘Sheet Choke’


This is just too damn funny. While nothing is funny about domestic violence, the outtake from the Gracie Breakdown about how to survive an attack in the bedroom, most certainly was. Rener Gracie and his wife Eve did an instructional showing how to do a ‘Bed Sheet Choke’. While doing so, Eve missed the tap and put Rener straight to sleep.

She choked him out and that alone showed that the technique absolutely works. Rener himself said it perfectly:

“The technique worked perfectly and at least I got to wake up in my own bed.”

Totally by accident, it was another successful Gracie Breakdown.

Rener Gracie provides updated Brian Ortega condition and his future


Brian Ortega gave fans his condition status yesterday but was very vague in his delivery. His nose and thumb were broken but he let everyone know that he was thankful for the support. Rener Gracie talked to TMZ and gave us an updated version of how Ortega is doing, as well as his mindset after the fight.

Long story short, Rener knows that Ortega is a beast and his best days are ahead of him. He goes on to talk about Ortega’s first BJJ loss and how after, it motivated him to be a straight-up killer.

Rener knows that losing this first MMA fight will do nothing but light a fire under Ortega that no one has ever seen before.

Gracie’s mantra is ‘You win or you learn’.

I have a feeling that Mr. Ortega is about to do some serious learning and will be a savage upon his return. He does not strike me as a guy who handles losing particularly well.

Girl chokes the incorrect person. Still, she beast choked a bouncer!


If you ask me… All of this could have been avoided if it wasn’t for one stupid friend. Tell me if you’ve heard this one before… Two girls walk into a bar and one girl tries to mess with her friend. She succeeds and the friend targets the incorrect person, putting a bouncer twice her size to sleep.

The dumb friend thought it would be funny to slap her friend’s ass in 2018 and nothing bad would come out of it. Maybe she never watches the news or has an electronic device, but clearly, this is something you can’t do these days.

The girl who got her buns smacked went after the first person she saw; A bouncer. She violently choked him unconscious and was subsequently arrested. All of this because her friend thought it was a good idea to mess around with the #MeToo movement.

*Face, meet palm*

Top pros show how impressed they are with Conor’s ground skills


FightEffect on YouTube always put out great videos. Whether it’s cornerman audio during a fight or other things of the like, they put together fantastic videos which give us a view of things we may not normally see. In this case, they have a bunch of the top professionals in MMA and BJJ commenting on Conor McGregor’s ground skills.

Just because Conor has lost all of his fights on the ground does not mean that he doesn’t have ground skills. Conor is very good on the ground, but he can starch people with one punch while standing; So why even attempt to grapple?

FightEffect shows reactions from people like Demetrious Johnson, Rener Gracie, and Georges St-Pierre during McGregor’s fights. These top wrestlers and BJJ practitioners are commenting about his groundwork and being very complimentary about it.

Saying that he’s pretty damn good on the ground tells us a lot before going into his fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov. Does this mean that Connor’s better on the ground than Khabib? Probably not. However, it might not be as much of a cakewalk for Khabib as everybody is thinking.

Another Gracie breakdown, but with excellent product placement


If any of you LYFT or UBER drivers fear for your lives when working, have no fear; The Gracies are here. Rener Gracie posted a new Gracie breakdown and with the help of his brother, Ryron, put out a fantastic tutorial with legendary product placement.

While showing how to deal with a ‘situation’ Rener shows us the lost art of timing and product placement.

“Do anything you can to de-escalate the situation. Even if that means taking off your Hero Hoodie and showing him how it converts into a fully functional backpack in a matter of seconds.”

I was so impressed by the timing of this that I really didn’t care about how to defend a wild UBER passenger.

I’m seriously considering buying one of those Hero Hoodies right now. That thing looks awesome.

Rener does a Gracie Breakdown of a basketball court street fight


Sometimes these things happen on the basketball court. Someone doesn’t like the defense that someone is playing or they get sick of another guy’s mouth. Then, guys fight. The last two weeks that I played ball, I witness two fights. It would have been a great service to everyone involved if these guys had any training whatsoever. Instead, it was just a mess of flailing and chest puffing.

Rener Gracie brings us a viral street fight video and he does his usual breakdown of the fight. In this case, one guy actually knows what he’s doing. The other guy, well, he stinks at fighting. A big mouth and muscles do not make you a good fighter, kids. Remember that.

The much smaller guy with technique beats the brakes off of the guy who thinks being buff will win him a scrap. I freaking love these kinds of videos, as they illustrate the HUGE gap between the trained and untrained.

Dude gets invite to Gracie Academy after stopping a perp with foot sweep.


This is too epic. First off, check out the guy walking out of the library, dressed like Donnie Wahlberg from the 1989 NKOTB boy band. Second; What grown man goes to the library anymore? Lastly; How does this library visiting 1989 gangster have to presence of mind to make the split decision to trip a perp via rear foot sweep?

Clearly, Rener Gracie is just as impressed as I am by this guy’s handy work. In fact, he’s so impressed, that he extended an invite to the hero to visit the Gracie Academy if he so desires.

It’s a rarity these days to see someone jump into action to help the police, but damn, this guy got it right.

Rener and Brian Ortega’s breakdown of Adam Wieczorek’s omoplata win


Rener Gracie brings us the latest Gracie Breakdown and it is from the UFC’s second-ever omoplata win. He brings in Brian Ortega to help the breakdown of Adam Wieczorek’s submission win from UFC on FOX 29.

While the submission was impressive and extremely rare in MMA, it’s even crazier that it was done by a heavyweight Polish striker. After the fight, he told reporters that he hadn’t even practiced the move at all. It just kind of happened in the scramble.

T-City and Rener break it down as only they can at Gracie University. They provide not only how the maneuver was completed, but also how to defend it and what else could have been done from the position.

As always, awesome stuff from Rener Gracie.

Video of the Gracie and T-City family reacting to Brian Ortega’s big win


Rener Gracie posted a video of his family and the T-City clan reacting to his win over Frankie Edgar. It is nothing but pure emotion and love from Ortega’s support system.

It reminds me of those videos where someone hits a game-winning shot in an opposing city. Then, the camera shows a fan-reaction replay from some bar in the game-winning team’s city. I must say that Eve Torres’ reaction is the most priceless of the bunch. She absolutely loses her cool and freaks the hell out (with a bun in the oven, too).

Ortega beat a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer and solidified his place as the number one contender for the featherweight title. It was a huge win in the UFC 222 ‘People’s Main Event’ and Ortega’s family had his back.

Check it out!

Rener Gracie and Eve Torres demonstrate Creepy Hug Defenses


Rener Gracie and his wife, Eve Torres, demonstrate how to successfully defend the creepy hug. Every single technique can get anyone out of a jam when they are stuck in an unwanted embrace.

We’ve all been there. You wind up in a situation that you aren’t comfortable with and maybe you give an ‘ass-out’ hug. Maybe your ex rolls up on when you are with your new squeeze and you have to give them the ol’ Heisman. Either way, the situation sucks and we’ve all had something cringe-worthy happen like that.

Rener and Eve show us the proper way to combat moves such as the wandering hand and the club hug. This is a must-see video for all of those who need some self-hug-defense.

Brian Ortega filmed himself getting ‘The Call’ from Dana White


After his stunning victory over Frankie Edgar at UFC 222, it was a foregone conclusion that Brian T-City Ortega would get the next featherweight title shot. Ortega showed it being made official when he filmed himself getting the confirmation call from Dana White.

Dana calls him and reveals what we all already knew and Ortega responds in Brian Ortega fashion.

“He-he. Hell yeah”.

Despite his ‘aw shucks’ demeanor, that is about as excited as you will see Ortega get. In fact, after getting the news that he will be getting a title shot, he and Rener Gracie immediately change the subject and talk about Ortega’s desire to help kids.

Whenever these guys speak I feel I need to go outside and start a lemonade stand for cancer or something.

Gracie Breakdown with Brian Ortega, right after his guillotine win


Rener Gracie is back with another Gracie Breakdown. This time, it’s of Brian Ortega’s guillotine over Cub Swanson, minutes after his submission win. Usually, Ortega is helping Rener with the videos, but here he is actually a part of it.

It’s comical how Ortega is just overjoyed and almost reluctant to help Rener. I imagine he was on cloud nine after winning two bonuses and banking six figures, less than ten minutes previous.

The submission was an impressive one, as Ortega managed to let go of the initial choke and still complete the guillotine. It was a high level sub that Ortega perfected by training with his high level teacher.

Inspiring video of the Gracies helping a teen girl, whose bullying attack video went viral.

Inspiring video of the Gracies helping a teen girl, whose bullying attack video went viral.

The Gracies post plenty of funny videos, but their most recent one is inspiring. Rener and Ryron Gracie invited a teenage girl who was attacked by five girls, to train with them in California. You may remember the viral video going around the internet. Supposed friends of the victim invited her over and jumped her. As if that wasn’t enough, someone actually stood there and filmed it. The entire situation was disgusting.

The Gracies offered to fly Naomi and her family out to Los Angeles to learn how to defend herself. They accepted and had one-on-ones with some of the greatest grapplers in the world.

As a parent, it’s heartbreaking to watch what happened and how everyone was affected. However, the Gracies are doing what they do and are changing lives for the better because of it.

Either this girl Naomi is a beast or the Gracies are amazing teachers. Within a week she was executing flawless helicopter armbars.

According to the Gracie YouTube,

“Naomi and her family were sent home with Gracie Garage home grappling mats, full access to the complete Gracie University curriculum, and lifetime membership to any Gracie Academy Certified Training Center so they can continue the jiu-jitsu journey as a family.”

These guys are superheroes.

This Rener Gracie commentary breakdown of a road rage incident, is legendary.

This Rener Gracie commentary breakdown of a road rage incident, is legendary.

Rener and Ryron Gracie have brought the ‘Gracie Breakdown‘ into our lives, providing us with info and making us laugh. This time, only Rener does a breakdown of a road rage incident and kills it. He posted a video of what appears to be a minor traffic accident. A post shared by renergracie (@renergracie) on … Read moreThis Rener Gracie commentary breakdown of a road rage incident, is legendary.

Video: Ryron and Rener cover Jacare’s guillotine of Mousasi in the ‘Gracie Breakdown’.

Video: Ryron and Rener cover Jacare's guillotine of Mousasi in the 'Gracie Breakdown'.

The Gracie Breakdown is back in our lives. Brothers Rener and Ryron Gracie take a closer look at the revenge guillotine that Ronaldo Jacare Souza used to defeat Gegard Mousasi.

You almost forget how much of a BJJ stud Ronaldo Jacare Souza was, before his permanent move to MMA. Almost. At the turn of the millennium, Jacare was one of the world’s greatest BJJ practitioners. If Jacare got you in a submission, there is a good chance you weren’t getting out.

When Jacare hit the guillotine on Mousasi back in 2014, it was a nightmare for the ‘Dream Catcher’. Gegard was so much of a pretzel that he didn’t even have a free hand to tap with.

Jacare fights Tim Boetsch at UFC 208 this weekend, live on pay-per-view.