Scott Coker is like Marcellus Wallace, sending the Wolf to RIZIN


In Pulp Fiction, when in a pickle, Marcellus Wallace sent in The Wolf to ‘fix’ things. The president of Bellator, Scott Coker, is doing the same thing. RIZIN has been in the trade business with the UFC as of late and now they are into co-promotion. Coker announced on his Twitter that Bellator is sending … Read moreScott Coker is like Marcellus Wallace, sending the Wolf to RIZIN

Takanori Gomi finishes Melvin Guillard at Rizin 11

Takanori Gomi

The Fireball Kid channeled his famed punching power and crushed Melvin Guillard

For those of you, like myself, who fondly remember Takanori Gomi when he had explosive knockout power, you’ll enjoy this. This weekend in the famed Saitama Super Arena, Gomi was set to face Melvin Guillard. The two had a spirited striking match, but minutes in, Gomi landed a combination that sent Guillard crumbling to the canvas.

The victory for Gomi amazing, as his last victory game some four-plus years ago in the UFC Octagon against Isaac Vallie-Flagg. Gomi had dropped six in a row heading into this clash. With the loss, Melvin has now lost eight in a row and nine of ten. It’s time for Melvin to consider either hanging up the gloves or earning some cash on the bare-knuckle circuit. In those nine losses, he has been stopped six times.

Below you’ll find the action, as we’ve kicked it off a couple minutes into the fight. Enjoy the fistic fireworks.

Watch Tenshin Nasukawa put his opponent on the deck over and over


RIZIN came and went this weekend but one of their biggest highlights came from nineteen-year-old phenom, Tenshin Nasukawa. In a kickboxing match, Nasukawa faced fellow kickboxer, Yusaku Nakamura and put on an absolute clinic. Nakamura hit the deck continually, as he continued to get battered throughout the fight.

The high point of the match came when Nasukawa executed what can only be described as a spinning back flipping downward kick. It could possibly have been a modified ‘rolling thunder’. Whatever the name is, Nasukawa landed it and Nakamura felt it.

It was a long night for Nakamura, who saw himself looking up at the ceiling and being left wondering what had happened, more than once. Very impressive performance by the youngster, Nasukawa.

Ian McCall is the unluckiest man on planet earth, TKO’d by a ring rope.

Ian McCall

Ian McCall, the world’s unluckiest man, gets TKO’d via a ring rope at RIZIN.

My uncle used to say, “I busted a mirror and got seven years bad luck, but my lawyer thinks he can get me 3.” However much bad luck Ian McCall has stored up, it’s still haunting him.

He entered this fight for RIZIN in seemingly great shape. He’s been so prone to injury, and his career has been marred by many of those nagging injuries. He looked to be in great shape both mentally and physically coming into this fight. He had an opponent he found easy to dislike and a stage that would allow him to exact retribution. Then it happened.

Ian McCall, during a scramble along the ropes, had his forehead dragged along the middle rope. The result was a very bad cut that led to the officials stopping the action and calling it a TKO victory for Kape. I’m not kidding. Ian McCall was TKO’d by the RIZIN ring ropes. The ropes are said to be of very stiff plastic and they don’t apply vaseline to the fighters before the fight. It’s a perfect storm for something like this. They replayed the action multiple times and the knee Kape lands were in the mouth/cheek area. It did not cause the cut in question. Take a look.

Thanks as always to the incredible Fancy Combat for the video.

Gabi Garcia doing Gabi Garcia things, misses weight by 26 lbs at RIZIN

Gabi Garcia

It’s not bad enough that Gabi is supposed to fight a 162 lb, a 53-year-old woman. She misses weight.

To say Gabi Garcia missed weight at RIZIN packs the power of understatement. She missed by a whopping 26 pounds. It is ridiculous enough that her 53-year-old opponent weighed in at 162 for a 209 pound catchweight fight, but then Gabi weighed in at 237 pounds. That would mark a weight difference between the two to a staggering 75 pounds.

The fight itself was a circus, now it’s just a three-alarm fire of stupidity. Gabi Garcia at this point cannot be taken seriously and RIZIN should be ashamed of themselves for even booking this trainwreck.

The fight now seems to be in jeopardy with the massive weight difference, but who knows right?

Thanks to Women’s MMA Rankings for the video.

Things get heated with Ian McCall and Manel Kape at RIZEN weigh-ins

 Ian McCall and Manel Kape exchanged shots at the Weigh-ins.

These two have been at each other’s throats since the first time they were in the same room together. Manel Kape seems to think it is a good idea to ruffle the feathers of Ian McCall. It probably isn’t.  Ian McCall has seen basically all the sport has to offer and all Manel’s doing is digging a deeper hole if he loses. As expected, things got heated once again when Ian and Manel weighed in ahead of their fight at RIZIN tomorrow.

As the two fighters are standing side by side it seems as if Kape is just going off, running his mouth non-stop. Ian McCall starts to laugh and doubles over at one point. As he stands up an incredulous Kape slaps him in the back of the head. McCall immediately hits Kape with a left-handed slap. and they had to be immediately separated.  Most people felt Ian had punched him, but McCall was quick to comment via Twitter and let us know it was a slap.

Thanks as always go to the great Caposa for posting the video.

AKA Thailand standout heavyweight Amir Aliakbari signs with ACB

Amir Aliakbari

Amir Aliakbari went 5-1 with Rizin before signing a deal with ACB. Heavyweight fighter and AKA Thailand team member Amir Aliakbari is a serious threat to heavyweights. He’s 7-1 as a professional and his wrestling pedigree is elite. He also gets the best standup training in the world at AKA Thailand. It’s made him a … Read moreAKA Thailand standout heavyweight Amir Aliakbari signs with ACB

Ian McCall and Manel Kape don’t seem to like each other much.

Ian McCall

“Uncle Creepy” Ian McCall showed a lot of patience during this press conference.

Ian McCall recently ended his time in the UFC and signed to fight in Japan for RIZIN. It was a move that surprised many. However, he’s there now and seems ready to roll with the punches. He was a guest at a RIZIN press conference where he and his upcoming opponent Manel Kape couldn’t seem to see eye to eye.  Kape was talking trash and trying to intimidate Ian McCall from the beginning.

That seems like an odd strategy for Kape, considering McCall’s experience level in the sport. McCall has 19 professional fights compared to 8 for Kape. Kape seemed to indicate that McCall was scared, which Ian seemed to laugh off. However, Ian eventually got tired of being crowded and chirped at and walked off the stage and said enough is enough.  The funny aspect is Kape remained on the stage posing, while every camera in the house was ignoring him and focused on Ian.

McCall has had six consecutive fights that have been canceled so you can imagine how anxious he is to get into the ring. Check out the video for yourself.

Give a listen to Ian McCall on the 6 Star Podcast


Amir Aliakbari in the co-main event of RIZIN Fighting this weekend

Amir Aliakbari

The AKA Thailand prospect will be looking to run his record to 7-1 at RIZIN. Amir Aliakbari is a very talented heavyweight fighter. He’s been training with Mike Swick and company at AKA Thailand and his growth has been very noticeable from fight to fight. He’s competed in five Rizin fights, having suffered only one … Read moreAmir Aliakbari in the co-main event of RIZIN Fighting this weekend

RIZIN Fighting Federation 5 – Sakura. Japanese MMA returns this weekend.

RIZIN Fighting Federation 5 - Sakura. Japanese MMA returns this weekend.

After Chris Weidman and Gegard Mousasi played their game of inches and the debate of whether or not Weidman was a grounded opponent ensued, we are ready for some good ol’ Japanese MMA. The place where, for some reason, knees to a downed opponent doesn’t instantly concuss them simply because they are legal. RIZIN FF … Read moreRIZIN Fighting Federation 5 – Sakura. Japanese MMA returns this weekend.

Out from the ashes, Anthony Birchak goes to RIZIN.

Out from the ashes, Anthony Birchak goes to RIZIN.

Define a fighter’s fighter: A fighter that other professional fighters are fans of. Anthony Birchak epitomizes that. This is why when Anthony Birchak was let go from the UFC after coming off of a win, left everyone scratching their heads. A guy who is 2-2 in the UFC, coming off of a win, and when … Read moreOut from the ashes, Anthony Birchak goes to RIZIN.

Kyoji Horiguchi signs a new deal, set to debut in April

kyoji horiguchi

Kyoji Horiguchi turned down a UFC offer & left the promotion. He has a new home. Kyoji Horiguchi is probably among the best Flyweights on the planet.  He is (18-2) as a professional fighter, and had an amazing record of 7-1 inside the UFC Octagon.  Not feeling properly compensated for his efforts, he opted out. … Read moreKyoji Horiguchi signs a new deal, set to debut in April

Cro Cop hints his retirement from MMA, or close to it.

Cro Cop hints his retirement from MMA, or close to it.

He’s said it before. Mirko Cro Cop has claimed retirement in the past and we believed him. To our delight, he came back and began teaching people how to drink their food through a straw again. Cro Cop was a guest on Nova TV earlier and gave the scenarios and variables that it would take … Read moreCro Cop hints his retirement from MMA, or close to it.

RIZIN 2016 GP Final Weigh-In Highlights: Cro Cop No-Showed.

RIZIN 2016 GP Final Weigh-In Highlights: Cro Cop No-Showed.

There is never a dull moment in Japanese MMA. Ever. Sometimes, even weigh-ins can be a spectacle. That’s exactly what the 2016 Rizin GP weigh-ins were. There was one noticeable absence, however. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipović was a no-show.

Big lovable Baruto was left all by himself on the weigh-in stage, as his opponent Mirko Cro Cop did not make an appearance. Fear not, there were still many things to talk about.

The part that has the internet buzzing is the matchup between Gabi Garcia and Yumiko Hotta. Hotta weighed in at about 171 pounds and she’s 5’6. Gabi Garcia is 6’2 and weighed in at 208. Sure it could be considered an uneven affair, with Garcia having a 40 pound weight advantage. However, Hotta is 49 years old and has ‘grown woman strength’. If not, she can always hit Garcia with her hand chains and lightning strikes.

RIZIN 2016 GP Final Weigh-In Highlights: Cro Cop No-Showed.
Yumiko Hotta vs Gabi Garcia

Like we stated before, Cro Cop was absent from the weigh-ins. has since received confirmation from a source close to RIZIN that Cro Cop is still fighting. Just unknown circumstances that caused him to miss the weigh-ins.

Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett also made news by not being at the weigh-ins and was told it was over visa issues. His fight with Minoru Kimura has now been cancelled as a result. will be speaking with Bennett to find out exactly what his visa issues were, very soon.

Andy Nguyen came out dressed as the Pokemon character, Pikachu. Not exactly breaking news, but… when you add in the man sized Cup-O-Noodles, wearing a Speedo and Genki Sudo mask, it gets people talking.

Andy Nguyen 2016 RIZIN World Gran Prix Finals Weigh-in Highlights
Andy Nguyen in full Pikachu

Japanese MMA is the best!

Kron Gracie vs Tatsuya Kawajiri 2016 RIZIN World Gran Prix Finals Weigh-in Highlights
Kron Gracie vs Tatsuya Kawajiri

Tune in to tonight at 1 am ET/ 10 pm PST for the FREE live stream to the 2016 RIZIN World Grand Prix NYE Finals event.

Watch RIZIN World Grand Prix 2016 Final Round Live Here!

Weigh-In Results:

Tatsuya Kawajiri(65.5kg) vs Kron Gracie(65.5kg)

Hideo Tokoro(61.5kg) vs Erson Yamamoto(61.7kg)

RENA(48.9kg) vs Hanna Tyson(48.7kg)

Andy Nguyen(49.0kg) vs Miyuu Yamamoto(48.7kg)

Kizaemon Saiga(58.0kg) vs Dillin West(57.7kg)

Gabi Garcia(94.9kg) vs Yumiko Hotta(77.6kg)

Hayato “Mach” Sakurai(82.0kg) vs Wataru Sakata(80.7kg)

Amir Aliakbari(116.1kg) vs Valentin Moldavsky(102.2kg)

Mirko Cro Cop(106.0kg) vs Baruto(180.0kg)

Tenshin Nasukawa(56.6kg) vs Kawika Oligo(56.45kg)

*Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett vs Minoru “PHILIP” Kimura is cancelled.*