Nunes vs Cyborg more monumental for Amanda Nunes than Rousey fight


Amanda Nunes beating Ronda Rousey was a monumental moment in Nunes’ career. There is absolutely no disputing that. However, her upcoming fight with Cris Cyborg trumps all other career-related goals. A champion vs champion fight against arguably the baddest woman on the planet will be the pinnacle of Nunes’ fight career.

She seems focused on the task at hand and genuinely happy as well. TMZ, of course, have to ask the most irrelevant question ever when talking about Cyborg’s connection with Halle Berry; But if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be TMZ.

The fight between Nunes and Cyborg is the most important fight in women’s MMA history. It goes down next weekend at UFC 232 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Apparently, Halle Berry will be there too.

Ronda Rousey’s Open Challenge becomes a high stakes Gauntlet Match


Ronda Rousey needs competition. In the WWE, no one has been able to solve the Rousey puzzle. Until they do, Ronda continues to hold on to the strap and issue open challenges to whoever wants a crack at her belt. Last night, all the women wanted a shot. Therefore, WWE chairman, Stephanie McMahon held a high stakes gauntlet match.

The winner of the gauntlet match would face Ronda for her title. Sounds good, right? Uh-oh… There was trouble in Paradise.

Ronda’s RAW BFF is Natalya and she won the 8-woman gauntlet match. This means that Ronda will have to square off against a friend. Ronda isn’t the biggest fan of wrestling against someone she likes because usually, it results in her getting screwed over. I guess we will see what Natalya brings to the table when the two ladies face off next week on Monday Night RAW.

Oh my God, Ronda is stupid famous. Way bigger WWE star than UFC star


We talk about it all of the time on Ronda Rousey does the biggest numbers of anyone on the WWE roster. Ronda gives an inside look to her life on the road and to say she’s famous would be an understatement. She is a friggin superstar of epic proportions.

When fighting in the UFC, Ronda was already a mega-star. After her run there, she began doing movies and television spots. She seamlessly transitioned into a WWE superstar and she couldn’t be more popular.

Ronda now has entire arenas chanting ‘Ronda Rousey’ and people of all ages wearing her merchandise. It’s mind-blowing how awesome she’s doing but it’s totally deserved. I especially love that she rolls down the window of her car to high-five and interact with her fans.

Rousey absolutely loves her job and her life. Who wouldn’t?

Ronda Rousey arrived on Monday night RAW to fight, not talk.


Last night on Monday Night RAW, Ronda Rousey arrived in a foul mood. Full disclosure, she’s always in a foul mood when she’s on WWE tv. That’s her role on television though. Her character is the baddest woman on the planet and the baddest woman on the planet isn’t there to shake babies and kiss hands.

Her current foe, Nia Jax, got on the mic to berate Ronda in an attempt to sell PPV’s. Essentially, everything in the WWE is done to sell an upcoming PPV to generate heat between wrestlers and interest from the fans.

Nia was calling out Ronda and Ronda obliged. She came down with her mean ‘Ronda Face’ and Nia headed for the hills. It was just another day on WWE Monday Night RAW. Oddly, that is why some of us watch.

Ronda corners the RAW GM and demands retribution


The WWE is all about retribution and revenge. The soap opera on steroids has more to do with storyline and feelings than it does with the physical performance. This week, the top story on WWE Monday Night RAW is the same as it always is; Whatever is happening with Ronda Rousey. Once again, her segment leads the charge as the most view part of the show.

The story is that Natalya is her friend and Natalya gets attacked and of course, Ronda has to do something about it. She hits up the acting general manager, Alexa Bliss, and demands that she gets to exact her revenge on those who wronged her. Bliss obliged and Ronda got her match.

It’s incredible how fast Ronda has taken over the WWE as the biggest draw. Amazingly, she leads the way every week.

Ronda Rousey’s ‘how-to’ tape your fingers for judo


Ronda Rousey is back with another ‘How-To’ episode. This time, she shows how to properly tape your fingers for judo. Being that I’ve never done judo a day in my life, it seemed odd to do this sort of finger wrapping. After listening to Ronda explain why you do, I feel like a jackass that it never even occurred to me.

I never considered that in judo you grab the gi and your opponent violently tried to break your grip. I guess this leads to all kind of crazy injuries, including ripping the nail from the finger.

This is a fantastic How-To by the Rowdy One showing how to avoid brutal injuries. Now, go get your judo on!

Browsey Acres Ranch photoshoot gets eaten by Browsey Acres goats


In this scenario when mentioning goats, we don’t mean Anderson Silva, Fedor Emelianenko, GSP, or Demetrious Johnson. No, in this case, we are straight up just talking about living and breathing animals. The goats on the Browsey Acres Ranch (Ronda Rousey / Travis Browne Ranch) are the furry kind that make milk and eat everything.

Famed photographer, Eric Williams, was trying to shoot the Browsey ranch but ran into his own goat problems. Clearly frustrated with the animal problem, Williams handled it as poorly as possible. The animals tried to eat his equipment, but really just wanted to say hello. It became a power struggle between the photographer in his office with the animals and their home.

I think everyone made out just fine in the end.

On WWE RAW, it’s Ronda Rousey surviving another ambush


Every week Ronda Rousey finds herself on WWE Monday Night RAW in a fight. It’s a soap opera, so the dirtier the fights get, the more people want to watch. While dealing with Nia Jax (the next in line for a shot at Ronda’s belt) some other ladies set out to ambush Ronda and any of her friends. This time, the friend happened to be Natalya and Ronda was able to fend of the hyenas known as the Riott Squad.

Ronda has been on the receiving end of some ambushes and rule-breaking in the past. Since she’s a face (good guy) Ronda doesn’t break the rules, but all of her opponents do. Right now, Ronda is very limited in who her friends are in the WWE. Every week she finds herself trying to fight off ladies who are trying to make a name for themselves.

Ronda definitely did not get into the WWE to move along slowly. She is the biggest name in the company and continues to get bigger.

Charlotte Flair basking in the glow of her Ronda Rousey beatdown


Two nights after WWE Survivor Series, Charlotte Flair was in the ring addressing WWE fans and basking in the glow of her hellacious beating of Ronda Rousey. We wondered what angle the WWE would take after Ms Flair attacked the Rowdy one and it looks like they are setting something up for the future.

The ladies are both on two different WWE shows, so building a feud is difficult when they aren’t even on television at the same time. This leads me to believe that each of them will have their own feuds on their respective shows and will meet up again at a later date. I’m sure that the WWE knows when that date is, but we fans will have to wait to find out.

Dragging it out over time and two separate shows will really help the angle that these two women have had a feud brewing for a while. For now, it’s ‘she said / she said’ in the WWE. Therefore, when it’s time to revisit the feud, fans have a foundation and can see where it all started from.

After hellacious beating the night before, Ronda defended her title on RAW


After a hellacious beating the night before at Survivor Series, it was up in the air as to what was next for the WWE women’s champion, Ronda Rousey. Charlotte Flair put the wood to Ronda at the PPV and Ronda’s health was a question afterward. Well, the WWE moved right on from that and she defended her title on RAW.

They didn’t even have Ronda sell the beating that she took. Rather, they seemed to start a new angle with her. For those not in the know, at the Survivor Series PPV Ronda fought Charlotte Flair, who isn’t even on the same show as her.

During Flair’s beating of Ronda, Flair could be seen saying, “I’m the man”. That is the phrase that current Smackdown champion, Becky Lynch uses. I’m guessing that they are building an angle between Flair and Lynch on Smackdown and the match with Ronda is already a distant memory.

At the end of Ronda’s match, she is confronted by her old nemesis, Nia Jax. Clearly, Ronda’s angle is swinging that direction now.

The WWE have a unique ability to pretend certain things never happened. Ronda vs Charlotte appears to be one of those things.

Ronda wins at Survivor Series by DQ. Leaves bloodied and battered


At WWE Survivor Series it was the RAW brand vs the Smackdown brand. At the end of the night, the RAW brand dominated on paper and won 6-0. However, for Ronda Rousey, her win came via a Charlotte Flair disqualification. Flair snapped and left Ronda bloodied and battered via a chair and kendo stick.

Ronda has gone all in with the WWE. She and Charlotte put on a hell of a match before disaster struck. Ronda also takes bumps MUCH harder than she needs to. This really accentuates her performance because it looks really real.

Flair smashed Ronda with kendo sticks, elbowed her lip, and stomped on a steel chair with Ronda’s head in it. It’s safe to say that Ronda is going that extra mile for the WWE to get her message across.

After the beating she received in her own hometown, fans unmercifully booed her. It will be interesting to see how the WWE spins this. There are now SO many angles that they can take with her.

As expected, angry Becky Lynch names Ronda’s Survivor Series opponent


After suffering a concussion on Monday evening, Becky Lynch was pulled from her much anticipated Survivor Series match with Ronda Rousey. Everyone knew it was coming but wondered what would happen to the match. Well, the WWE integrated the concussion into the storyline and had an angry Becky Lynch address the WWE universe about who would take her place.

Before she got to the nitty-gritty, Lynch had a message for the ‘Rowdy’ one.

“Take my word… Even with a severe concussion and a broken face, I could still kick Ronda’s ass. Ronda, you’re not the baddest bitch on the planet. You’re the luckiest.”

Lynch decided on Charlotte Flair to be her replacement and now it will be Ronda vs Flair at Survivor Series this Sunday.

After a brief Tweet from Ronda towards Ms. Lynch, Becky fired back and hit Ronda HARD.

Becky Lynch has been pulled from WWE SS match with Ronda Rousey


Sometimes these things happen in MMA, er, WWE. It was supposed to be a very important match for Ronda Rousey. We’ve been talking about all of the hype leading up to the WWE Survivor Series match between the WWE RAW women’s champion (Rousey) and the WWE Smackdown women’s champion (Becky Lynch).

In fact, this morning we spoke about how a bloody Becky Lynch attacked Ronda last night on RAW and how their may be hell to pay. As it turns out, bloody Becky Lynch was also concussed Becky Lynch and she’s been pulled from the Survivor Series card.

The most trusted source in pro wrestling, Dave Meltzer, confirmed the news.

“Dave Meltzer has confirmed that Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey is off Sunday’s PPV.”

This leaves the WWE in a pickle as to what they will do for this Sunday’s PPV. Tonight is Smackdown and when we hear any news on what they are doing with Ronda, we’ll bring it to you.

The moment Lynch got cracked in the ring:

A bloody Becky Lynch attacks Ronda Rousey and beats her silly


Ronda Rousey is scheduled to fight WWE Smackdown champion, Becky Lynch, at WWE Survivor Series. Usually before the big PPV the WWE decides to do an invasion angle and we saw it on yesterday’s Monday Night RAW. The Smackdown roster showed up on RAW and all the wrestlers executed various attacks on RAW superstars.

Lynch went straight after Ronda and Lynch put her in the ‘Disarmer’ submission. Then, Lynch and company ambushed and beat down the RAW brand in the ring. Lynch took a shot to the eye and bled uncontrollably. Blood is a big ‘no-no’ in the WWE, so they turned their color video to black and white.

Ronda came running out to try and help stop the beatdown, only to once again be welcomed to a another Lynch thrashing.

Tuesday evening is Smackdown and the odds are high that Ronda will make an appearance to exact some revenge.

Ronda’s opponent, Becky Lynch, takes exception to Rousey’s rant on her


Ronda Rousey went off on her WWE Survivor Series opponent, Becky Lynch, this past Monday night. Ronda went on a rant about how she was born into greatness and spent a lifetime molding it into making her the “Baddest bitch on the planet”. The next night on rival WWE television, the Smackdown women’s champion responded to Rousey.

Lynch took a different approach than Ronda. She used her history of earning her spot as to why she is the better fighter between the two. The ladies are setting up a nice little feud for The RAW brand vs the Smackdown brand at WWE Survivor Series, which is set to take place next weekend.

Yes we are aware that this isn’t real.