Another Gracie breakdown, but with excellent product placement


If any of you LYFT or UBER drivers fear for your lives when working, have no fear; The Gracies are here. Rener Gracie posted a new Gracie breakdown and with the help of his brother, Ryron, put out a fantastic tutorial with legendary product placement.

While showing how to deal with a ‘situation’ Rener shows us the lost art of timing and product placement.

“Do anything you can to de-escalate the situation. Even if that means taking off your Hero Hoodie and showing him how it converts into a fully functional backpack in a matter of seconds.”

I was so impressed by the timing of this that I really didn’t care about how to defend a wild UBER passenger.

I’m seriously considering buying one of those Hero Hoodies right now. That thing looks awesome.

Inspiring video of the Gracies helping a teen girl, whose bullying attack video went viral.

Inspiring video of the Gracies helping a teen girl, whose bullying attack video went viral.

The Gracies post plenty of funny videos, but their most recent one is inspiring. Rener and Ryron Gracie invited a teenage girl who was attacked by five girls, to train with them in California. You may remember the viral video going around the internet. Supposed friends of the victim invited her over and jumped her. As if that wasn’t enough, someone actually stood there and filmed it. The entire situation was disgusting.

The Gracies offered to fly Naomi and her family out to Los Angeles to learn how to defend herself. They accepted and had one-on-ones with some of the greatest grapplers in the world.

As a parent, it’s heartbreaking to watch what happened and how everyone was affected. However, the Gracies are doing what they do and are changing lives for the better because of it.

Either this girl Naomi is a beast or the Gracies are amazing teachers. Within a week she was executing flawless helicopter armbars.

According to the Gracie YouTube,

“Naomi and her family were sent home with Gracie Garage home grappling mats, full access to the complete Gracie University curriculum, and lifetime membership to any Gracie Academy Certified Training Center so they can continue the jiu-jitsu journey as a family.”

These guys are superheroes.

Video: Ryron and Rener cover Jacare’s guillotine of Mousasi in the ‘Gracie Breakdown’.

Video: Ryron and Rener cover Jacare's guillotine of Mousasi in the 'Gracie Breakdown'.

The Gracie Breakdown is back in our lives. Brothers Rener and Ryron Gracie take a closer look at the revenge guillotine that Ronaldo Jacare Souza used to defeat Gegard Mousasi.

You almost forget how much of a BJJ stud Ronaldo Jacare Souza was, before his permanent move to MMA. Almost. At the turn of the millennium, Jacare was one of the world’s greatest BJJ practitioners. If Jacare got you in a submission, there is a good chance you weren’t getting out.

When Jacare hit the guillotine on Mousasi back in 2014, it was a nightmare for the ‘Dream Catcher’. Gegard was so much of a pretzel that he didn’t even have a free hand to tap with.

Jacare fights Tim Boetsch at UFC 208 this weekend, live on pay-per-view.

The Gracie Breakdown: Alexei Oleynik’s, Ezekiel Choke w/ Vince Vaughn

The Gracie Breakdown: Alexei Oleynik's, Ezekiel Choke.

The Gracie Breakdown: Ezekiel Choke

This past Sunday Alexei Oleynik blew our minds when he submitted Viktor Pesta. Pesta had full mount on Oleynik and was submitted by Ezekiel choke. Off the top of most of our heads, no one can remember the last time someone hit a submission while mounted in MMA. Thanks to the Rener and Ryron Gracie, we get the Gracie Breakdown and their analysis of the choke. Average Joe’s Gym owner Vince Vaughn is their special gues,t in this Gracie Breakdown video.

Ryron and Rener explain how the choke was set up, as well as the possible ways to escape. Fascinating stuff from the brothers.