Watch Bantamweight Sean O’Malley hit the punch meter on UFC Tonight

Sean O'Malley

Big things come in small packages. O’Malley cracks the bag, passes Woodley.

Sometimes you seriously can’t judge a book by its cover. He might look like a hippie McLovin, but that doesn’t stop Sean O’Malley from packing dynamite in his hands. He was on UFC Tonight and as others who have guested on the show did, hit the punch meter. The top performers of all time are listed below.

  1. Derrick Lewis – 967
  2. Daniel Cormier – 966
  3. Pat Barry – 965
  4. Sean O’Malley – 950
  5. Tyron Woodley – 944
  6. Michael Bisping – 942
  7. Daniel Ortega – 942
  8. Jeremy Stephens – 927

Everyone was quite surprised when O’Malley hit it and earned a 950 score. It moves him into fourth all-time behind three heavyweights. The kid has bricks in his hands. Those Montana kids don’t play. If you come from Montana you have a certain hay bail, mountain toughness to you. Sean is no different. Check out the video below, courtesy of FOX Sports UFC.

Sean is an interesting guy, take a look at the first episode of his Youtube series, The Suga Show, right here. It takes you behind the scenes into his training at the MMA Lab and his home life as well. If you’re not already on Team O’Malley, you better get on board.

Suga Show ep #1 – Sean O’Malley takes us inside his camp & life

Suga Show

Welcome to the Suga Show – Episode 1 of Sean O’Malley’s new web series.

Sean O’Malley has exploded onto the MMA scene. He had the knockout of the season in Season 1 of the Dana White Contender Series. He parlayed that into two successful UFC fights, the second in which he badly injured his foot. That injury has kept him on the shelf, but he’s back now. Even while sidelined, we covered how he was a one-legged assassin. Now he’s launched a web series called, The Suga Show.

He has an upcoming fight with Jose Quinones in October and he just started camp. He and Tim Welch, both Montana natives have a podcast together and they are best friends. They train at the MMA Lab in Pheonix and both are very open about their use and fondness for marijuana.

I’ve been a fan of his since he was fighting in Montana for Fight Force. I watched him in person way back in 2013. This will undoubtedly be a very entertaining web-series.

Sean O’Malley hits mitts and smokes a joint, concurrently


Sean O’Malley has stepped into the UFC and in Nate Diaz’ absence, taken over as the resident stoner. Despite weed being legal in most states now, it is still a ‘banned’ substance on the USADA ‘no-no’ list when ‘in-competition’. So, with O’Malley always lighting up a joint you have to wonder how he passes any drug tests.

The threat of any of this doesn’t dissuade O’Malley from lighting a fat one whenever he has the chance.

Marijuana impairs the body and I think that people who can still perform at a high level have some sort of gift. While most people stay stupid for two weeks after smoking, O’Malley looks as sharp as ever while hitting pads.

I assume that this is a gift that only hardcore stoners know about. This guy may even be sharper when he is lit up like a Christmas tree.

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Mackenzie Dern and Sean O’Malley are headed to EA UFC 3 game


Soon you’ll be able to control the Sugar Show in the Octagon If you’re a fan of the EA UFC 3 game, we’ve got good news for you. The game has been consistently updated to add new players. In fact, the last update even brought Dana White to the Octagon as a playable character. Very … Read moreMackenzie Dern and Sean O’Malley are headed to EA UFC 3 game

After E3 Fortnite Pro-Am, my kid is a Sean O’Malley fan.


You may have clicked on this article just because you don’t understand the title. Maybe you opened it because it said something about Sean O’Malley. Or, you could possibly be a gamer and need to read whatever you can about the game ‘Fortnite’.

Imagine my surprise when I’m sitting in my office last night and my kid yells up to me,

“Dad! Do you know who Sean O’Malley is?”

My son knows nothing of MMA, so I assume he’s going to tell me something about wanting to become a pothead or something about gaming. Luckily, it was about gaming.

O’Malley participated in Epic’s E3 2018 Fortnite Pro-Am, which is literally the dream of millions of people. Ultimately the pro winner was ‘Ninja’, who I hear about every day and how amazing he is. Ninja actually took O’Malley out in the second round of play.

O’Malley didn’t finish in the top 10, but he literally had the time of his life. Welcome to the Fortnite Sugar Show.

The Dana White Contender Series is back June 12th

DWCS 6 Results

We have a video preview of the second season of the Dana White Contender Series

The Dana White Contender Series is back on June 12th, and it’s going to be a lot of fun. Last season brought us some talent to the UFC as well as some great fights. “Sugar” Sean O’Malley earned his shot in the UFC with a knockout victory via the Contender Series.

This season the most talked about aspect is the addition of Greg Hardy participating. Of course, Hardy was basically run out of the NFL after a series of incidents, including a domestic violence case that was particularly horrendous. His participation will undoubtedly draw some negative press. He will meet another former NFL player in Austen Lane.


Sean O’Malley doesn’t need two feet to get that work in.

Sean O'Malley

Sean O’Malley works out year-round, injury or no injury

If you follow Sean O’Malley on social media you know a few things about him. He marches to the beat of his own drum. He has his own unique style. He’s all about playing Fortnite, and he enjoys the green medicine. We can no add another factoid to the ever-increasing legend of O’Malley. The kid doesn’t need two feet to light you up.

Sean and his training partner/fellow Montanan Tim Welch spent some time working on some standup technique that Sean can implement on one foot, in case he ever suffers another foot injury during a fight. He posted the video to Instagram with the caption that reads.

“Just Incase this bullsh*t happens again.”

He was injured in his last fight against Andre Soukhamthath. He was dominating the fight until he badly injured his foot and was for all intent and purpose unable to stand. He’s on the shelf currently for the foreseeable future, but he released this video showing he can still get some work in.

Just Incase this bull shit happens again . @timwelchmt

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UFC 222 could be remembered as an event the UFC found future stars

Future Stars

UFC 222 saw the debut of two potential stars and the growth of two more. Wow, UFC 222 is in the books and there were certainly some moments not to be forgotten. Brian Ortega entered the Octagon with the ironman of MMA and did the unthinkable. He knocked out Frankie Edgar becoming the first fighter … Read moreUFC 222 could be remembered as an event the UFC found future stars

Disco Sean O’Malley and angry Andre Soukhamthath heated stare-down


Get off of me, little guy! Andre Soukhamthath accidentally smacked Sean Shelby away when he faced off against Sean O’Malley today. O’Malley was dressed in his finest polyester disco clothes taken from his dad’s closet and Soukhamthath seemed downright offended.

The two will face off on Saturday night on the PPV portion of UFC 222. Soukhamthath is coming off of a huge win over Luke Sanders and O’Malley sits at 9-0.  Luke Sanders and O’Malley both train at ‘The LAB’ in Arizona. O’Malley could be looking for a little LAB revenge against Soukhamthath. Judging by Andre’s body language, he doesn’t really seem to care what O’Malley wants.

UFC 222 sees three fights announced including Andrei Arlovski vs. Stefan Struve

UFC 222

UFC 222 takes place March 3rd in Las Vegas, NV. Andrei Arlovski won his last fight, against Junior Albini snapping what was an unbelievable five-fight losing streak. He needed that victory badly and was able to earn the unanimous decision. That win has him in position to face Stefan Struve at UFC 222 in March. Struve … Read moreUFC 222 sees three fights announced including Andrei Arlovski vs. Stefan Struve

Predicting the TUF 26 finale main card – When opportunity knocks…

TUF 26 Finale

Here’s who I expect to win tonight at the TUF 26 finale. I’ll be honest, I don’t always nail these. That said, I don’t let those continued failures get in the way of my unbridled enthusiasm for trying again. So this time we’re going to take a look at the amended TUF 26 Finale card, fresh … Read morePredicting the TUF 26 finale main card – When opportunity knocks…

Sean O’Malley wins Dana’s Contender show. Then, smokes with Snoop.

Smokes marijuana with Snoop Dogg. Checked off of the bucket list!

How do you cap off winning a contract with the UFC? Some people go eat ice cream. Others may go eat with their families. Sean O’Malley, however, smokes weed with Snoop Dogg. Team ‘Skinny Boys’ lit one up after O’Malley impressed the Doggfather with his phenomenal performance. View this post on Instagram Easy $$ A … Read moreSean O’Malley wins Dana’s Contender show. Then, smokes with Snoop.

Welcome to the Suga Sean O’Malley Show- DWTNCS

Welcome to the Suga Show folks.

The kid said it himself. “Welcome to the Suga Sean Show”. Sean O’Malley wowed on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series and earned a UFC contract. He kicked, punched, and spun his way to victory. Most of all, he did it while impressing Dana White. “Welcome to the Sugar Show!” @SugaSeanMMA gets the KO and … Read moreWelcome to the Suga Sean O’Malley Show- DWTNCS

Sean O’Malley fighting tonight on Dana White’s Contender Series

Sean O'Malley

Sean O’Malley will get his opportunity in the UFC tonight. Montana is a huge state by area and small in population. The mixed martial arts scene there is close-knit and supportive. Brandon Olsen, Lloyd Woodard, and Tim Welch all game from Montana, and have tasted success on the big stages of the sport. Helena native … Read moreSean O’Malley fighting tonight on Dana White’s Contender Series

Sean O’Malley learned his spinning back kick KO, from watching Conor McGregor. While he was high.

Sean O'Malley learned his spinning back kick KO, from watching Conor McGregor. While he was high.

Remember that ‘ninja stuff happened at LFA’ video that we posted? Well, apparently the ninja learned it from watching a Conor McGregor video… While he was high. I got this technique from watching a @TheNotoriousMMA video when I was high. Rear head kick to rear spin kick up against the cage . — Sean … Read moreSean O’Malley learned his spinning back kick KO, from watching Conor McGregor. While he was high.