OG Tank Abbott dishes on Tito vs Chuck. Shocker, wasn’t impressed at all


Surprise surprise! David Tank Abbott is not impressed with Tito Ortiz’ knockout victory over Chuck Liddell. Tito could cure cancer and Abbott would say that it was pathetic how he did it. Those two just hate each other and that’s the way it is. Therefore, it will be endless insults until they are old(er) and gray(er).

Tank is recovering from near-death and he looks to be injecting himself into the media again. He’s in rough shape so don’t expect any sort of comeback. He is, however, getting his mug in front of cameras and telling it like he thinks it is.

Abbott isn’t shy about what he says and he means all of it. Long story short; Abbott was not impressed by Tito Ortiz’ performance.

Tank Abbott was in rough shape. He’s back on the mend and in the gym.


When old school fans of the UFC fell in love with the sport, it was usually because of three men. Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock, and Tank Abbott. The BJJ of Royce captured the eye of many who had never seen BJJ before. Ken Shamrock had the look and promos that you would expect a fighter to have.

Then, there was Tank Abbott. Tank was a guy that the common man could relate to. He was just a fighter from the streets with no discipline, just a ‘barroom brawler’. His smack talk and reckless style endeared him to a huge portion of MMA fans.

Another UFC fighter from the early days, Paul Herrera, has continued his own life in MMA as a trainer at HB Ultimate. Paul posted to his Instagram about Tank’s recent health struggles,

“Glad you’re alive…Back from 4 months of rehab in the hospital and a couple of flatlines in surgery, death couldn’t keep you down… My brotha! Praise God!”

I was unaware that Tank was in such rough shape, so seeing him hitting mitts again is a welcome sight.

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