Hey, Mike Swick’s hero (The Rock). Who would you never want to fight?


If you are an avid MikeSwick.com reader or fan of the Real Quick podcast, you know that Swick has one man that he calls, hero. That man is none other than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The Rock is out promoting his new movie, “Skyscraper” and one of the questions that he was asked, was who he would NOT want to face in the boxing ring.

As it turns out, the man asking the question was Turkish and the Rock knows his combat sports. So, who wouldn’t The Rock want to fight?

Turkish smashing machine, Gokhan Saki.


…and Mike Swick’s heart shatters into a million pieces because he didn’t get an invite.

The Rock gives major props to McGregor for his work ethic.


It looks as if the NOTORIOUS documentary on Netflix and the work ethic of Conor McGregor have grabbed the attention of Mike Swick’s hero, The Rock. Truth be told, I’m not sure if Swick will read this article and be happy for Conor McGregor or if he will be a fighter scorned. Staff writers know … Read moreThe Rock gives major props to McGregor for his work ethic.