53-year-old fights a 21-year-old on one hour notice in MMA slugfest


Thanks to Stephen Bonnar for recording this magical piece of history.

One of the most cringe-worthy moments in MMA was when Gus Johnson said, “Sometimes these things happen in MMA.” Of course, it was during a riotous melee in the middle of the cage after Mayhem Miller entered the cage to challenge Jake Shields.  Well, move over Gus, because a 53-year-old man who came to the event to watch, took a fight with a guy more than half his age on one hours notice.

You heard me right, a guy who just showed up to watch a night of fights, found himself in one.  He was asked upon arrival if he’d fill in and fight a kid 21 years of age.  He said sure, why not.  The rest is history. Luckily for all mankind, Stephan Bonnar was on location, camera rolling.  Check it tout.