OG Tank Abbott dishes on Tito vs Chuck. Shocker, wasn’t impressed at all


Surprise surprise! David Tank Abbott is not impressed with Tito Ortiz’ knockout victory over Chuck Liddell. Tito could cure cancer and Abbott would say that it was pathetic how he did it. Those two just hate each other and that’s the way it is. Therefore, it will be endless insults until they are old(er) and gray(er).

Tank is recovering from near-death and he looks to be injecting himself into the media again. He’s in rough shape so don’t expect any sort of comeback. He is, however, getting his mug in front of cameras and telling it like he thinks it is.

Abbott isn’t shy about what he says and he means all of it. Long story short; Abbott was not impressed by Tito Ortiz’ performance.

Tito Ortiz sends respectful but stern message to Dana about fighter pay


Dana White seemed unpleased with Golden Boy MMA getting the fight between Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell sanctioned. Both Dana and a lot of fans were not pleased when they saw Chuck in the cage. Putting Chuck in there sends a message that people way past their prime can compete, regardless of safety. Tito took … Read moreTito Ortiz sends respectful but stern message to Dana about fighter pay

Full Chuck vs Tito fight. It turned out to be exactly what we thought it’d be.


We all hoped that the footage of Chuck training was just our eyes playing tricks on us. There’s no way at 48 years old he could possibly have lost so much of a step, we thought. We were all wrong and the fight turned out exactly like we thought it would. Sure, he was in good shape, but he was not in fight shape. By that, I mean he wasn’t 30 years old.

Chuck spent his whole career taking 3 punches to try and give 1 back. It worked for a while until Rampage and then Rashad Evans melted the Iceman. Chuck was never the same after.

As for Tito, he’s having one of the best runs of his career, going 4-1 in his last 5. Granted, it’s not against the top ranked fighters, but he’s beating big names.

When the 2 fighters clashed last night, Tito started slow and was measuring Chuck’s timing. There was none to be measured and Tito knew he had him. He began talking to Chuck because he knew Chuck had nothing. Shortly after, Tito knocked Chuck out cold.

It was sad to see, but it is what it is.

Weigh-in results for HBB vs The Iceman. Tito Ortiz vs Chuck Liddell


The HBB (Huntington Beach Bad Boy) and The Iceman are all set to fight tomorrow evening for Oscar De La Hoya’s inaugural MMA event. Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell will go at it for a third time and the rest of the card weighed in as well. Surprisingly, three fighters missed weight, yet no one seems to really be concerned.

Main Card (PPV at 9 p.m. ET)

Chuck Liddell (203.4) vs. Tito Ortiz (204.8)
Deron Winn (205.6) vs. Tom Lawlor (199.6)
Gleison Tibau (159.4) vs. Efrain Escudero (159.8)
Walel Watson (139.4) vs. Ricardo Palacios (142)*
Albert Morales (135) vs. James Barnes (135.2)
Jay Silva (225.8) vs. Oscar Cota (260.8)

Dave Terrel (179.4) vs. Johny Cisneros (179.4)
Craig Wilkerson (169.2) vs. Joshua Jones (170.8)
Keith Berry (189.2) vs. Joseph Henle (189.8)
Jose Huerta (138.2)* vs. Francisco Estrada (134.4)
Joe Roye (148.2)* vs. Fernie Garcia (145.6)

*Fined 20% of fight purse.

Tito Ortiz addresses keyboard warriors. Online tough guys strike again


Tito Ortiz knows how it goes. The guy began fighting at the same time as the internet began. He’s been on the MMA forums since forever and knows exactly who is on the other end of every stupid insult. More than likely it’s a keyboard warrior internet black belt tough guy looking to strike fear into the hearts of actual tough guys.

Tito Ortiz will be facing a real threat on Saturday night; An actual living breathing being that is trying to take his head off. Sweating some high school kid who has spent three months on the wrestling team isn’t any concern of the Huntington Beach Bad Boy.

It’s just shocking that unqualified children still have the balls to talk smack to real professional athletes through a computer screen.

Chuck Liddell says after Tito he has plans to have some revenge fights


Chuck Liddell fights Tito Ortiz this weekend at Golden Boy MMA’s inaugural event. Chuck has received a lot of criticism for how he has looked in his training for the fight and most recently, by Tito Ortiz himself.

Liddell insists that he’s back to his old self. He says he is still fast, he hits hard, and he’s in shape. In fact, he is all but guaranteeing that he knocks Tito out.

Chuck also says that if all goes well in his fight with Tito that this is not the end. He named a few potential fights that he’d entertain after. The names he brought up were Vitor Belfort, Wanderlei Silva, and Rampage Jackson.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. First up is Tito Ortiz this Saturday night.

Tito plans on crushing the Iceman then visiting the orange one


If you follow Tito Ortiz on social media then you know he is on board with Making America Great Again. Tito was a contestant on The Apprentice and became friends with our current president. He’s all about Donald Trump and if he is victorious over Chuck Liddell, he wants to celebrate by visiting the White House.

In their previous two fights, Tito seemed to be mentally defeated before both fights. For this next one, Tito is supremely confident that he’s going to be doing the ‘Gravedigger’ once again. He ‘KNOWS’ that he is winning this fight against Chuck and that is a huge motivator.

Tito promises that this is truly his retirement fight and he looks to be training like it is.

Making Tito Great Again

Tito and Chuck out here hyping their fight and saying which boy bands rock


Leave it to the mainstream media to ask a couple of MMA legends which of history’s boy bands rock the most. The answer to that is ‘none’ by the way. Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell made their way on to FOX 11 in Los Angeles to promote their fight later this month and the guys said some nice things and some not-so-nice things about each other.

The narrative for this fight is different for each guy. For Chuck, it seems like he is going into this wanting to prove that ‘old guys rule’. There have been many videos leaked to the public of Chuck hitting pads and it really looks like age has caught up with him. Chuck insists that it’s not true and he is ready to put Tito Ortiz down once again.

As for Tito, he is looking for the elusive first win over the Iceman. While Chuck is focusing on trying to defy father time, Tito is looking for some good old fashion revenge.

The two rivals ended their interview with nice things to say about the other. Chuck was very impressed with how good Tito is with his children and Tito thinks that Chuck rocks a mohawk like a boss.

Trainwreck of bloopers from the Liddell vs Ortiz presser


Tito Ortiz vs Chuck Liddell 3 can be considered a trainwreck in MMA. Two older gents rehashing their rivalry for a payday is often frowned upon by MMA fans. However, people will bu the PPV and this fight is actually happening. They had a presser last week and there were some verbal bloopers, but these new ones are on a totally different level of awesome.

Tito Ortiz, in particular, said some things that just blows the mind. here are a couple of gems.

“All I see is a shell of a man. An old shell of a man. On November 24th the millions will be able to watch, me standing over your face, as I bury you. As I rest of my last opponent did.”

“Jealous of him? This guy can’t even put a f****** sentence together, man. Are you kidding me right now? He’s reaching for those grapes. He’s trying to make his wine and the wine is already sounding like a violin with that cheese and wine.”

It’s ths kind of terrible trash talk that makes me love Tito that much more. God bless our sport.

Things got just a bit heated at the first Liddell vs Ortiz presser.


Things got pretty heated during and after the press conference between Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell. While both fighters revealed their intent to do great bodily harm to the other, there was a very nervous energy in the air between both legends.

Both Chuck and Tito seemed to have a hard time getting the right words out to fully express their disdain for the other one. While Tito was braggadocious about how he’s in great shape and just recently fought, Chuck had a message that age is just a number.

In their previous two fights, Liddell had his hand raised both times. Tito is looking to exact his revenge in the trilogy fight with Chuck and he looks supremely confident.

Of course, the legends faced off and things became very tense. Nobody knows how to get under Chuck’s skin like Tito does and it showed. Both guys look ready to go right now!

Full presser:

Golden Boy Promotions finally released their Chuck vs Tito poster today


Golden Boy Promotions released their Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz poster today. I don’t know why, but it finally makes the fight between these two seem like reality. Thus far, it’s just been talking and ‘what ifs’, but the poster makes it feel like this fight will actually happen. The release of the poster is … Read moreGolden Boy Promotions finally released their Chuck vs Tito poster today

Ortiz/Liddell III to officially user in Golden Boy MMA on November 24th

Golden Boy MMA

According to various reports, first reported by ESPN, Ortiz/Liddell III is official for Nov. 24th Oscar de la Hoya spoke with Brett Okamoto of ESPN and dropped the news that the fight between Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell is official for November 24th. The fight will take place in the famous Forum in Inglewood, CA. … Read moreOrtiz/Liddell III to officially user in Golden Boy MMA on November 24th

Tito Ortiz calls out Chuck Liddell for not taking care of pre-fight business


Chuck Liddell doesn’t seem to be taking care of his pre-fight business. For months, Chuck had been promoting and calling out Tito Ortiz and once the fight was made official, The Iceman fell silent. Tito picked up on Chuck’s sudden absence from taking part in fight promotion and gave him the business on his Twitter. … Read moreTito Ortiz calls out Chuck Liddell for not taking care of pre-fight business

Dana White brings up the Tito Ortiz boxing match that never happened.


Oh boy, here we go. Dana White sat down and rehashed the story about his one-time feud with Tito Ortiz and the boxing match that never happened. If you were around at the time that this feud was brewing you may remember Spike TV doing a docu-short on Dana White training to fight Tito.

Tito gave Dana a date that they were going to box and Dana took it very seriously. Dana trained his ass off and showed up at the designated time and at the designated place. Tito Ortiz did not.

Later, Ortiz said that he thought it was all just a big joke. It wasn’t a good look considering Dana and Spike TV had put together this whole promotion for a fight that did not go down. The whole reason that this boxing match was going to happen was because they weren’t on good terms and Tito called Dana out on live tv after a fight.

I had Dana White on my radio show once and he told me what it was like sparring Tito. At the time, Tito was the UFC light heavyweight champion and Dan said that he’d light Tito up in sparring.

Years later, it looks like Dana White isn’t sick of telling the story.

Awesome Ortiz/Liddell III promo video made by Dreist Studios

Ortiz/Liddell (((

These guys make some great promo videos, this is one of them!

People can say whatever they want about Ortiz/Liddell III. They might be both past their primes, etc, but I am interested to see how it shakes out. I have a suspicion that a lot of other fans are also pretty curious. Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions will be putting the fight on. The fight is signed, but they have yet to release the date. Dreist Studios makes awesome promo videos and this hype video with Ortiz and Liddell has me ready to take Oscar my money.

The video does a great job of mixing old and new and making you want to see these two legends mix it up again. I think the odds favor Tito Ortiz who seems to have aged better, but Liddell will always have stupid power and that overhand right can still send you off into that good night. It’s for that reason that for me, I have to see this fight.

Check out Dreist Studios right here to see all the crazy good videos they do!