Bellator 170 Weigh-ins: Tito Ortiz vs Chael Sonnen

Bellator 170 Weigh-ins: Tito Ortiz vs Chael Sonnen

All of the combatants scheduled to fight tomorrow night at Bellator 170 hit the scale on Friday morning. Most were on their best behavior, with the occasional minor scuffle.

Local San Diego guys DeMarcus Brown and Alex Soto are both veterans. They were extremely hyped up for their fight. A hat was thrown and they boys went forehead to forehead. It was tense , but there was just some pushing and shoving.

Tito Ortiz and Chael Sonnen got into it a bit. Tito lunged at Chael. Then they went eyeball to eyeball and Tito slapped Chael’s hand away.

Tito Ortiz clearly trained extremely hard for his farewell fight. He looked to be in amazing shape. Chael Sonnen however, appeared a bit enervated at the Bellator weigh-ins.

Bellator 170 will possibly be their biggest fight card to date. It goes down tomorrow night, live on Spike TV.

Tito Ortiz: “Floyd Mayweather knocks out Conor McGregor. For sure”

Tito Ortiz: "Floyd Mayweather knocks out Conor McGregor. For sure"

Our good friends at Fight Hype did it again. Always in the right place at the right time, they managed to nab this gem of the Huntington Beach Bad Boy. Like 99.9% of professional boxers and mixed martial artists, Tito Ortiz knows that each of us needs to stay in our own lane. Boxers should stick to boxing and mixed martial artists should stick to MMA. I feel that we’ve reached a point where disillusioned fans and sports show hosts are the only ones that think ‘fighting is just fighting’.

With his impending retirement tomorrow night, Tito Ortiz is as sharp as he’s ever been. He knows the game and how to play it. If there is an avenue you can use to make millions, take it. He has always had a ‘strike while the iron is hot’ mentality. One could argue that he was Conor McGregor before there was a Conor McGregor. When the UFC was on life support, Tito was the machine that kept it breathing.

When he was asked how a super fight between Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor would go:

“Floyd knocks him out in the second. Yeah, Floyd knocks him out for sure.”

Bellator 170 Live Pre-Fight Press Conference

bellator 170 pre-fight press conference


Scott Coker says Rampage could be back as early as March.

Tito Ortiz tells a story about a jackal and Chael Sonnen starts snoring into the microphone. Tito starts dropping F-Bombs galore.

You’re on the fu**ing Apprentice because of me.
-Tito Ortiz

I take pleasure in coming over here and kicking some Yank ass.
-Paul Daley

I think those guys (Tito and Chael) are going to have a hard time beating what Brennan and I are about to do on Saturday night.
-Paul Daley

I had to get away from the company that was disrespectful to me.
-Tito Ortiz

I think this will be the biggest fight in Bellator history.
-Scott Coker

It’s wild to see how big it’s gotten (Bellator). It’s almost become a household name.
-Brennan Ward

Guys like me and Daley, we don’t care who we fight. We’re wrestlers, that’s what we do.
-Brennan Ward

I did everything the way I wanted to. With integrity. With class. I’ve inspired millions of people.
-Tito Ortiz

I like kicking ass. I’m not 39 years old. I’m 39 years young. I’m on a legend’s ass-whipping tour. I’m starting with Tito, next is Wanderlei, and I’ll let you know who’s after that.
-Chael Sonnen

Tito says I’m on the Apprentice because of him. I win the Apprentice. Write that down.
-Chael Sonnen

The P (In Chael P Sonnen) is for Pinocha (Spanish for Pu$$y)
-Tito Ortiz

(In the UFC) I was embarrassed, talked down to, and I never gave in. That’s what ‘integrity’ means to me.
-Tito Ortiz

Everyone going out of their way to not mention the UFC. They keep saying ‘Another organization’ or ‘The Organization I used to work at’

He called me a fat guy! Ive never been called a fat guy!
-Chael Sonnen

We (He and Scott Coker) sat down and talked. I got the feeling from him, that he understands the martial artist. I think that’s the distinction of an organization.
-Ralek Gracie

Ralek Gracie calls Brennan Ward ‘Micky Ward’. Brennan says “I’ll take that!”

Bellator 170 Sit Down – Tito Ortiz talks Legacy, Kids, His Last Fight

bellator sit down tito ortiz

We’re three days away from Tito’s last fight, here’s what he said in his Bellator Sit Down Tito Ortiz is nearing the end of an amazing 20 year journey.  He’s done it all in the sport of MMA and continues to be among the most popular stars the sport knows.  His commitment to his fans … Read moreBellator 170 Sit Down – Tito Ortiz talks Legacy, Kids, His Last Fight

Tito Ortiz makes the walk for the last time – end of an era

tito ortiz end of an era

Say whatever you want about Tito Ortiz. He’s brash, outspoken, keen on hyperbole, and at times his own worst enemy. That said, he’s an Icon, and as he makes that last walk to the cage, we remember what makes him so memorable.   The Huntington Beach Bad Boy, hair bleached, flames on his shorts, carrying … Read moreTito Ortiz makes the walk for the last time – end of an era

Chael Sonnen: “I’m on a legends ass whipping tour and I’m starting with Tito Ortiz”

Chael Sonnen: "I'm on a legends ass whipping tour and I'm starting with Tito Ortiz"


Bellator absolutely killed it with their ‘In Focus’ video, featuring Chael Sonnen. The video spotlights Sonnen’s MMA journey, as seen through the perspective of Tito Ortiz being the measuring stick for Sonnen’s career. Chael was always an intriguing guy, but this video shows his very human side, which we rarely get to see.

Throughout the video you can see a healthy respect for Ortiz by Chael Sonnen. Their college wrestling match set the foundation for Chael’s MMA career aspirations. It seems like from that moment forward, Tito Ortiz’ career became the blueprint for Sonnen’s.

One could say that their fight on January 21st, is 20 years in the making.

Former Bellator LHW Champion Liam McGeary headlines Bellator 173

liam mcgeary gets opponent

Liam McGeary to headline Bellator 173 in Northern Ireland against Chris Fields According to a report by ESPN, former Bellator Light Heavyweight champion Liam McGeary (11-1) will be headlining Bellator 173 next month against Chris Fields (11-7)  in Northern Ireland.  The match on paper seems a bit of a mismatch, but styles make fights. McGeary, … Read moreFormer Bellator LHW Champion Liam McGeary headlines Bellator 173

Fight at the 2017 LA Fit Expo. MMA fighters and bodybuilders go at it.

Fight at the 2017 LA Fit Expo. MMA fighters and bodybuilders go at it.

My twitter timeline is blowing up today with fighters saying that they will be at the Los Angeles Fit Expo today. The yearly Fit Expo is great for the hardcore fans of MMA and bodybuilding.  They can meet, get an autograph, or take a photo with their inspirations.

Michael Chandler looks to be at the Monster Energy booth. Cub Swanson and Daniel Straus are at the Virus Intl booth.  Tito Ortiz and the Bellator ring girls are signing over at Punishment Athletics. Rich Piana gets punched in the face at the 5% booth. Wait. What?

We live in 2017 and there are such things as YouTube celebrities. I have just learned this, by the way.

Rich Piana is a YouTube celebrity. He’s a 46 year old monster of a bodybuilder, with personality. His Youtube channel is filled with workout tips and celebrities training with him etc. He posts videos of people calling him out, wanting to fight him as well.

A former 5% team member named Mac Trucc is one of those people who want to fight Piana.

In the above video, Mac Trucc is talking a lot of smack to Piana at the Fit Expo. Piana tells Trucc that they can go walk somewhere and fight alone, with no bodybuilding crews. I’m pretty sure this is the plot of West Side Story.

Trucc punches Piana. 100 guys in black tank tops, cargo shorts, and backwards hats rushed in to separate it.

Arguing and chest puffing ensue at the Fit Expo. Described as a ‘Top MMA fighter’ in a Piana YouTube Video, 1 of Rich’s guys charges at Trucc. He ‘THIS IS SPARTA’ kicks one of Trucc’s crew, who proceeds to beat down the top MMA fighter.

Alex Di Ciero is who got pummeled and he is Royce Gracie’s bodyguard.

I understand why bodybuilders have to fight at the Fit Expo. Imagine 2 bodybuilders applying for a license to fight a sanctioned event. USADA would have a field day.

Video Courtesy of MrYorkieLoverFitness

The High Five – January’s Five Must See Fights

High Five January's Must See Fights

If your New Year’s Resolution was to watch more MMA, January has you covered with some amazing scraps. People look forward to fights for different reasons.  Sometimes it’s a match up you know will deliver tons of action and sometimes it’s a compelling story. Let’s take a look at five fights that should have your … Read moreThe High Five – January’s Five Must See Fights

Bellator 170 Conference Call: Scott Coker, Tito Ortiz, Chael Sonnen, Semtex, and Brennan Ward

Bellator 170 Conference Call: Scott Coker, Tito Ortiz, Chael Sonnen, Semtex, and Brennan Ward

The Bellator 170 conference call featured Bellator President Scott Coker, Tito Ortiz, Chael Sonnen, Paul Daley, and Brennan Ward. Tito Ortiz and Chael Sonnen did most of the talking. Highlights of the media conference call: “Tito is a great fighter. I’m a huge fan. I’m pumped to be in there with a Hall of Famer … Read moreBellator 170 Conference Call: Scott Coker, Tito Ortiz, Chael Sonnen, Semtex, and Brennan Ward

Tito Ortiz cashes in on Amanda Nunes

Tito Ortiz cashes in on Amanda Nunes

There were plenty of winners and losers this past weekend at UFC 207, none more so than newly crowned bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt and defending women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes. While he hasn’t stepped foot in the octagon in quite sometime, former light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz managed to walk away a winner as well. … Read moreTito Ortiz cashes in on Amanda Nunes

Bellator 2016: A Year in Review

Bellator: 2016 Year in Review

Bellator 2016: A Year in Review Highlight Video

Bellator 2016: A Year in Review

By many accounts 2016 was the best year in Bellator’s history. Marking it’s 8th year in the industry, 2016 gave us 22 Bellator MMA events and 2 Bellator Kickboxing events. For Bellator, it wasn’t just the massive event schedule that made this past year such a success for them. They made plenty of news at the signing table, as well as having some of the most epic battles in MMA. Let’s take a quick look at the year in review for Bellator.Bellator 2016: Year in Review

With free agency in MMA becoming more and more interesting now that there are a few promotions to do business with, Bellator made a play in the market in a huge way. Their list of signees this past year included some of the biggest names in the sport – Benson Henderson, Matt Mitrione, Rory MacDonald, and all-time great heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko.

Not to be outdone by the influx of big names, some of Bellators cornerstone competitors had banner years of their own. Michael “Venom” page had a 3-win year extending his record to 12-0 and producing one of the most lethal knockouts in quite sometime. Michael Chandler not only won the Bellator lightweight championship but he successfully defended it against Benson Henderson in a great 5-round battle. And Phil Davis knocked off two of the biggest names in the light heavyweight division when he defeated King Mo and then finished his year by taking the light heavyweight strap from Liam McGeary.

All told it was an exciting year for Bellator and was just a taste of things to come in 2017. Bellator 170 comes to us January 21st from the LA Forum where Tito Ortiz and Chael Sonnen look to settle their score. Kudos to Scott Coker and the promotion on a great year of mixed martial arts.

Enjoy this video of Bellator 2016:

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The Fighter and the Kid Podcast – Episode 217: Tito Ortiz + Big Brown Break Down UFC Fight Night

Tito Ortiz

On Episode 216 of The Fighter and The Kid podcast, get ready for a 1-2 combo as Brendan starts the show off with the Big Brown Breakdown of UFC Fight Night and is later joined by Bellator’s Tito Ortiz who discussed how his fight with Chael Sonnen will go.

Originally Published: December 16, 2016

The Fighter and The Kid is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian Bryan Callen and TUF alum and ex-UFC Heavyweight superstar Brendan Schuab. They host guest from a variety of different career fields and come together to talk about everything from politics to MMA.

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