Tyron Woodley talks about a potential fight with Nate Diaz

Interim Title

Tyron Woodley does a pretty good Nate Diaz impersonation.

Tyron Woodley caught up with the fine folks at TMZ and was asked about a potential clash with Nate Diaz. This was due to Nate’s Instagram post that indicated he’d be ready to go in May or June to hop back into the Octagon. Woodley does a pretty funny Nate impersonation and then talks about a potential fight.

Just for the record, I’d be all in on a potential clash between Nate Diaz and Tyron Woodley. I think the fans would be happy with it as well. Colby Covington is also currently trying to get a title fight with Woodley, but I think the fans would rather see Nate Diaz jump the line and take the fight at this point.

Both Eddie Alvarez has thrown his name into the ring of potential fighters to welcome Nate back to the Octagon as well. Something tells me Nate is going to want either a title fight or a Conor trilogy to get back into the cage though. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Max Holloway talks Defending Titles and Conor boxing Floyd

Max Holloway

The folks at TMZ caught up with Max Holloway.

Conor McGregor has been AWOL for a bit and hasn’t defended any belt that he’s ever won inside the Octagon. His next step could be a boxing match with Mayweather, and as they say, Out of site, out of mind.  What that in mind, TMZ spoke to Max Holloway who was very clear in his thoughts that he’s the current champion, and Conor is old news.

Max was pretty clear with his thoughts, saying, “Ya know Conor was the UFC 2015 champion. This is the year 2017 champion, and it’s about defending your whatever….Conor just isn’t that guy.”

When asked if Conor could beat Floyd boxing Max said, “Ya know we’ll see what happens. It is what it is. That guy Mayweather is the best, and you’re going into his sport. He’s not just some common dude and this and that, he’s the best guy who’s ever done it.  At the end of the day, we’ll see what happens. I’m not going to knock Conor, go for it, do it and go get yours.”

Is Dana White softening stance on Conor McGregor facing Floyd Mayweather?

Dana White

TMZ caught up with Dana and he seems to be changing his stance on Conor/Floyd

Dana White has been pretty staunch is his stance that Conor and Floyd are NOWHERE near a fight. That and the likelihood just isn’t that good. Then it was released that on his appearance on Conan O’brien, he says he believes it will actually happen.  Now he’s got this to say to TMZ.

Dana was asked when we’d see Conor back in the Octagon.  Dana replied, “I don’t know you know, he obviously has a lot of opportunities right now. Tony Ferguson is out there, the Floyd Mayweather thing is out there. We’ll see how this thing plays out.”  He was then asked if Conor and Floyd are still a possibility?  Dana replied, “Yeah, I mean it doesn’t make a lot of sense for my business, but I would never keep Conor from making that kind of money.”  Dana also said the June 10th hold on the T-Mobile Arena has nothing to do with Floyd and Conor.

The topic switched to the Diaz brothers and Dana said, “We keep offering Nate fights and he keeps turning them down. Nick too.” They talked a little about whether Nate is holding out for Conor, but with Conor’s dance card seemingly filled, it could be a lengthy wait.  Check out the video.

Tyron Woodley opens up about Dana White and UFC 209

tyron woodley

Tyron Woodley isn’t shy about his feelings on Dana White and how he is promoted

This has been a trying time for UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.  He defended his title in the main event of UFC 209 Saturday night in Las Vegas. That’s the good news. However, it was a fight that was nearly unanimously panned by fans as boring and ultra tactical.  It can’t feel good to put so much into a fight, and have it criticized so widely. It takes two to tango, and in the UFC Octagon, it takes two to tangle.

What is bothering Woodley, is Dana White giving his take on who he felt won the fight. Woodley said, “I thought it was a bit distasteful for the promoter to say he won the fight.  It’s like me coming out as a fighter and saying I didn’t think he did a good job promoting the fight, which I don’t.  I don’t think he did a good job as promoting me as champion.”

The subject turned to the scoring of the fight, and the commission’s public statement that the judge scored the final round incorrectly. “Have you ever heard a judge, or a commissioner go off on a referee (judge) saying, he never should have awarded that 10-8 round? Have you ever heard that before? Why in my fight, why in my fight would a person do that, when in fact the 10-8 round didn’t fix the outcome at all.”

Potential Opponents?

When asked about fighting Conor McGregor, GSP or Bisping, here’s what the champ had to say.“Neither one of those three want to fight me. Bisping can say whatever he wants, oh I’m the best in the world, but styles make fights. You know what, I think Bisping would get knocked out by Wonderboy.” He went on, “Conor was at the point where he had to fight someone real. He would have had to fight someone like me, or Tony Ferguson or Khabib and he knows we’re not good match-ups for him. We’re not going to fall into his antics of talking crap. It’s not going to bother us, and he knew he had to make a choice. So his best option is take the Floyd fight, take that L, and walk away into the wind with 70 million and remain a legend in MMA.”

More about Tyron Woodley:


Tony Ferguson says Conor McGregor is next, not Khabib

Tony Ferguson

The ever knowing lens of TMZ caught up with Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson did pretty well for himself this week. Despite the disappointment of his fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov falling apart a day before it was set to take place, Tony has a smile on his face.  He handled the situation with class, wishing nothing but the best for Nurmagomedov.

As he was walking outside the T-Mobile Arena TMZ asked him what was next. First, they asked if he’d spoken to Khabib, and Tony replied, “I haven’t talked to him, I just told him to heal up.”  Then they asked him what was next. He replied, “Conor’s next, I hear he might be next, there’s nobody else in line buddy.”  When asked if he preferred one over the other he responded simply. “I just want to fight. It doesn’t matter, we’ll see what they say.”

Michael Bisping not overly impressed with Woodley and Thompson

Michael Bisping

TMZ caught up with UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping who as per usual, wasn’t shy.

When asked about what he thought, and about the fans booing, Michael Bisping was quick to respond.  “Let’s be honest, it was tactical, it wasn’t the most exciting fight. If those are the best Welterweights in the world, I should f*ck up GSP. If those are the best welterweights in the world, then GSP is going to a funeral pretty damn quick.” When asked about the claim that Tyron says he’s the best Welterweight ever Bisping had the following reply.  “I like Tyron, but all I saw was 20 minutes of backing up.”

He was being hounded for autographs and photos but he continued to talk about GSP and his claim that Bisping smelled light alcohol at the press conference.  He said, “Here’s the thing, if the fight was happening sometime soon, and I was in fight camp, I wouldn’t touch a drop of alcohol. The fact is the guy needs so long to get ready for the fight, we’re not going to fight until the summer. So I’m in Vegas, I went to an awards show, I won an award, am I not allowed to have a couple of cocktails? So GSP, grow up, stop acting like a 12-year-old, I’m in Vegas if I want to party, I’m going to party.”

Michael Bisping does not hold back when asked about GSP

Michael Bisping does not hold back when asked about GSP

We reported yesterday that former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre has been given an opponent in his return to the company. GSP will have the chance to become a two-weight world champion when he faces UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping later this year at a date to be determined.

While GSP has always been known to be a more reserved and humble fighter, the same can’t be said for Bisping. He’s loud, he’s brash, and he doesn’t hold back when asked his opinion.

So, of course, the champ would have plenty to say when asked about his bout with Georges.

TMZ caught up with Bisping to get his thoughts on the match. When asked if he thought it was fair that GSP was getting an immediate title match, Bisping was rather complimentary:

“GSP was one of the greatest fighters that this world has ever produced. He’s one of the greatest fighters in the UFC ever. So the guy’s coming back, listen he should fight for the title. He stepped away as a dominant champion.”

When asked about how he thinks the fight would go, the champ was far less complimentary:

“Listen, like every fight, I’m feeling very confident. Georges St. Pierre is crazy. He thinks he’s gonna come back after three years and beat me? Are you crazy? Anderson Silva couldn’t beat me. Dan Henderson couldn’t beat me. Pound for pound best in the world Luke Rockhold got knocked out in the first round. I don’t know what GSP has been sniffing but he’s out of his God damn mind.”

The champ never fails to come through with some great quotes.

We will have more details on the fight itself as they are made available. With a press conference set for this Friday with both Georges St. Pierre and Michael Bisping, we are sure to learn some more. But for now, enjoy the rest of the interview:


Joanna Jedrzejczyk makes her pick for the potential Conor McGregor – Floyd Mayweather bout

Joanna Jedrzejczyk makes in her pick for the potential Conor McGregor - Floyd Mayweather bout

If it’s not Conor McGregor or Floyd Mayweather talking bout, well, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, someone else is.

TMZ Sports caught up with UFC women’s strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk and wanted to know who she would put her money on in a potential Conor – Floyd fight.

“Of course I would put money on Conor, but it’s going to be a very difficult fight. It’s different fight than MMA fight. The fight is going to be in the ring, not in the octagon.”

The Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas has already put out the odds of a potential bout and lists Floyd Mayweather as a heavy 25-1 favorite, or -2500 on the money line. Conor on the other hand is set as an 11-1 underdog, or +1100 on the money line.

So regardless of who you think would win the fight, a bet on Conor if you have the money to spare would net you a MUCH higher return if he were to come out victorious as opposed to vice versa.

We are still a long way from this fight materializing, however. Although it seems as though steps are being taken in the right direction, there are a lot of variables at play, including ego.

So what do you guys think? Despite Mayweather’s skill, is +1100 enough to make you want to follow suit with Joanna and pick Conor?

Check out the full interview with Joanna Jedrzejczyk below:


Tyron Woodley has some thoughts on what Holly Holm should do next

Tyron Woodley has some thoughts on what Holly Holm should do next

Following her unanimous decision loss at UFC 208, Holly Holm has found herself amidst a 3-fight losing streak. Regardless of whether or not you think the decision should have went her way, the L has been placed on her record.

So the big question is – what’s next? A drop back down to 135lbs? A rematch with women’s featherweight champion Germaine de Randamie? Or perhaps just another fight at 145lbs? Given that her performance wasn’t necessarily a bad one, she has options.

UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley knows a thing or two about options as he’s not only one of the best fighters in the sport, but he has proven to be one of the game’s top analysts as well. And he feels Holly should step outside of the octagon for a bit to recalibrate.

While speaking with TMZ, Woodley shared his thoughts on how he thinks Holly should proceed:

“Maybe do something outside of the octagon. Hopefully something that builds her brand and makes her more valuable inside of the octagon. You know, just take a page out of Ronda’s book.”

Holly Holm’s name still has some bite to it despite her current losing streak. Being the first person to defeat Ronda Rousey will always catch people’s ear, so perhaps she’ll take Tryon’s advice and start to look at some other options to give herself a bit of a reprieve.

“Mixed martial arts is so popular, it might be the most popular sport in the U.S. right now. So I gotta believe that someone will be looking to have a nice little spinoff with a mixed martial arts competitor,” he continued.

For more on Tyron and his thoughts on Holly, check out the video below:


Daniel Cormier doesn’t think Ronda Rousey can dominate at this point

daniel cormier ronda rousey

DC isn’t shy, he was talking again, about Ronda Rousey and his upcoming Rumble Johnson fight Daniel Cormier doesn’t pull his punches in or outside of the Octagon.  He’s outspoken and isn’t at all shy to give his opinions on all matters.  He spoke with TMZ about Ronda Rousey, his upcoming UFC bout with Rumble … Read moreDaniel Cormier doesn’t think Ronda Rousey can dominate at this point

Tito Ortiz on Chael: “I made him look like a fool.”

Tito Ortiz on Chael: "I made him look like a fool."

Bellator 170 is in the books and so too is the remarkable career of mixed martial arts legend and pioneer Tito Ortiz.

Ortiz defeated Chael Sonnen in his final fight, submitting him in the first round. Following the bout, numerous people took to Twitter to discuss a number of things regarding the match.

Two of the most hot button topics were whether or not the fight may have been fixed, and how long Tito held on to the choke after Chael tapped. For anyone who didn’t watch, referee John McCarthy had to step in and physically push Tito off of Chael.

We have seen fighters hold on to submissions too long in the past. Rousamir Palhares has been criticized of this tactic on more than one occasion. One such instance, a lengthy hold of a Kimura on Jake Shields, resulted in Palhares being stripped of his WSOF welterweight title and suspended indefinitely by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Tito contends that maybe he held on for a second too long, but not without reason. Tito touched on that, and invited naysayers about his win down to his gym to see just how effective that choke can be.

That and more from Tito Ortiz:

Amanda Nunes doesn’t hold back on her UFC 208 prediction

Amanda Nunes doesn't hold back on her UFC 208 prediction

The inaugural UFC women’s featherweight title match is now just weeks away. Holly Holm will be facing Germaine de Radamie at UFC 208 in Brooklyn for the strap. While we know that UFC women’s bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes wants a shot at the winner, we don’t know what her prediction is on who that will be.

Well that all changed today when TMZ Sports caught up with the champ to get her thoughts on the fight. Interestingly enough she’s not even looking at anyone in her division for her next fight but instead is solely fixated on taking a second title.

“I hope that Holly Holm beats her and we can make this happen.”

Most fight fans, including the UFC are probably hoping for that as well.

The questioning didn’t stop there as they also asked the champ if there was any chance we’d see her step in the octagon with Cris Cyborg. Her answer? For that you’re going to have to check out the video below:


Dana White to Floyd: “You’re gonna need $25m real quick…”

Dana White to Floyd: "You're gonna need $25m real quick..."

If you haven’t realized it yet we’re very big fans of the Floyd Mayweather – Conor McGregor saga, as well as the media outlet TMZ. Both Floyd and Conor, via Dana White, cannot stop talking. And we cannot stop listening.

Just yesterday Dana White made Floyd an offer of $25 million dollars for a match with Conor. Floyd as we know touts himself as the $100 million dollar man. Floyd of course found an offer of twenty-five percent of that quite laughable.

So here we are, another day, another response. TMZ Sports just dropped Dana’s response to Floyd’s response. Eventually, this will get confusing. But dammit if it isn’t fun to watch play out.

Dana still contends that Conor is the bigger star and was unphased by Floyd’s new watch (which was pretty meh looking). It is actually that watch, but more so Floyd’s lifestyle, that Dana says is the reason he should take the $25 million.

Now here’s Dana taking his turn:


Floyd will be in Brooklyn today as Mayweather Promotions is putting on the Badou Jack versus James DeGale super middleweight unification bout taking place at the Barclays Center. So there will be no shortage of media around to get Floyd’s take on Dana’s response.

Stay tuned…


Floyd Mayweather responds to Dana White’s “comedic” offer

Floyd Mayweather responds to Dana White's "comedic" offer

Well it didn’t take long for Floyd Mayweather to respond to Dana White’s offer. Earlier today on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, the UFC boss offered Floyd $25 million dollars for a fight with Conor McGregor.

Floyd previously stated that his number is $100 million. So the two are apart by more than what most people make in a lifetime.

TMZ Sports caught up with Floyd who is in New York City promoting this Saturday’s super middleweight unification bout between Badou Jack and James DeGale.

While Mayweather spent more time showing off his watch than answering the question itself, he couldn’t help but to laugh at White’s offer.

“He’s a f*cking comedian”, Mayweather quipped.

Check it out for yourself in the player below:


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Dominick Cruz on Cody: “He knows that I’m better than him.”

Dominick Cruz on Cody: "He knows that I'm better than him."

Former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz is never at a loss for words. Considering he spends time at the FOX commentary table when he’s not fighting, that comes as no surprise.

TMZ Sports sat down with Cruz for a brief chat and naturally one of the topics was the new champion Cody Garbrandt. Garbrandt took the title from Cruz at UFC 207 with a unanimous decision victory.

While Cruz would love a rematch, he seems to feel that Cody is the one that can’t stop talking about it.

Here his take on that and more in the video below:


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