UFC 209: Champ Camp Season 3 Episode 3

tyron woodley champ camp

Another episode of  Tyron Woodley’s Champ Camp.

Mixed Martial Arts fighters are more and more taking their marketing and promotion into their own hands. There are fighters who do video blogs, and then there is Tyron Woodley’s Champ Camp.  It’s time and time again one of the highest quality, best-produced video series on the web.  This episode is no different.

Woodley is training for his fight at UFC 209 with Stephen Thompson as Rufassport. We then see Woodley preparing a meal with his new training partner, Sage Northcutt.  These two need a buddy cop movie really bad. Poor Sage, he just wants to work out and do flips, but Tyron has him washing chicken feet in the sink.  Yes, chicken feet, complete with their claws. Sage doesn’t seem convinced that this is something he needs to eat.  It’s pretty funny.  Din Thomas is also in the mix, and the three of them together are magic.

Tyron, Din and Sage go to a local elementary school and Tyron gives the kids a talk, giving back to his community. After he’s finished, they fighters stay and sign autographs, it’s a positive insight into what drives Woodley, and what makes him tick.

After they leave the school, we’re back in the gym with Tyron and Sage drilling some wrestling.  It’s good to see Ben Askren working with them as well. He is among the best Welterweights in the world and has long been deserving to be in the UFC.

We see Tyron go through a litany of media responsibilities and interview, and weigh-ins and what has to be a grind of monumental levels.  He’s through it all, and it’s almost time to fight.

We see him after the fight, and he tells the story that Evan Shoman shared here, about giving his belt to a mother who had lost her daughter. It’s a touching story, and more reason to both admire and respect Tyron Woodley.  Check out the video.

Tony Ferguson unhappy with UFC 209 payment issues

tony ferguson

Where’s John Malkovich when we need him?  Pay that man his money. Everyone knows by now that UFC 209 was supposed to feature two title fights.  However, Khabib Nurmagomedov fell ill the morning of the weigh-ins and had to be pulled from the fight.  What usually transpires in that situation is the fighter who showed … Read moreTony Ferguson unhappy with UFC 209 payment issues

UFC 209 Preliminary Fights draw just north of a million viewers

ufc 209 preliminary fights

The UFC Prelims drew a lot of attention The UFC 209 preliminary fights took place Saturday night, live from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The feature fight of the preliminary card featured heavyweights Marcin Tybura and Luis Henrique.  Tybura won that fight via TKO. Three of the four Fox Sports 1 fights were won … Read moreUFC 209 Preliminary Fights draw just north of a million viewers

UFC 209 Paydays, Overeem and Hunt have 1.5 million dollar clash

UFC 209 Paydays

UFC 209 had some pretty decent paydays, let’s take a look The UFC held a bit of a lackluster event Saturday night. The main event was a dud, the co-main event fell apart at the last minute, and three of the five main card fights went to the judges. All that said, it still cost … Read moreUFC 209 Paydays, Overeem and Hunt have 1.5 million dollar clash

Khabib Nurmagomedov speaks for first time since he pulled out of UFC 209

khabib nurmagomedov

Khabib took to Instagram to update his fans on his condition UFC 209 is in the books, and one of the two feature fights, unfortunately, did not come to pass, as Khabib Nurmagomedov was forced to the hospital the morning of weigh-ins.  He was attempting to cut weight and as he got within six pounds, … Read moreKhabib Nurmagomedov speaks for first time since he pulled out of UFC 209

MMA Market Report – UFC 209 Edition

mma market report

Let’s take a look at who’s stock rose and who’s dropped based on last night. The fights have all ended, and the fans have found their way out into the strip.  Let’s take a look at the UFC 209 edition of the MMA Market Report. Tyron Woodley Tyron Woodley certainly didn’t raise his stock with … Read moreMMA Market Report – UFC 209 Edition

UFC 209 Post Fight Press Conference Recap – Who said what?

ufc 209 post-fight press conference recap

The fights are in the books, here’s what happened at the post-fight presser. Las Vegas played host to UFC 209, and despite what many felt was a lackluster main event, it was an interesting night of fights, and after the event, the fighters had plenty to say. Here’s what shook out at the UFC 209 … Read moreUFC 209 Post Fight Press Conference Recap – Who said what?

Watch the UFC 209 Post-Fight Press Conference live here!

ufc 209 post fight press conference

UFC 209 is hours away, catch the post-fight press conference here after the event

UFC 209 might have lost its co-main event, but it remains a very interesting card, with some compelling fights involved.  We have the rematch for the Welterweight crown as Tyron Woodley steps in against Stephen Thompson.  We get another interesting rematch in Mark Hunt taking on Alistair Overeem.  After the fights, you’ll want to know what’s next?  Who got bonuses and all the drama from the press conference.  Check out the UFC 209 Post-FIght Press Conference right here!

We’ll hear from the winners and losers and something usually happens that is quite newsworthy.  It typically starts approximately 30 mins after the event ends. Don’t miss it!

Here’s why we aren’t seeing Michael Johnson vs. Tony Ferguson

michael johnson

Nate Diaz, Eddie Alvarez, and Michael Johnson all threw their names in the hat to meet Tony Ferguson Once the UFC knew that Khabib Nurmagomedov wasn’t going to be cleared to fight, they scrambled and tried to find an opponent for Ferguson to keep him on the card. Nate Diaz was too heavy.  Eddie Alvarez … Read moreHere’s why we aren’t seeing Michael Johnson vs. Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson addresses the fans at the weigh-in concerning Khabib

tony ferguson

The Lightweight Title fight tomorrow night between Tony Ferguson and Khabib Namagurmedov is off

Tony Ferguson has every reason to be upset at the moment.  Not so much at Khabib, I mean, he didn’t pull out because he didn’t want to achieve his dream, he had issues with his health, and wasn’t medically cleared to compete.  It’s the downside of fighters cutting weight, and something we’ve seen increasingly more of.

I don’t know if the answer is more weight classes, or forcing fighters to fight closer to their natural weights, but something should be done to save the fighters from what they’re doing to their bodies.  Tony Ferguson came out and spoke to the crowd, along with Joe Rogan.  Here’s what he had to saw.

“It was a nightmare….no disrespect to the UFC or Khabib, everything happens for a reason. This is a fighter’s sport man, so I want every single one of you to give love to the UFC and give love to Khabib.  I really want you guys to buy this PPV, because the rest of this f*cking card is amazing!” 

Thanks to Damon Martin for posting the video.

UFC 209 Embedded Vlog – Part 5, Taking Care of Business

UFC Embedded

It’s time for UFC 209 Embedded Vlog Episode 5

The fights are tomorrow night. We’re close, really close.  There will be this episode and likely only one more where they show the ceremonial weigh-ins.  Let’s get right to it, and see what’s in UFC Embedded Episode 5.

Tyron Woodley

After Din Thomas lightens the mood, pulling his shorts up super high, we see Woodley getting some work in.  He’s in the process of cutting weight and just getting a good sweat in.  He’s working stand up, takedowns, and position.  We hear his philosophy of visualization and seeing the fight before the fight as he rides a stationary bike.  We cut back to Tyron at a media scrum, being asked questions. He’s giving short responses and seems to want to be somewhere else.  We see Woodley and Dana talking and Woodley is filming it on his phone. They’re talking about drama queens, it’s pretty funny.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

We find Khabib at the TUF facility getting another workout in.  While Khabib works out, running on the treadmill in his new plastics, his team is loose and fooling around, getting in some light-hearted work in.  Khabib is shown answering questions as well.  Everyone is doing their job, answering questions.  Khabib with the quote of the episode when asked if he feels Tony is nervous he says, “I don’t know about that stupid guy. He looks like a stupid guy, all nervous. I’m confident.”

Stephen Thompson

We see Stephen at his media scrum, being asked questions. He looks loose, happy to be there. It seems like “Wonderboy” is enjoying things this time around.

Tony Ferguson

We see Tony answering media questions as well.  He’s again choosing to sport sunglasses inside.  Someone needs to tell him, that’s not a good look these days.  He seems excited to get to the fight.  Tony spoke about the fight. He said, “He’s not going to be ready for it, and if he is, you guys are going to get f*cking fireworks.”  We see the face offs, and Tony looks confident.

Georges St. Pierre

We see GSP putting on UFC gloves, and he’s super excited.  It’s good to see GSP back in the mix, the organization definitely needs a star to rival Conor McGregor.  The episode closes as GSP looks around an empty arena and says, “Oh yes, back into the jungle.”

An emotional Mark Hunt is fired up going into UFC 209

An emotional Mark Hunt is fired up going into UFC 209

Heavyweight contender Mark Hunt has become a big fan favorite over the years. His walkoff knockouts and outspoken attitude have gotten him over with the fans big time. Win or lose, his fan base is unwavering. He heads into his UFC 209 rematch with Alistair Overeem with a big chip on his shoulder. After dropping a … Read moreAn emotional Mark Hunt is fired up going into UFC 209

Francis Ngannou holds open workout and media scrum ahead of UFC 209

Francis Ngannou holds open workout and media scrum ahead of UFC 209

As part of fight week festivities for UFC 209, the UFC held an open workout and media scrum for rising heavyweight contender Francis Ngannou. Ngannou is coming off of a 1st-round TKO victory over Andrei Arlovski at UFC Fight Night Denver this past January. Earning his 9th straight victory in prime time on a UFC on … Read moreFrancis Ngannou holds open workout and media scrum ahead of UFC 209

NHL superstar Alexander Ovechkin is Team Khabib

NHL superstar Alexander Ovechkin is Team Khabib

Khabib Nurmagomedov is two days away from the biggest fight of his career. His fan base has grown quite heavily ever since his first appearance in the UFC, but the nation of Dagestan has always had his back. One thing about the UFC is that almost everybody is a fight fan. Every broadcast you’re sure … Read moreNHL superstar Alexander Ovechkin is Team Khabib

UFC 209 Embedded Vlog series – episode 4, The Khabib Show


The UFC is back with another episode of their popular Embedded series

UFC 209 is two days, and today we’re treated to another look behind the curtain, as UFC Embedded shows us what fight week looks like from the fighter’s point of view.  It’s great to see what these guys are going through, and how they spend their days leading up to the biggest fights or their career.  Here’s what each fighter had going on in this episode.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

This episode begins with Khabib and some members of his team driving to Mike Tyson’s house.  He’s talking about how five years ago, he couldn’t even think about winning a belt.  It’s how dreams come true.  After a minute, Khabib comes out with Mike, holding a signed boxing glove.  He shows a picture of him and Tyson on his phone. He’s met his idol.  Khabib arrives at the arena and greets Tyron Woodley, takes a selfie with Mark Hunt and sits down with Rashad Evans to sign posters.  We next see Khabib at the TUF Gym, at around 9:30 at night, showing his new shirt.  He then heads to the sauna where the funniest thing this episode takes place.  He’s sitting in the sauna and Rashad Evans starts doing his Mike Tyson impersonation, and it’s good.  He then heads to his open workout.

Stephen Thompson

We find Stephen Thompson working out, hitting mitts. He’s just loosening up and getting a nice workout in.  He’s focused on his weight, and all the things they’ve worked on in camp in preparation for this fight.  He says he’s ready to go out and win this thing.  The next time we see Stephen is at his open workout.  He’s moving, bouncing and seems in good spirits.

Tony Ferguson

Tony Ferguson makes a brief appearance in this episode, as he shows up at his open workouts and does a couple rolls, and flips.  He says he has a spot on the wall for the belt, right next to his Ultimate Fighter trophy.

Tyron Woodley

We see Tyron for the first time with just about a minute left in the episode.  He’s at his open workouts and giving an interview.  As he’s hitting mitts and going through the motions, we hear him talking about his upcoming fight.  He’s the only champion on the show, and he got like 45 seconds of airtime. Guess it doesn’t pay to call your boss a drama queen.