UFC 216 announce team was told to not discuss Kevin Lee’s staph

UFC 216

This is the kind of thing that makes you wonder if the UFC is looking out for fighter’s safety. Daniel Cormier has confirmed that he was told to not mention Kevin Lee’s staph infection during the UFC 216 broadcast by “a voice in my ear.”  He recently appeared on the Talk and Talker Podcast and … Read moreUFC 216 announce team was told to not discuss Kevin Lee’s staph

UFC 215 PPV does an estimated 100,000 buys. UFC 216, not much better.


The UFC has found themselves in the midst of a major rating slump. UFC 215 PPV featured a title fight between Amanda Nunes and Valentina Shevchenko. It was supposed to feature Demetrious Johnson taking on Ray Borg, but that fight was pushed to UFC 216 when Borg fell ill. The night of fights was pretty … Read moreUFC 215 PPV does an estimated 100,000 buys. UFC 216, not much better.

Relive highlights from UFC 216 in stunning ‘Fight Motion’ video


I love these ‘Fight Motion’ videos that the UFC puts out. They released their newest one for UFC 216 and it doesn’t disappoint. The stunning hi-def/slo-mo always makes the viewer see so many of the little nuances that we’d normally miss.

Literally, any time a strike is landed you can see a fighter’s eyes roll back for a split second. These videos really make you see that MMA is truly a game of inches. A punch that lands in any direction by an inch or two, could have been a fight-ender.

While the punches and kicks in ‘Fight Motion’ are intriguing, we really get a clear look at Demetrious Johnson’s finish of Ray Borg. Even at a snail’s pace, DJ’s submission looks incredible.

UFC 216 salaries released. Ferguson banks half a mil.


Some UFC 216 combatants made out like crazy and some fighters really got the shaft. Clearly, the biggest winner was Tony Ferguson who pocketed half a million dollars and walked away with a shiny new belt. There were two draws on the card and neither received a win bonus. However, Green vs Vanatta won the … Read moreUFC 216 salaries released. Ferguson banks half a mil.

Nik Lentz issues a statement on his withdrawal from UFC 216 card

Nik Lentz

Nik’s body began to betray him during his weight cut. Nik Lentz was supposed to meet Will Brooks in the featured prelim fight tonight in Las Vegas. However, medical complications associated with cutting weight derailed that plan.  Nik was hospitalized as a result and Will does not have an opponent for the event tonight. Another … Read moreNik Lentz issues a statement on his withdrawal from UFC 216 card

Video: UFC 216 Ceremonial Weigh-ins at 4 PM PST

Video: UFC 216 Ceremonial Weigh-ins

You can watch the live ceremonial weigh-ins and faceoffs at 4 PM PST

The fighters stepped on the scale this morning for the official UFC Weigh-ins. However this afternoon they will once again take to the stage, stand on a scale and then pose for faceoffs. Of course, this is done for the media and fans. Even if you can’t be in Las Vegas today, you can still watch the action. Come watch the Video: UFC 216 Ceremonial Weigh-ins here at MikeSwick.com

Kevin Lee weighed in at 156 this morning and was given an additional hour to cut the additional pound per the NSAC.

The UFC 216 card can be seen here.

UFC 216 loses it’s featured prelim as Nik Lentz has “Medical Issues”

UFC 216

Nic Lentz was supposed to meet Will Brooks tomorrow at UFC 216. Losing fights at the last possible minute is nothing new to the UFC and unfortunately today it happened yet again. Will Brooks and Nik Lentz were supposed to headlines the FX prelims, but Nik is unable to compete. At this point, the UFC has … Read moreUFC 216 loses it’s featured prelim as Nik Lentz has “Medical Issues”

Watch the UFC 216 Media Day main-card fighter face-offs

UFC 216 Media Day

It’s time for the Media Day face-offs for UFC 216

Saturday night in Las Vegas UFC 216 will take place. Friday the fighters will step on the scales, but today they posed for UFC 216 media day face-offs for the media. The UFC was kind enough to post this video of the meetings.

UFC 216 is of course headlined by the Lightweight Interim title fight between Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee. Also on the card will be Demetrious Johnson attempting to break the all-time consecutive title defenses record with 11. He’ll be facing Ray Borg Saturday night. The two were supposed to meet last month, but Borg fell ill and was forced from the bout.

To see the UFC 216 card, click here.

UFC 216 Embedded Ep. 1 – Calm Before the Storm

UFC 216 Embedded

The UFC has rolled out there awesome series Embedded for UFC 216.

This episode opens and we see Tony Ferguson at the ocean, doing some light punching drills. He’s happy to be on the beach, as he’s been at elevation training for this camp and has missed the views. He talks about how he’s training and fighting for his son, his family and so they will have a better life. Tony’s coach says that Lee is talented, but the experience is a motherf*cker, he gonna learn.

Next, we’re taken to the residence of Kevin Lee. He’s at his home getting a haircut. He opens by saying, “Tony can fight, he says he’s been in the mountains running with coyotes. All that means is he’ll take a long ass whopping.  We then are taken to Las Vegas Dream Racing and Lee talks about the Audi A-8 and says that’s next. He just bought a new house, and that car is next. He takes a little shot at Conor McGregor saying, ‘My shit ain’t going to be rented either, I won’t be out in a rented green Lambo.”

After that, we are transported to Ray Borg’s house which appears to be a double wide in Albukerke, NM.  You can definitely see the progression as fighters win bigger fights and start earning more money. Ray’s a young fighter and lives modestly. He talks about how he and his wife are expecting a baby. Ray said he’s ready because he’s helped raise kids, and changed diapers growing up. Borg says he’s excited.

Next, we jump to Kirkland, WA and AMC Pankration gym where Demetrious Johnson trains with Matt Hume.  Matt talks about the fight and says he expects Johnson to stop Borg and set the new all-time record. Johnson is seen driving home and he’s talking about how this fight is super important to him. He says the record is what it’s about but he needs to win all his fights or his paycheck will suffer.

D. Johnson gloats about eating while Kevin Lee suffers.

Demetrious Johnson

Poor Kevin Lee eating dry spinach while Demetrious Johnson talks food.

You ever hear the phrase, “Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready?”  Well, that pretty much sums up Demetrious Johnson and his weight cutting. He doesn’t allow himself to blow up between fights, so he can eat actual food in preparation for his fights. That’s great for Johnson, but Kevin Lee was clearly suffering through this conversation as he ate what looked like dry spinach leafs.

It’s a pretty funny video and sheds light on how big Demetrious actually is. He and Kevin Lee were there as part of a media lunch that ended a lot better than things did with Tony Ferguson and Fabricio Werdum did last week, who had to be separated.

Video courtesy of Karyn Bryant.

Fabricio Werdum and Tony Ferguson argue at Media Lunch

Tony Ferguson

It seems as if someone should pick on someone his own size.

Today during the UFC 216 media lunch, Ariel Helwani and company from MMA Fighting were on hand. They captured what seemed to be a very angry Fabricio Werdum interrupting Tony Ferguson and engaging in some form of discord. Tony said he didn’t understand Werdum, but something tells me he knows what it was all about.

Tony was speaking and attempting to make a point when Werdum interjects. He begins speaking to Tony in Portuguese. They have a heated exchange which brings both men to their feet. Cooler heads prevailed and came in and separated the fighters and escorted Werdum away from the situation. Ferguson said he assumed it might have to do with Werdum’s manager,  Ali Abdelaziz.

When we know more about what the heck was going on here, we’ll be sure and pass that information along. At this point, it seems Werdum was ready for a fight. Tony is the wrong guy to test. This is why we can’t have nice things UFC.

Video courtesy of the fine folks at MMA Fighting.

UFC 216 Fight Card can be seen here.

Demetrious Johnson and Ray Borg re-booked for UFC 216

demetrious johnson and ray borg

Johnson and Borg will try it again in Las Vegas at UFC 216 Demetrious Johnson and Ray Borg were supposed to meet this past Saturday at UFC 215, but Ray Borg fell ill and was removed from the contest. Whether or not it was a weight-cut issue or not, the simple fact remains that the … Read moreDemetrious Johnson and Ray Borg re-booked for UFC 216

Derrick Lewis no longer retired, looks to fight Fabricio Werdum at UFC 216

Derrick Lewis

Derrick Lewis’ retirement was brief, as he looks to be paired with former champion Werdum. Derrick Lewis (18-5) opted to retire after his loss to Mark Hunt at UFC Fight Night 110. He had been on quite a roll prior to that loss, having won six in a row in the UFC Heavyweight division. Derrick … Read moreDerrick Lewis no longer retired, looks to fight Fabricio Werdum at UFC 216

UFC 216 gets a Lightweight Interim Title fight on October 7th

UFC 216

Dana White told media members today that the fight could headline UFC 216 Well, for the second time now, Conor McGregor earned a UFC title belt and didn’t defend it. This time, the UFC has set up their famous “Interim” title fight to hold the division over until Conor returns from moonlighting as a boxer. … Read moreUFC 216 gets a Lightweight Interim Title fight on October 7th

Paige VanZant has a fight booked at Flyweight at UFC 216 it seems

Paige VanZant

The Fight will mark the first in the UFC’s new Flyweight Division The UFC just recently announced their TUF 26 competitors, with the winner earning the inaugural Flyweight Championship. Ahead of those fights, the UFC is looking at booking Paige VanZant to face Jessica Eye at UFC 216. FloCombat initially made the announcement and while … Read morePaige VanZant has a fight booked at Flyweight at UFC 216 it seems