UFC 217 The Thrill and the Agony preview video is amazing.

UFC 217 The Thrill and The Agony

When you watch the reactions of the families and teams, it takes it to another level.

UFC 217 will forever be remembered as a night that changed MMA. The UFC crowned three new champions and we witnessed the return of perhaps the best ever, Georges St-Pierre. The seemingly unbeatable Joanna Jedrzejczyk got beat. TJ Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt met in the Octagon and violently attempted to sort their misgivings for one another. It was nothing short of amazing. I really dig these videos and UFC 217 The Thrill and The Agony is top notch.

This video shows the reactions of the cornermen and the families in attendance. When Pat Barry almost cries for Rose, it makes you want to tear up. When TJ Dillashaw and Duane Ludwig answer months of verbal barbs and hatred with a knowing look, and embrace, you feel it. When Joanna simply says, “Sorry” to her corner and breaks down in tears, you really feel for her.

It’s this emotional connection that we have with the sport and its participants that make MMA special. These videos highlight that in perfect form.

UFC 217 The Thrill and the Agony

UFC 217 Results, click here.

Pretty cool UFC 217 fight motion video done by the UFC

UFC 217 Fight Motion

This UFC 217 Fight Motion video shows a lot of UFC 217 action in super slo-mo.

I think people are still recovering from what was an incredible night of action at UFC 217. Three title fights, three new champions. Drama, DQs, and much more kept us all glued to our sets for an entire fight week. Now the UFC has released a cool video that shows many of the night’s highlights in super slow motion. It’s called UFC 217 Fight Motion.

The punches, kicks, and elbows really seem to come to life when viewed in this manner. It’s a great video, and I’d love to see more of these from the UFC.

Michael Bisping and Cody Garbrandt share a nice moment after UFC 217

Michael Bisping and Cody Garbrandt

People love to hate Michael Bisping, but he’s a good guy.

Michael Bisping had just been choked unconscious, dropping his belt to Georges St-Pierre in the main event of UFC 217. In the fight before that, Cody Garbrandt had been stopped, losing his belt to arch-rival TJ Dillashaw. It wasn’t a great night for either man, but they both showed a lot of class in defeat and will both be back in the limelight soon enough. This was a nice moment shared between Michael Bisping and Cody Garbrandt.

While Cody was being interviewed by Megan Olivi and as they neared the end Michael Bisping walked up and the two embraced for a moment. Michael said the following to Cody.

“Win some, lose some. You know what I mean? It’s the way it goes, the way it goes. Well done man, well done. Fuck it, it’s just the way it goes, ya know? The fight game. All those people who talk shit, who cares.Well done, I’m proud of you.”

It’s nice to see Michael act as a mentor to the younger fighters considering his wealth of experience and knowledge in MMA and his storied UFC career. Too often we see the brash, arrogant Bisping who is selling a fight, or I believe at times selling a persona that isn’t actually who he is. I think this is closer to the real Michael Bisping.

UFC 217 Results, click here.

Stars and Strikes UFC 217 – Main Card Match Ratings

Stars and Strikes UFC 217

All new Stars and Strikes where we’ll tell you which fights are can’t miss. Man, you’d better be ready for Saturday night’s UFC card. It’s going to be one heck of a night and a card MMA fans have been starving for. With today’s UFC roster growth and the rate of which fights take place, … Read moreStars and Strikes UFC 217 – Main Card Match Ratings

Tune in at 3 PM PST for the UFC 217 Ceremonial Weigh-ins

UFC 217 Ceremonial Weigh-ins

The UFC 217 Ceremonial Weigh-ins will be live at 3 PM PST

Tomorrow night is one of the most anticipated cards in recent memory. Three world title fights are going to take place. This morning they all stepped on the scale for their official weigh-ins and this afternoon they’ll participate in the UFC 217 Ceremonial Weigh-ins for fans and members of the media.

The fighters weighed in this morning and the weigh-ins went off without a hitch.

Main Card – PPV

Michael Bisping (184.6) vs. Georges St-Pierre (184.4)
Cody Garbrandt (135) vs. T.J. Dillashaw (134.8)
Joanna Jedrzejczyk (115) vs. Rose Namajunas (114)
Stephen Thompson (170.4) vs. Jorge Masvidal (171)
Johny Hendricks (185.8) vs. Paulo Borrachinha (185.8)

Undercard – Fox Sports 1

James Vick (155.2) vs. Joseph Duffy (155.4)
Walt Harris (251.8) vs. Mark Godbeer (244)
Ovince Saint Preux (205) vs. Corey Anderson (205.4)
Randy Brown (170.8) vs. Mickey Gall (169.8)

Undercard – UFC FightPass

Oleksiy Oliynyk (246.2) vs. Curtis Blaydes (258.8)
Ion Cutelaba (205.6) vs. Michal Oleksiejczuk (205.2)
Aiemann Zahabi (135.2) vs. Ricardo Ramos (135.4)

UFC 217 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 4 – Things are heating up

UFC Embedded 217

It’s time for UFC 217 Embedded Episode 4 UFC 217 Embedded, kicks off with GSP and Michael Bisping at ESPN doing some media prior to their fight. Bisping says GSP is a ‘good looking guy’ and GSP says that warms his heart. It’s pretty basic back and forth with nothing major being for ESPN. They … Read moreUFC 217 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 4 – Things are heating up

Sawa Says: Devon Sawa makes his UFC 217 Main Card Picks

sawa says

Sawa Says is back, and he’s making his UFC 217 Main-Card Predictions Devon Sawa is a lot of things. He’s an amazing actor, a family man, a very entertaining Twitter follow and a big-time fight fan. We’ve had him make predictions in the past, but his acting career has kept him away recently. After a … Read moreSawa Says: Devon Sawa makes his UFC 217 Main Card Picks

Watch the UFC 217 Press Conference today at 12 PM PST

UFC 217 Press Conference

This should be one entertaining UFC 217 Press Conference.

It’s time to sit back and enjoy the drama as it unfolds during the UFC 217 Press Conference. You take Michael Bisping, GSP, Masvidal, Dillashaw, Garbrandt, Joanna and Thug Rose, and things are bound to get crazy!

UFC 217 Card can be seen here.

UFC 217 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3 – Taking in the sites.

UFC 217 Embedded

UFC 217 Embedded Episode 3 is ready for your viewing pleasure!

On Episode 3 of UFC 217 Embedded, UFC champions visit New York City landmarks as strawweight titleholder Joanna Jedrzejczyk ventures to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  It’s an amazingly beautiful church. After she leaves the church, Joanna goes to a Nail Salon to get her nails done for Saturday’s big fight. She says she has to look good out there.

Cody Garbrandt heads to Renzo Gracie Academy to get in some work. He talks about how when he was first starting out, and TJ was the champion, TJ couldn’t hang with Cody in the gym. He says Dominick Cruz made TJ look amateurish and the only grappling TJ is gonna do is when he grapples the referee after he’s been knocked out.

Bantamweight title challenger TJ Dillashaw continues his training camp in California. He’s at home in Laguna Hills and hasn’t yet left for New York. After he is done training he visits “The Man Cave” for a haircut. He’ll be leaving for New York the next day and needs his hair looking right.

We cut back to Joanna and she’s visiting a Polish restaurant. The food looks amazing, but unfortunately for Joanna, she only eats an orange. It’s odd that she’d want to surround herself with all that amazing food, knowing she can’t eat it.

Middleweight champion Michael Bisping is outside of the hotel signing autographs for fans. He asks fans who is going to win and they say Bisping is. One of the fans says, “Don’t let him grapple you.” and Bisping jokingly responds, “I never thought of that.”

Georges St-Pierre gets in some training, grappling and working submissions. He then jumps into a pool and does a weigh-training program in the water saying it’s better for your joints. Finally, GSP heads to CT to so some media.

Welterweight Jorge Masvidal is at MSG a little early this week. On Saturday he’ll be fighting Stephen Thompson but today he’s enjoying a New York Knicks game.

UFC 217 Media Day: Fighters take the stage for face-offs

UFC 217 Media Day

UFC 217 Media Day is in full swing, here is the face-off video

UFC 217 is just around the corner, and today the fighters were front and center for the UFC 217 Media Day face-offs. One by one they stood, faced their opponent and then the front of the crowd. There were no major dust-ups and for the most part, everyone kept their cool. There are so many great fights on this card, it’s going to be awesome.

None of the fighters in the three title fights were part of the face-off. It’s hard to believe there are three fights above Stephen Thompson vs. Jorge Masvidal on the card.

The UFC 217 Card is stacked and can be viewed here.

UFC 217 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 2 – Time to fly

UFC 217 Embedded

It’s time for UFC 217 Embedded Ep 2 – Some fighters arrive in New York.

The episode of UFC 217 Embedded opens with Bantamweight Champion Cody Garbrandt touches down in New York, He does some shopping and relaxes. He says he loves shoes and clothes. When he was younger he got all his clothes from Sears and WalMart so this is something he really enjoys.

TJ Dillashaw is shown picking up his coach Duane Ludwig at the airport. TJ has decided to hold his camp in California and he shows up how important nutrition is to him. He shows how his meals are prepared and laid out for him.  He has special treats as well, like black bean brownies…yikes.

Rose Namajunas is at the gym for her last day of camp. She’s working hard on pads and is wished well by her team as she prepares to fly to New York for the biggest fight of her career. We join her at the barber shop getting her hair cleaned up.

Joanna is also hard at work at the tail-end of training camp. We see Joanna jump on a Delta flight to head to NYC. While on board, Delta announces she is on board, and when she’s fighting. It’s a nice touch.

Middleweight champion Michael Bisping is in the hotel gym running on a treadmill. He says he’d be outside running but it is “Pissing down rain.”  He also says his team is all in their hotel rooms because he doesn’t need cheerleaders to run on a treadmill. Bisping is true to himself at all times. We then see Bisping recording his Podcast, The Believe You Me Podcast in the studio.

Georges St-Pierre packs for the trip to New York City and shows how he likes to fold his MMA gloves. The episode ends as GSP is winding down in his home in a hot tub.

The Lineup for UFC 217 is available here.

UFC 217 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1 – Calm Before the Storm

UFC 217 Embedded

UFC 217 Embedded is up and it’s pretty entertaining.

On Episode 1 of UFC 217 Embedded, middleweight champion Michael Bisping shows up to train in a nice Maserati. She does some sparring before the agonizing task of driving a box of donuts home to his kids. He makes fun of St Pierre’s acting abilities a bit.

Former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre is in the gym with legendary boxing trainer Freddie Roach. Georges is listening to James Brown and enjoying it thoroughly.  You learn something new on all these Embedded episodes.

Bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt enjoys a celebratory dinner at Uriah Faber’s home with other members of Team Alpha Male. Andre Fili, Clay Guida, and Sage Northcutt are all on hand. You can tell how close that team is.

TJ Dillashaw also celebrates alongside friends and family before heading to New York to try and take back his belt.

Strawweight Rose Namajunas judges a kids’ costume contest at the gym and seems to be in really good spirits ahead of her contest with Joanna.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk is in the gym getting ready for her title shot. She looks sharp, as always.

UFC 217 card can be seen here.

Is Joanna Jedrzejczyk pushing things too far with Rose Namajunas?

Rose Namajunas

Joanna Jedrzejcyk has brought personal issues of Rose into the limelight to sell the fight. You have to wonder when selling a fight, becomes being irresponsible. Joanna Jedrzejcyk has brought up Rose Namajunas being “mentally unstable” more than once during the build for their fight at UFC 217. It might not have been to Joanna the … Read moreIs Joanna Jedrzejczyk pushing things too far with Rose Namajunas?

Patrick Cummins off of UFC 217 card with ugly staph infection in his foot.

Patrick Cummins

Patrick took to social media to break the bad news. Patrick Cummins was supposed to compete in Madison Square Garden against Corey Anderson as part of UFC 217. However, he is out of commission now with a staph infection that has turned his right foot into a giant swollen watermelon. He posted a photo of … Read morePatrick Cummins off of UFC 217 card with ugly staph infection in his foot.

James Vick set to meet Joe Duffy at UFC 217 in November

UFC 217

This should be another outstanding Lightweight fight. UFC 217 is going to be amazing. The card is jam-packed with great fights and just keeps getting better. A new Lightweight fight has been added to the card and it features James Vick taking on Joe Duffy.  It’s a fight that on paper promises to be an … Read moreJames Vick set to meet Joe Duffy at UFC 217 in November