Urijah Faber is back! Will lead Team Alpha Male at QUINTET 3.


The California Kid, Urijah Faber, is coming back to competition. He will lead Team Alpha Male as one of four teams that will compete in the QUINTET 3 grappling tournament. QUINTET was founded by MMA legend, Kazushi Sakuraba and it consists of 4 teams in a submission-only tourney.

UFC.com posted the teams who will head into QUINTET 3

Team Sakuraba

Kazushi Sakuraba (UFC Hall of Famer, PRIDE FC legend)
Josh Barnett (former UFC heavyweight champion)
Marcos Souza (Abu Dhabi Grand Slam champion)
Roberto Souza (Abu Dhabi Grand Slam champion)

Team Alpha Male

Urijah Faber (UFC Hall of Famer)
Dustin Akbari (BJJ black belt, Team Alpha Male coach)
Chris Holdsworth (The Ultimate Fighter Season 18 Champion)

Team Polaris

Craig Jones (Polaris middleweight champion)
Gregor Gracie (World champion, 2004/2005; ADCC third-place 2009)
Marcin Held (former UFC fighter; BJJ black belt)
Dan Strauss (British and European champion; BJJ black belt)

Team 10th Planet

Geo Martinez (Three-time EBI champion)
Richie Martinez (EBI 1 runner-up, Gracie Worlds runner-up; IBJJF Worlds runner-up)
PJ Barch (BJJ black belt; Division 1 wrestler)
Adam Sachnoff (BJJ Black belt)
Amir Allam (BJJ Black Belt)

The rules:

“(Quintet) is a unique format which sees teams of five, face-off in single matches, where the winner stays on and continues to fight fresh opponents until he, too, is eliminated. This continues until all the members of one team have either been submitted or eliminated from the match by means of a time-limit draw (where both competitors are eliminated).”

Urijah Faber weighs in on Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov

Urijah Faber

TMZ caught up with Urijah Faber and talked about Khabib and Conor

Urijah Faber was out and about in Los Angeles ahead of his teammate Cody Garbrandt’s fight this Saturday night when he was approached by TMZ. He asked Urijah who he’d pick in a fight between Khabib and Conor. Faber picked Conor McGregor due to his punching prowess and how every round starts standing. He went to add that Conor has finished guys who don’t typically get stopped like Aldo and Chad Mendes.

Urijah also said he knows Nate Diaz wants to fight Conor, but we know now he’ll face Dustin Poirier at UFC 230. Faber also spoke about how it came down to Conor fighting either Nate or Faber back at UFC 196 and Conor picked Diaz.

Check out the video below courtesy of TMZ to see the interview.

Sage Northcutt is a free agent, could sign anywhere

Sage Northcutt

Sage Northcutt is one of the most popular fighters in the UFC Per Urijah Faber and a report by Ariel Helwani, Sage Northcutt fulfilled his UFC contract with his victory over Zac Ottow at UFC’s event last weekend in Boise. He is currently without a deal in place and has the freedom to negotiate with the … Read moreSage Northcutt is a free agent, could sign anywhere

Urijah Faber has his foot run over by a car in Singapore

Urijah Faber

Well, other than the traffic, how was the trip to Singapore? UFC Hall of Famer Urijah Faber had a warm welcome to Singapore. He’s there to support his teammate Teruto Ishihara Saturday at UFC Fight Night 132. It seems as if Faber had his foot run over by one of the few cars on the … Read moreUrijah Faber has his foot run over by a car in Singapore

Urijah Faber weighs in on Van Damme and Garbrandt saga


This Cody Garbrandt / Jean Claude Van Damme story is the gift that keeps on giving. There appears to literally be no end in sight, as the saga continues.

As first seen on the Real Quick with Mike Swick Podcast, Cody Garbrandt told the story of a Team Alpha Male sparring session with JCVD. It has since gone viral and the whole world has seen Van Damme’s kick to Cody’s chops.

Now, Urijah Faber details what happened from his perspective. There really is nothing funnier than seeing the hothead of your group get mad, while trying not to be mad. Being the happy-go-lucky guy that he is, Faber seems to be enjoying every second of this story.

Honestly, so are we.

6 Star Podcast Ep. 16 with Jens Pulver

6 Star Podcast

Jens Pulver swings by the 6 Star Podcast on his birthday to talk Twitch, and more!

How lucky are the folks over at the 6 Star Podcast? Well, we get to spend some quality time with Jens Pulver on his birthday talking video games, military bases, kids, and much more. Jens is the Godfather of lightweight MMA and beyond that, he’s just a good guy. He will do whatever he can to help those who need it. He’s taking the Twitch world by storm with his fresh take on video gaming and his stunning personality. His son makes appearances too and steals the show on Twitch.  Spend some time with the birthday boy and listen to the world according to Jens.

Evan, Dion, and Dan keep up some of the video game chat, as well as talk some television, wrestling, and MMA. It’s fun for the whole family. Providing your family is down with foul language and making fun of each other. Give it a listen, share with your friends and have a blessed Holiday season.

For more episodes of the 6 Star Podcast, click here.

Joanna, Faber, Big Nog and Li Jingliang do Chopstick Challenge


So… a Brazilian, an American, a Polish girl, and a Chinese guy walk into a room. Stop me if you’ve heard this before. The Chopstick Challenge went down during the UFC, Shanghai weekend and the superstars were in it to win it.

The object was to get beans from one plate into another plate, while using just chopsticks. Players only had one minute to work and the winner was the person with the most transferred beans.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Urijah Faber, Big Nog, and Li Jingliang were the participants.

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Clearly we know who won this, right? Of course it was the American from Sacramento.

The SacNinja saves the city with a little help from his friends at TAM


Sleep easy Sacramento, the SacNinja is on the job! Every superhero has an alter-ego. Of course, Superman is actually Clark Kent. We all know Batman walks around as Bruce Wayne. For those of you who don’t know, The SacNinja is none other than the local hero, Bryant. He keeps the streets of Sacramento safe for … Read moreThe SacNinja saves the city with a little help from his friends at TAM

Dana White tells Urijah Faber that MayMac PPV did 6.5 million buys.

6.5 million buys

The PPV Numbers have not been confirmed and Dana is probably speaking worldwide.

We’re all still recovering from a giant MayMac hangover, but if the news coming from Dana White to Uriah Faber and Snoop is accurate, the PPV sold 6.5 million buys. That number if accurate would break the record set by Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao at 4.4 million buys.

The official numbers are not in yet, but if that estimate is in the ballpark it marks the largest PPV in world history. Floyd will take home in excess of 300,000,000.00 for his efforts. Conor will draw north of 100,000,000.00.  Floyd Mayweather has said his fight last weekend would be his last. He’s the undisputed king of PPV.  He holds the number 1, 2 and 3 buyrates of all time. His fights with Oscar de la Hoya, Manny Pacquaio and now Conor McGregor are the three highest selling events in history.

Conor dominates when it comes to selling MMA related PPVs and now he’s stamped his name as one of boxing’s biggest draws as well. 6.5 million buys, what a world we are living in. Amazing.

The video was posted by media member Mike Dyce via his Instagram.

In this TUF 25 Preview, Cody Garbrandt introduces his team to Cranial Facial Release

TUF 25 Preview

For Urijah Faber, he never saw it coming.

In this TUF 25 preview, coach Cody Garbrandt introduces his team to a medical practice known as Cranial Facial Release where they stick a balloon in your nasal cavity and blow it up. It looks like a mid-evil torture device, and in this preview video, Urijah Faber is the one being tortured.

TUF 25 has been pretty good all season, and this is looking a lot like must see TV.  Tune in tonight on Fox Sports 1.

If you missed TUF, you missed Urijah Faber finally confronting TJ Dillashaw about his Team Alpha Male departure

If you missed TUF, you missed Urijah Faber finally confronting TJ Dillashaw about his Team Alpha Male Departure

Yes, The Ultimate Fighter is supposed to be about the contestants on the show. However, MMA fans have long wondered the reasoning behind TJ Dillashaw’s departure from Urijah Faber’s Team Alpha Male. Since TJ left, it has been a ‘he said/she said’ scenario about who is right and who is wrong. Finally, MMA fans were able to see Urijah Faber confront his former student, TJ Dillashaw.

Sadly, nothing good or positive came out of the confrontation. No matter what happened, neither side was going to say, “Yeah, you’re right. My bad.” What it did do, however, was make fans pick a side. I guarantee you the producers are jumping up and down with glee because of it.

It appears to have been a lack of communication on everyone’s part. That lack of communication led to the drama that we are seeing unfold on television.

The Team Alpha Male guys have a very convincing argument and Cody Garbrandt, Justin Bucholz, Danny Castillo, and Urijah Faber are all on the same page. Then again, TJ has no one there to back up his claims, so he’s stuck defending himself all alone to his former brothers.

A lot of people hate the ‘drama’ on TUF and are turned off by it. In this case, personally, I think it’s fascinating.

Watch the video for yourself and decide who you think is right, who is wrong, and who is lying.

Video Courtesy of The Ultimate Fighter Youtube

Bantamweight Michael McDonald is granted release from UFC

Michael McDonald

Ask and ye shall receive usually isn’t part of the UFC’s scope of business Former UFC Bantamweight Michael “Mayday” McDonald, spoke to Brett Okamoto from ESPN and he’s confirmed he’s asked for and was granted a release from his UFC contract.  McDonald is only 26 years old and carries a professional record of 17-4 into … Read moreBantamweight Michael McDonald is granted release from UFC

The new season of TUF is underway. Garbrandt and Dillashaw coaches are in place.

The new season of TUF is underway. Garbrandt and Dillashaw coaches are in place.

Can you believe we are ready for another season of The Ultimate Fighter? After all this time and single handedly saving the sport, TUF continues forward. The mainstream version of the story is that we are entering season 25 of TUF. The reality is, with all the international shows, it’s season 35. The show is … Read moreThe new season of TUF is underway. Garbrandt and Dillashaw coaches are in place.

Brad Pickett fighting Retirement Bout at UFC Fight Night London

brad pickett retirement fight

Brad “One Punch” Pickett will be retiring after his fight at UFC Fight Night London Brad Pickett has always fought on his own terms. He fights an exciting style and has built a huge following of fans over his lengthy career.  He was very popular in WEC and carried that over to the UFC.  Now … Read moreBrad Pickett fighting Retirement Bout at UFC Fight Night London

Garbrandt to Dillashaw: “Little snake in the grass! McGregor was right about you”

Garbrandt to Dillashaw: "Little snake in the grass! McGregor was right about you"

All the variables surrounding Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw provide a stage for a combustible scene. It didn’t take long for their potential rivalry to heat up. Cody knows there will be constant challenges coming at him as a champion. Almost immediately after he beat Dominick Cruz, the question of ‘Who is next?’ began. Should … Read moreGarbrandt to Dillashaw: “Little snake in the grass! McGregor was right about you”