Bellator 206 Event Results: Rory MacDonald vs. Gegard Mousasi

Bellator 206 Event Results

We have your Bellator 206 Event Results right here! Bellator 206 is absolutely stacked, and it’s making a debut on the streaming service DAZN (Da Zone). It should be a remarkable night of fights, as the main event features a super fight between champions Gegard Mousasi and Rory MacDonald. Add to that Rampage/Wand 4, Aaron … Read moreBellator 206 Event Results: Rory MacDonald vs. Gegard Mousasi

Bellator 206 Weigh ins are a wrap, Rampage comes in at 254 lbs

Bellator 206 Weigh-ins

Quinton Rampage Jackson is a heavyweight alright! Bellator 206 is probably one of the best cards Bellator has put together in a long while. It is also the first card to stream on DAZN as part of their new partnership with the streaming service. I’m pretty excited to watch the event tomorrow, it should be … Read moreBellator 206 Weigh ins are a wrap, Rampage comes in at 254 lbs

Quick Picks: Breaking down the Bellator 206 card

Quick Picks

It’s that time again ladies and gentlemen, buckle in for Quick Picks! Well, Fight Night 137 and Bellator 205 are in the books. I dropped one fight on each card, so it wasn’t that bad. I went 3-1 on Fight Night 137 with a draw and I went 3-1 on the Bellator 205 card. At Fight … Read moreQuick Picks: Breaking down the Bellator 206 card

Now, Mark Hunt takes aim at The Axe Murderer, Wanderlei Silva


Damn, Mark Hunt is on a roll. yesterday he had a field day with Fabricio Werdum and today, he brought Wanderlei Silva into the mix. He posted the message to The Axe Murderer on his Instagram and it was similar to what he said to Werdum yesterday.

There is no word on what prompted this most recent tongue-lashing aside from Wanderlei being friends with Werdum. regardless, Hunt gave Wand the business.

He must be referencing Werdum when he says,

“You have no job. Enjoy the Favelas, bitch.”

Wanderlei is headlining Bellator in two weeks, for his fourth fight against Rampage Jackson. So, Hunt’s ire seems a bit misdirected. That is unless there is some underlying beef that has been boiling between the two.

Whatever the case is, Mark Hunt is on a rampage right now!

EA UFC 3 adds 5 iconic fighters to their roster. 4/5 are or were in Bellator


The UFC and EA have added 5 new characters to their EA UFC 3 video game. It seems like a move to slap the face of Bellator, but who really knows at this point? Tito Ortiz, Mirko Cro Cop, Wanderlei Silva, Kimbo Slice, and Matt Serra are the iconic fighters that have been added to the game and sans Matt Serra, none are connected to the UFC in any way, shape or form.

Tito Ortiz was signed to Bellator before he retired and then unretired to fight Chuck Liddell under the Golden Boy banner. Cro Cop is currently signed to Bellator and so is Wanderlei Silva. Kimbo Slice has passed away but was last employed by Bellator as well.

This is an odd move for the UFC as the aforementioned named have all been cut by or have verbally bashed the UFC. I get wanting to give fans what they want in a video game, but this move seems a little premeditated to me. It feels like when Jon Fitch was fired for not wanting to sign all of his likeness rights away to the UFC for fear of them being able to use them in the future because something like THIS could happen.

Again, this is an odd move but I guess making money off of the fighter names and appeasing fans is the driving force in it. Regardless, these fighters are now available to play in the new UFC video game.

Bellator MMA holding presser on Tuesday, promises major announcements


Bellator MMA promises big announcements at June 26th press conference Bellator MMA will be holding a press conference on June 26th. Rampage Jackson and Wanderlei Silva will be in attendance to announce their fourth fight in September. However, Bellator has stated there is more to this presser than just that fight announcement. Bellator is expected … Read moreBellator MMA holding presser on Tuesday, promises major announcements

Just what the MMA world needs, Rampage vs Wanderlei Silva IV


Announcing a fight nobody asked for but will enjoy, Rampage vs. Wandy 4! Rampage Jackson will meet Wanderlei Silva for the fourth time this September in the Bellator cage. Wanderlei Silva took to Instagram to announce the fight. It’s not necessarily a fight the fans are clamoring for, but at the same time, it’ll be … Read moreJust what the MMA world needs, Rampage vs Wanderlei Silva IV

That time Wanderlei Silva waxed a kid in sparring because of disrespect


I remember this video because Wanderlei Silva absolutely waxed this kid. It was from another angle and it was the kid’s friend who was filming. I vividly remember the cameraman telling someone how this kid loves the contact and the fight, as Wanderlei was kicking his ass.

It may just look like Wanderlei put the wood to this kid for no reason, but THIS video started a little late. After a seminar, Wanderlei was doing light sparring with those in attendance. The kid threw a chest to high kick at Wanderlei with full force. Wand was taken by surprise and not happy. They touched gloves and began to spar. That is where this video begins.

Wand proceeds to grant this kid his wish of going hard and open hand slaps him in a 2-piece combo before taking him down. While in guard, the kid continues to heel kick Wand in the kidneys.

If you ask me, Wanderlei should have given this kid a much bigger receipt than he gave him for being disrespectful. If you play stupid games you win stupid prizes.

Great video of Wanderlei Silva training with Cael Sanderson years ago

Wanderlei Silva

I would have loved to be at King’s MMA for so many of these great sessions.

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that Wanderlei Silva is my all-time favorite fighter. His run in Pride was nothing short of combat perfection and win, lose or draw, he’s going to give it his all each and every time. I was in Las Vegas for Pride 32 when Dan Henderson knocked him out, and to this day, I don’t forgive Hendo for his crimes.

In this great video, we see wrestling icon and gold medalist Cael Sanderson stop by King’s MMA and get a lesson in Jiu-Jitsu and striking from the fine folks there. Wanderlei Silva and he work out and the video is pretty glorious. I always believed that Cael could have made the transition to MMA and been very successful. He certainly had the major block needed for success, a strong wrestling game. Maybe he doesn’t like getting hit, we’ll never know.

He did certainly find a field to ply his trade. He is a VERY successful wrestling coach at Penn State, having won seven team national titles. Enjoy the video, below.

Who is the Ultimate Man? Wanderlei Silva, that’s who.


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you with the Ultimate Man, Wanderlei Silva. Our beloved Wanderlei Silva made the most of his time in Japan during RIZIN fight week. Aside from sitting ringside for the fights and filming Gabi Garcia’s tearful apology, Wand made his way onto a Japanese game show.

We all know how those Japanese game shows work. People getting hurt is apparently hilarious to the Japanese, so that is what most of these shows consist of. This one, however, is a show of strength to see who the strongest man is.

A throat slash and mean-mug later, we have Wandy pushing on a plastic wall.


Video by (of course) Jolassanda Twitter

Chael Sonnen keeping his Tweet game strong, responds to Tito Ortiz

Chael Sonnen

Chael is gonna Chael, sometimes it’s awesome, sometimes it’s just too much. Tito Ortiz had surgery this week to repair some disc injuries in his neck, and for the first time in a long while is pain-free. He made a video on his way home from the hospital, saying he was alive and pain-free.  He … Read moreChael Sonnen keeping his Tweet game strong, responds to Tito Ortiz

Bellator NYC: Backstage | Madison Square Garden video

bellator nyc backstage

Bellator NYC was an amazing night, relive it like never before.

We’re a week removed from Bellator’s journey back into the land of PPV. Bellator NYC was a very memorable card for a number of reasons. The return of Fedor Emelianenko, Wanderlei Silva facing Chael Sonnen, championship fights, amazing debuts, it was a night not to be missed. Bellator has released a special behind the scenes video called Bellator NYC Backstage. You can check it out below.

For the full results from that amazing card, click here.

Learn more about Bellator.


Rough weekend for MMA legends Penn, Silva, and Emelianenko.

MMA Legends

Brendan Schaub went so far as to say, Pride is dead. It might be time to face harsh truths. This weekend was like Christmas in the summer. We had two excellent MMA cards to choose. from, Bellator NYC and UFC Fight Night 112. The cards both had a lot of interesting fights, but for me, … Read moreRough weekend for MMA legends Penn, Silva, and Emelianenko.

Looking back at Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva’s TUF brawl

Wanderlei Silva

Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen don’t like each other much.

Tomorrow night these two will be main eventing Bellator NYC, but let’s take a look back at their fun little scrap from TUF Brazil. The two were arguing, and it seems Sonnen was trying to maintain a cool head and difuse the situation. Wanderlei Silva  was just in that place he goes where he can not be reasoned with.  Well, after some back and forth, Wanderlei said they should fight and started closing the distance.

Sonnen shoved him away saying, “I can’t let you get close”, and it was on. Silva missed a right hook and Chael took him down. Members of both teams poured in and joined in the fray. It’s just a fun little reminder to get you ready for tomorrow’s main event grudge match.

Watch Bellator Ceremonial Weigh Ins here at 3 PM PST

Bellator Ceremonial Weigh-ins

All the fighters stepped on the scale this morning, but this afternoon they’ll face off and pose.

This morning one by one the fighters fighting at Bellator 180 and Bellator NYC stepped onto the scale to make weight for their fights Saturday night. All three title fights are now official as all six competitors were on point.  Fedor weighed in at 236.4 pounds, while Matt Mitrione weighed in at 256.6 pounds. At 3 PM PST you can watch the Bellator Ceremonial Weigh-ins right here.


Main card (Bellator PPV)

Chael Sonnen (205.8) vs. Wanderlei Silva (205.8)
Fedor Emelianenko (236.4) vs. Matt Mitrione (256.6)
Michael Chandler (153.8) vs. Brent Primus (154.2) – Bellator Lightweight Championship
Douglas Lima (170) vs. Lorenz Larkin (169.8) – Bellator Welterweight Championship
Aaron Pico (156) vs. Zach Freeman (155.8)

Undercard (Spike TV T)

Phil Davis (204.8) vs. Ryan Bader (204.4) – Bellator Light Heavyweight Championship
James Gallagher (144.4) vs. Chinzo Machida (146)
Neiman Gracie (170.4) vs. Dave Marfone (170.4)
Heather Hardy (125.2) vs. Alice Yauger (125.6)

 Undercard ( 6 PM PST)

Ryan Couture (168.8) vs. Haim Gozali (169.2)
Jerome Mickle (155.8) vs. Anthony Giacchina (157.4)
John Salgado (168.2) vs. Hugh McKenna (168.8)
Matt Rizzo (133.6) vs. Sergio da Silva (137.6) (catchweight was 130 pounds)
Bradley Desir (160.6) vs. Nate Grebb (155.4)