Ronda’s WWE RAW match debut. Works the crowd and slays again.


We may sound like a broken record here at, but Ronda Rousey is killing it in the WWE. In fact, she is doing so well there that it’s hard to decide where she was a bigger star; The WWE or UFC. Ronda showed the ability to sell a match as she works the crowd and puts on tremendous matches. Her in-ring singles debut on Monday Night RAW last night proved to be no different.

The trend of Ronda being the WWE’s top draw remains unwavered, as her segment once again had the most views of the three-hour show. She beat her opponent, Alicia Fox, from pillar to post using her traditional judo moves combined with her new wrestling arsenal.

She also seems to have shed some of the initial awkwardness that she showed when debuting on the WWE scene. Ronda looks more in her element now, as opposed to when she first began and looked like an untrained guest.

Ronda is a megastar and we are all witnesses.

DC on ESPN red carpet, talking to WWE, about Brock Lesnar.


The Daniel Cormier/Brock Lesnar story has gained momentum and it’s been rather quickly. Since Brock entered the UFC Octagon and shoved Daniel Cormier after his KO victory over Stipe Miocic at UFC 226, the story has practically been writing itself. The WWE stopped DC on the ESPYS red carpet to get his thoughts on the Brock situation. In the usual DC fashion, he kept the story going.

The showdown between the two is looking like it will be the last fight of DC’s career. So, while he’s still in the sport, Cormier will attempt to generate the most money possible for the superfight against Lesnar.

Even when DC isn’t working, he’s still out there hustling. The sport desperately needs that right now.

Cain Velasquez working out at the WWE Performance Center

Cain Velasquez

Cain Velasquez would make a pretty darn good pro wrestler The stars of NXT trained alongside a legitimate MMA legend this week as Cain Velasquez did some training at the WWE Performance Center. The two-time UFC heavyweight champion was learning some of the finer points of the squared circle. He stepped into the ring to learn … Read moreCain Velasquez working out at the WWE Performance Center

Ronda contract signing for Nia Jax title fight at WWE Money in the Bank


The WWE have a trend that they do in their shows to make the Pay Per Views feel bigger. In this case, it’s the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV. They do contract signings in the ring. Usually, after the contracts are signed, someone winds up going through a table or getting beaten severely. However, Ronda Rousey’s contract signing with Nia Jax last night on Monday Night RAW was more of a mind job by the commissioner, Stephanie McMahon.

Steph played Devil’s advocate on both women and tried to rile them up. They took on the angle that Ronda is used to fighting women her size and that there was no way she could beat someone the size of Jax. Conversely, McMahon was in Jax’s ear saying that she’s lazy and Ronda is the greatest fighter, etc.

Watch the video and see what happens when the two squared off in the ring. Ronda is getting better in her promos, but they should rethink putting a microphone in her face.

Footage of Ronda in Europe working WWE shows.


At the moment, Ronda Rousey is in Europe and touring with the WWE. She has been doing ‘house shows’ that are basically all dark matches. House shows are the same as the televised events for the fans, just not on television for the public to see. The WWE usually do these tours in a very short amount of time.

In fact, at their next televised show this Monday, it will be held in Albany, New York. The live events are basically just a novelty for fans, but even more so, a place for wrestlers to hone their skills. Being that Ronda has only had one match, the Euro tour is a good chance for her to book some in-ring experience time.

This has nothing to do with fighting. It’s just damn hilarious


We are going to pause for a moment here at to bring you a video that has nothing to do with any combat sports. However, it has everything to do with being funny.

The WWE went to Saudi Arabia this past week and held the ‘Greatest Royal Rumble’. When the entrant’s music hits, they come down the ramp and get in the ring to throw opponents over the top rope. Well, before Titus O’Neil made it to the ring, he slid under it.

In this new video released by the WWE, we are treated to new angles and the screams of Titus as he misses his mark. However, the trip isn’t even the funniest part. It’s announcer, Corey Graves, uncontrollably laughing that gives this video some real kick.

Titus seems to be taking it all in stride and I imagine the WWE will play heavily to the popularity that it has generated.

Ronda Rousey opens up about dealing with UFC losses

Ronda Rousey

Ronda spoke openly about the losses at the end of her UFC career In MMA you’re only as good as your last performance. Even at that rate, you’re only as good as the fan perception of that performance. Ronda Rousey was as dominant a champion as the sport had seen. She walked through the competition … Read moreRonda Rousey opens up about dealing with UFC losses

Dana White looked to be having a great time watching Wrestlemania


Dana White watched Ronda Rousey make her WWE debut and enjoyed himself. If you’re like me, going to Wrestlemania is on the bucket list. I had a chance to go twice now, and life managed to get in the way both times. Now I’ve decided that I’m going the next time they are in a … Read moreDana White looked to be having a great time watching Wrestlemania

Just a couple WWE gals rolling, Ronda and Shayna grapple.

WWE Gals

Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baezler spent a little time grappling outside of the ring.

The old saying goes, iron sharpens iron. So when you see two of the 4 Horsewomen grappling, you are witnessing greatness. The WWE took to Twitter yesterday to post a video of the two WWE gals grappling outside of the ring. It looks like they were just getting a nice workout in, and as you might imagine, it ended with Ronda securing the armbar.

Ronda Rousey has recently made the transition into the world of Professional Wrestling and has done so in a big way. Also taking her skills to the world of wrestling is Baszler who took the Indy route to NXT and into the WWE. She has become a tremendous professional wrestler and she has a great persona.

Cain Velasquez enjoys himself at WWE event, taunts Brock Lesnar

Cain Velasquez

Cain Velasquez attended his first WWE event last night, he seems to have enjoyed it. You gotta like how the MMA community supported Ronda Rousey last night at WWE Eliminator Chamber.  Evan Shoman posted a video today of Ronda’s performance and the support of the MMA community. That being said, Cain Velasquez, complete with a lucha … Read moreCain Velasquez enjoys himself at WWE event, taunts Brock Lesnar

Ronda Rousey looking pretty good in the wrestling ring!

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey was putting in work with members of HER 4 Horsewomen

Ronda Rousey is going to be at the Eliminator Chamber WWE PPV this Sunday night to sign her contract with the RAW Brand. It will be the second time this year she’s been in the WWE ring. She made her debut at the Royal Rumble when she came down to the ring after the Women’s Royal Rumble match and pointed at the Wrestlemania banner. An attempt to shake hands with winner Asuka was met with disdain.

To pretend Ronda isn’t going to be a MEGA-Star in the WWE is just to be in denial. She has all the necessary tools to take over the world of the WWE and become an instant star. Her in-ring skills are the only thing in question, but my guess is she will put in the work to get more than adequate in the ring. I mean Hulk Hogan dominated the sport with a legdrop for decades.

With this in mind, we have some footage of her training and it’s pretty impressive. In the video, you’ll also see NXT star Shayna Baszler and another member of the 4 horsewomen, Jessamyn Duke. Check out the video and see for yourself, Ronda has some slick moves.

The 6 Star Podcast Ep. 18 with Sarah Kaufman

6 Star Podcast

The 6 Star Podcast is joined this week by the lovely and amazing Sarah Kaufman

As she prepares for her main event fight this weekend for Invicta FC, Sarah Kaufman takes a break to stop by the 6 Star Podcast and talk nudity, dogs, social media and countless other topics. She’s an amazingly funny lady, and a tremendous fighter to boot.

Evan, Dion and Dan talk some MMA, wrestling, and Dan makes the mistake of calling Evan “Big Daddy”…..he instantly regrets it. Tune in, listen up and share with your friends. It’s gonna be fun.

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6 Star Podcast Ep. 17 w/Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou

6 Star Podcast

The 6 Star Podcast Ep. 17 is live with Sokudjou

Evan Shoman’s pal and MMA luminary Sokoudjou joins The 6 Star Podcast this week and it’s a really good time. We talk him growing up in the jungle of Cameroon, Francis NGannou being from the same village, moving to America, learning about deodorant and of course, white women with large butts. All the important issues are discussed.

Dion was out of action this week and Dan and Evan had a good time talking a little NFL, Movies, classic Porn lines (including the funniest soundbite we’ve ever played on the show) and a whole bunch more. Listen up, spread the word and enjoy the Holidays.

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6 Star Podcast Ep. 16 with Jens Pulver

6 Star Podcast

Jens Pulver swings by the 6 Star Podcast on his birthday to talk Twitch, and more!

How lucky are the folks over at the 6 Star Podcast? Well, we get to spend some quality time with Jens Pulver on his birthday talking video games, military bases, kids, and much more. Jens is the Godfather of lightweight MMA and beyond that, he’s just a good guy. He will do whatever he can to help those who need it. He’s taking the Twitch world by storm with his fresh take on video gaming and his stunning personality. His son makes appearances too and steals the show on Twitch.  Spend some time with the birthday boy and listen to the world according to Jens.

Evan, Dion, and Dan keep up some of the video game chat, as well as talk some television, wrestling, and MMA. It’s fun for the whole family. Providing your family is down with foul language and making fun of each other. Give it a listen, share with your friends and have a blessed Holiday season.

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The 6 Star Podcast Ep. 15 w/Rashad Evans – 100th combined episode!

6 Star Podcast

Rashad Evans joins us for our 100th combined show on the 6 Star Podcast!


This is our 100th combined episode of the 6 Star Podcast since Evan, Dion and I started this nearly two years ago as Crimson Canvas Radio. For this amazing episode, we could only think of having our favorite guest of all time back again. So we have Rashad Evans, live in the Houston Airport, on his way to LA for his FOX UFC coverage. We talk TV, ComicCon, playing Star Wars with Shoman, traveling, Conor McGregor and much more. Rashad is the absolute best, and for him to fit this show in while he’s trying to travel across the country is one of the many reasons we love him on our show.

In the second half of the show we talk a little Matt Lauer and then, Evan Shoman tells the best story in the history of our Podcast. I honestly laughed for twenty minutes straight and had tears in my eyes and had to turn my mic off. Let’s just say Shoman shows a dedication to video games that are unheard of. Listen up, have a good time and share.

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