Real Quick Retro Pick: Here’s why you don’t taunt Cro Cop.

Real Quick Retro Pick

There are a lot of people out there you can make fun of, Cro Cop isn’t among them.

Time for a Real Quick Retro Pick! Videos like these always make me smile. I love the old Pride/Dream events from Japan. Cro Cop at one time was considered the most dangerous men in the world. His kicks were known to send grown men into fits of absolute terror. There was a saying that went along with his kicks. “Right Leg, hospital. Left leg, cemetery.” Yeah, I’m serious.

So when he was facing off with Yoshihisa Yamamoto at Pride Bushido 2 you knew it could result in violence. Then when Yamamoto opted to taunt Cro Cop, you knew it would absolutely end in violence. It certainly did.

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