Who is Tenshin Nasukawa? A guy Floyd won’t be exchanging kicks with

Who is Tenshin Nasukawa? A guy Floyd won’t be exchanging kicks with

News broke today that Floyd Mayweather will be fighting on this year’s RIZIN New Year’s Eve card. His opponent will be 20-year-old Japanese kickboxing superstar, Tenshin Nasukawa. People in the know are aware that Nasukawa is not a guy that Floyd wants kicking him. His kicks are some of the deadliest you’ve ever seen. Of course, this leads to questions.

People began theorizing what kind of fight this would be. MMA? Boxing with MMA gloves? Kickboxing with MMA gloves? Any kicking whatsoever?

I’m going to go out on a limb and give a resounding ‘No’ when it comes to whether or not kicks will be integrated into their fight. Our own Mike Swick, who is the owner of AKA Thailand, has had Nasukawa train at the gym multiple times. In Swick’s own words,

“Nasukawa is a kicking prodigy. A freak fighter.”

There is no chance that Floyd does anything to tarnish his legacy, which leads me to believe that this will be a boxing-only fight, but with MMA gloves. Let’s not forget that they will be fighting in Japan. Almost anything goes over there as long as it’s entertaining. I’m sure rules and stipulations will be put into place of the likes that we’ve never seen before. In fact, I guarantee it.

Nasukawa is 27-0 in his kickboxing career and 4-0 in MMA. Despite his youth, he has a ton of experience and has also never tasted defeat.

Take a look at this video from AKAThailand’s Instagram. It’s from 2015 when Tenshin was 17-years-old and he’s absolutely destroying pads. Floyd better pray that he doesn’t let his ego get the best of him and take a fight involving any type of kicks whatsoever.