The show must go on, with or without Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor has been great at winning titles, defending them? Not so much.

It seems impossible to believe that a fighter who didn’t step into the cage in 2017 can constantly be in the news. However, with Conor McGregor, it’s the status quo. Sometimes the news is because he’s opted to do something negative and sometimes it is just because other fighters bring him up because they want a payday. The bottom line is however, he continues to win UFC titles only to never defend them. You reach a point where the show must go on.

The Featherweight division was the first to suffer at his hands after he defeated Jose Aldo and then opted fight a couple of times with Nate Diaz.  He then moved to Lightweight to go after that title as well. Meanwhile, the UFC was forced to create interim titles.  Until Jose Aldo and Max Holloway met, the division felt completely unsettled. Now, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t consider Max Holloway to be the legitimate champion.

So after Conor went up and defeated Eddie Alvarez to earn the Lightweight belt back in November of 2016, he decided to chase a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. It actually came to fruition and the world had to deal with the #MayMac drama. Meanwhile, the Lightweight division waited and waited. Interim titles were again created and now Tony Ferguson is the interim champion, Conor the real champion, Justin Gaethje is the people’s champion and Eddie Alvarez is the King of Violence. Quite a quagmire at the top.

What does Dana have to say?

Yahoo’s highly respected journalist Kevin Iole was able to chat with Dana White and get to the bottom of some of these issues as Dana vacationed alongside Mike Swick in Phuket, Thailand. He said that if Conor doesn’t want to come back soon, he’d likely be stripped of the title. The UFC would make Tony Ferguson vs. Khbabib Nurmagomedov for the official Lightweight title. Here’s what Dana said, in part.

“Conor and I haven’t really figured out when he’s coming back or what’s going on.  So Conor has some really big decisions to make, real quick. I don’t think Conor wants to fight until August, but if he waits until August or September, that’s been about two years since the belt has been defended and that can’t happen.  This is a game of time, you know what I mean, time is your emeny in this sport, or any other sport. If you’re a professional ahtlete, time is your enemy. We can’t let this thing go on forever and not other guys the opportunity.”

It will be interesting to hear what Conor thinks of Dana saying he could be stripped of his title. Conor doesn’t like to play by the rules. Conor has always kind of marched to the beat of his own drum. After his boxing debacle, he has roughly a hundred million reasons to do his own thing.