The Swansons Ep. 8 – Reflecting on his loss at UFC 227

The Swansons Ep. 8 – Reflecting on his loss at UFC 227

Cub Swanson is a great fighter and a better person.

I’m a big Cub Swanson fan. As is our fearless editor Evan Shoman. So it really surprises me that I didn’t know about this Youtube series with Cub called, The Swansons. We’re catching it on Episode 8, but we’ll provide a link to see them all. The show is basically what goes into being a fighter, a husband, and a father. Cub is married to Kendra Perez, and the two have a small child and twins on the way.

Cub understands that MMA is a tough sport, and there are a winner and a loser. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. His success as a man doesn’t just revolve around what happens inside the Octagon. He’s a married, family man and he’s doing what he can to be the best at that.

From Cub Swanson

The Swansons reflect on Saturday night’s UFC 227 event. Cub talk about the changes in himself over the years through fight camp, the day of the fight, and how he handles a loss. Kenda gives us a new mommy’s perspective on how it is to navigate through these events all while being pregnant with twins.

Check out Cub’s Youtube page for the rest of The Swansons episodes, here.