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Things got just a bit heated at the first Liddell vs Ortiz presser.

Things got pretty heated during and after the press conference between Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell. While both fighters revealed their intent to do great bodily harm to the other, there was a very nervous energy in the air between both legends.

Both Chuck and Tito seemed to have a hard time getting the right words out to fully express their disdain for the other one. While Tito was braggadocious about how he’s in great shape and just recently fought, Chuck had a message that age is just a number.

In their previous two fights, Liddell had his hand raised both times. Tito is looking to exact his revenge in the trilogy fight with Chuck and he looks supremely confident.

Of course, the legends faced off and things became very tense. Nobody knows how to get under Chuck’s skin like Tito does and it showed. Both guys look ready to go right now!

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