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You thought they were gone? Nope! The RQMS Podcast is back w / EP 35.

Mike and Marc, we thought you were gone. Nope! Busy with life and reshuffling the pieces, Mike Swick and Marc Bogutzki are back in your lives with Episode #35 of The Real Quick Podcast. Trust me, they haven’t lost any of their humor or ability to tell stories and split your sides with laughter.

“The guys are finally back and explain the hiatus. Mike discusses his trip to Las Vegas to film the Ultimate Fighter Season One Reunion show and his trip to Russia, then the guys share views on the Khabib vs Conor press conference and fight breakdown and the Eminem diss track against MGK.

The guys then talk about Dan Bilzerian visiting Phuket and the gym, and how they all ended up in the Red Light district one crazy and wild night. Marc also sheds light on “Mike the Chicken”, who lived 18 months without a head. True story. What else would you expect from these guys?

The show is getting revamped and will now be better than ever! Stay tuned!”

The guys are not only back, but they are back and will be putting out a LOT more content. Time to get excited, kids.

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