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UFC 230 – The thrill and the agony. These are the best vids for MMA fans

Personally, I feel that these ‘Thrill and Agony’ vids that the UFC put out are some of their finest work. Mixing in corner cams and behind-the-scenes looks at what was going on during fights is so intriguing. You wonder how Chris Weidman’s corner reacted to his loss against Jacare… and here it is.

The video really shows how much each camp had invested in the fights. When Jared Cannonier beat David Branch, we got an incredible look at Benson Henderson and the rest of the LAB corner absolutely losing their shit. To top it off, there’s an inside look of Dana White telling Connonier that he was hesitant to give him the Branch fight because he feared Branch would just lay on him.

Thrill and agony is a perfect way to title this video package. It allows us to see what really goes down at the fights. As for UFC 230, there were definitely a lot of ups and downs and we get to see all of it.