The Thug Diaries Episode Ten – Living the good RV life

The Thug Diaries Episode Ten – Living the good RV life

This is one of my favorite fighter video blogs, join Rose and Pat Barry as they travel to LA

A lot of fighters have video blogs and I sincerely enjoy watching them. I have an interest in the fights and the fighters. I love to see how they live and few people are as open or honest as Rose Namajunas. Her and Pat Barry and simply two great human beings and if I could go a cross-country road trip with anyone in MMA, it would be those guys. In short, I can’t get enough of Thug Diaries.

They are traveling via RV to Los Angeles from Denver in this episode. They are going to LA for JJ Aldrich’s fight on the UFC 227 card. They stop and do a photo shoot, play with their dog and take their¬†time seeing America along the way.

From Thug Rose

Were back! Watch us as we travel from Denver to L.A to watch J.J Aldrich compete at UFC 227, test out a new RV, and do a photo shoot with Austin (@austinarreguin) for a magazine (@Venimagazine). We hope you enjoy this episode and stay tuned for the next one to see more training and behind the scenes footage from before UFC 227.

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