Tito Ortiz on Chael: “I made him look like a fool.”

Tito Ortiz on Chael: “I made him look like a fool.”

Bellator 170 is in the books and so too is the remarkable career of mixed martial arts legend and pioneer Tito Ortiz.

Ortiz defeated Chael Sonnen in his final fight, submitting him in the first round. Following the bout, numerous people took to Twitter to discuss a number of things regarding the match.

Two of the most hot button topics were whether or not the fight may have been fixed, and how long Tito held on to the choke after Chael tapped. For anyone who didn’t watch, referee John McCarthy had to step in and physically push Tito off of Chael.

We have seen fighters hold on to submissions too long in the past. Rousamir Palhares has been criticized of this tactic on more than one occasion. One such instance, a lengthy hold of a Kimura on Jake Shields, resulted in Palhares being stripped of his WSOF welterweight title and suspended indefinitely by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Tito contends that maybe he held on for a second too long, but not without reason. Tito touched on that, and invited naysayers about his win down to his gym to see just how effective that choke can be.

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