Tonya Evinger, the anti-star who could boost the UFC

Tonya Evinger, the anti-star who could boost the UFC

The UFC needs stars, big time. Tony Evinger is the anti-star and could be a perfect fit.

tonyabirdYou can say what you want about Tonya Evinger, I mean, people already do. She’s not your ordinary MMA star. She doesn’t care at all about what you think of her. Evinger is not going to change her behavior based on what is best for business.  She’s not going to play the game, or dance if the music doesn’t suit her.  Tonya’s the anti-star the UFC never knew they needed.

The UFC maintains that the only people worthy of promotion, are the ones who hop up and down and draw attention to themselves or are somehow polarizing in nature.  They want fighters who will shill their Reebok gear, show up and happily do media shows and sell PPVs.  What would be interesting is if they took the time to develop someone who wasn’t cut from similar cloth.


Someone who shows up flips the bird and kicks ass.  Tonya Evinger is that person.

Yes, sometimes she’s going to do things that might make you cringe. She’s going to fight her ass off, then retch in a bucket and directly plant a lip lock on Laura Sanko who is in the cage to interview her.  Yes, you need to sit Tonya down and remind her how that is frowned upon in a civilized society.  She’ll likely begrudgingly agree and then move on with her life.  That’s just how it goes, sometimes she’s gonna make you crazy.  However, the rather massive upside is worth any and all headaches.

She has the talent to contend at the highest level in the UFC.

Tonya Evinger’s attitude and sense of just being herself have garnered her an army of dedicated fans.  They adore her, and they will buy her PPVs, and support her win or lose.  Lately, she’s been winning.  She’s currently on a seven-fight win streak and is the Invicta FC Bantamweight champion.  I spoke to a colleague of mine and asked if he felt she’d excel in the UFC and he flatly said, “Nope.”  I asked why and he pointed out, that anytime she fights a UFC caliber fighter, she fails.  It’s an intriguing notion.

She has losses in her career to Alexis Davis (twice), Sara McMann and Raquel Pennington in an Ultimate Fighter exhibition fight.  So yes, when her path crossed with UFC fighters, she fell short.  Here’s the rub, those losses were four and six years ago.  She’s a different fighter now.

The bottom line is Tonya would be a force in the UFC’s Bantamweight division. She’d also bring a bunch of loyal fans with her to the promotion. She’s fearless, she’s an individual and she just doesn’t care about the bs.  She’s MMA’s honey badger, and like it or not, she’s a big bright radiant star.

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