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RQMS Podcast 7: Training In Thailand. Bonus Red Light District Muay Thai

Episode #7 of the Real Quick with Mike Swick Podcast is here. The guys discuss the Thai lifestyle in the studio and finish off in the red light district. It says that the fight footage and other activities are the bonus clips, but let’s be real. Watching fighters get their hands wrapped on velvet couches with stripper poles in the back trumps pretty much everything.

Mike and Marc have AKA Thailand fighter, Brandon Waters, live and in the studio. They talk about Brandon’s fight, living in Thailand, and as usual; Talk about all the people who can beat Marc up. We are almost beginning to feel bad for Marc. Maybe in another 7-30 episodes of solid ribbing, staff will tell Swick to ease up. Or… maybe not.

This week, Swick suggests that Marc fights Shia Labeouf. Swick also sees a dwarf and says he’s Marc’s next opponent. The teasing never stops.

From our Youtube Channel:

“AKA Thailand’s rising star Muay Thai fighter, Brandon Waters, joins the guys to discuss everything anyone needs to know about living, training, and fighting in Thailand. A first-hand account conversation from 3 guys who live this life full time. Stay tuned after the podcast to go inside the Red Light District of Thailand to watch Brandon and Team AKA fighter Cain Kiernan fight, just days after the Podcast was filmed. A must-watch episode for anyone interested, or especially coming to Thailand to train!”