Trainwreck of bloopers from the Liddell vs Ortiz presser

Trainwreck of bloopers from the Liddell vs Ortiz presser

Tito Ortiz vs Chuck Liddell 3 can be considered a trainwreck in MMA. Two older gents rehashing their rivalry for a payday is often frowned upon by MMA fans. However, people will bu the PPV and this fight is actually happening. They had a presser last week and there were some verbal bloopers, but these new ones are on a totally different level of awesome.

Tito Ortiz, in particular, said some things that just blows the mind. here are a couple of gems.

“All I see is a shell of a man. An old shell of a man. On November 24th the millions will be able to watch, me standing over your face, as I bury you. As I rest of my last opponent did.”

“Jealous of him? This guy can’t even put a f****** sentence together, man. Are you kidding me right now? He’s reaching for those grapes. He’s trying to make his wine and the wine is already sounding like a violin with that cheese and wine.”

It’s ths kind of terrible trash talk that makes me love Tito that much more. God bless our sport.