#AskTheProdigy. UFC has a fan Q&A on twitter, with BJ Penn

#AskTheProdigy. UFC has a fan Q&A on twitter, with BJ Penn

The UFC offers fans a chance to ask fighters questions via Twitter, during fight week. This week, we have UFC Fight Night: Phoenix and 1/2 of the main even is the returning icon, BJ Penn. Fans got their questions in and BJ answered.

Who knew ‘The Prodigy’ was such a fan of Spam?

How’d you like New Mexico?

“I love New Mexico. I love the food. When they come up and ask me, “Red or Green?”, I say Christmas.”

Do you have a favorite hockey team? What other sports did you compete in?

“I would say off the top of my head from playing the video games… The Rangers, I think. The New York Rangers?

I used to compete in soccer when I was a kid. All-star teams and Select teams. When I got into high school, I guess I kind of fell out of it.”

How’s Mama Penn/your family doing?

“Thanks for asking about my mom. She’s doing very good. Mom is hanging out in Hilo, believing whatever her sons say. Haha, nah. She’s taking care of the kids, the family, and my father. He’s getting older now. Yep, everything’s great, thank you.”

You’re already the GOAT, helped build the sport, held the belt in 2 different divisions, and are a Hall of Famer. What is left to prove?

“Thank you very much for your comments. I want to prove to myself that I can still compete. More than that, I love this stuff. I love being around this. This is my whole life and all I know. I’m excited to be here.”

Can you still jump out of the pool?

“It’s been a little while. Right now at 145, I believe I could jump out of that pool. I’d love to do it right now in front of you, but it’s been a little while and I better save my toenails before the fight.”

What made you get into MMA?

“I was a kid getting into trouble and stuff. A guy moved down the street and was giving Jiu-Jitsu lessons. He told my father to bring his kids down. I was like, ‘Nah, I don’t need that, I’m already the toughest guy in the world.’ The guy tapped me out a couple of times and I was like, ‘Man… With this, I could rule the whole town’.”

Favorite Hawaiian meal?

“Of course, poi. I eat everything. Kahlua Cake, Lau Lau, and of course all the local foods; Spam eggs and rice, Spam bacon, Spam musubi… all of it.”

Who is your favorite fighter?

“My favorite fighter of all time is Chuck Liddell. He’s been my favorite fighter for years. The most famous guy I know. The man!”