Tyron Woodley needs hand surgery, ruled out for UFC 230

Woodley injured his hand during the Darren Till fight, it will require surgery.

Just when I thought Colby Covington was finally going to have to face Tyron Woodley in the cage, he’s off the hook. Woodley and Colby were rumored for UFC 230 at Madison Square Garden. That said, a hand injury will put Woodley on the shelf for a bit, making that fight an impossibility.

The surgery will repair three torn ligaments¬†in Woodley’s right hand, injuries he earned defending his title against Darren Till. He knew his hand was a mess after the fight, but the extent of the injuries is now official. Ariel Helwani of ESPN was the first to report news of the surgery which is set to take place in two weeks. The recovery for this is going to be two to three months, so don’t expect to see Woodley again in 2018 inside the Octagon.

That said, the injury shouldn’t get in the way of his new rap career. Woodley released a song he collaborated on with Wiz Khalifa called, “I’ll beat yo ass.”¬† We believe him! Colby Covington will now undoubtedly say Woodley is ducking him and ask for a new opponent and make that fight a title fight etc. Colby is nothing if not predictable. I can see the cringe-worthy videos in the making. Yikes.