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Tyron Woodley The Champ Life: Episode 3 – Buying Whips and Chains and a trip home

Tyron Woodley is back with another episode of The Champ Life

Tyron Woodley brings us into his life again with Episode 3 of, Tyron Woodley The Champ Life.  We join him as he shops for a new chain to open the video. Woodley goes home to where he grew up in Ferguson, MO and shows us his past. He’s blessed to also be able to purchase some cars for his family members.

Tyron does an amazing job with these videos, and it’s amazing to get a look into the life of an often misunderstood Woodley. We see him on the set of his new movie, The Escape Plan 2, where he has a big part. He’s in the movie with Sylvester Stallone, Dave Bautista and 50 Cent among others.

The last scene of the episode is really cool.  Tyron is at a Chevy dealer and he’s buying 3 cars.  He’s buying one for his mother, one for his 13-year-old son (which will be driven by the babysitter for the next 3 years) and one for the father of one of his kids.  Tyron is a good dude, and this shows it through and through.  He’s not about being rich, he’s about helping people and doing the right thing.  Check out the entire episode below.