UFC 206 Official Weigh-In

UFC 206 Official Weigh-In

As reported earlier, the ACTUAL weigh-ins for UFC 206 took place this morning. The meat and potatoes weigh-in, took place this afternoon. Everyone was rehydrated and on their best behavior for the face-offs. Well, almost everyone.

The main event is still Anthony Pettis vs Max Holloway, despite Pettis missing weight. Pettis is fighting for the win, while Holloway is fighting for the win AND the UFC Interim Bantamweight Title.

Joe Rogan asked Pettis about the fight and missing weight. Pettis said, “I ain’t here for interim belts, I’m here for that real belt! I missed weight. Shit happens. Tomorrow night, business as usual.” As for Max Holloway, “It is what is. Tune in tomorrow night and see a star be born”. On paper, this really is a ‘can’t miss’ fight.

The only other hiccup at the weigh-ins, was Matt Brown’s continued defiance of shaking Cowboy Cerrone’s hand. Brown has stated that he pretty much doesn’t like anything about Cowboy. Like, literally… NOTHING. Maybe it’s self motivation or just pre-fight posturing, but Matt Brown can’t get past whatever his beef is with the most likeable fighter in the UFC. Neither guy puts on a boring fight, so expect a war between the Immortal and Cowboy

Should be a gangbusters card, tomorrow night!

Video courtesy of http://youtube.com/user/UFC