UFC 207: Post fight press conference. Nunes, Cruz, Dillashaw, Garbrandt

UFC 207: Post fight press conference. Nunes, Cruz, Dillashaw, Garbrandt

Amanda Nunes,Dominick Cruz, TJ Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt all spoke at the UFC 207 post fight presser.


Dominick Cruz

Dominick Cruz came out and spoke with humility and grace in losing to Cody Garbrandt. He’s always maintained that the sport of MMA doesn’t define him, it’s just his chosen profession. He definitely has a firm grasp on what life is about. He understands fighting and understands that LIFE is more important. However, Cruz made sure to let everyone know that he is still in the title picture. It looks as if we will see Dillashaw, Cruz, and Garbrandt all doing the dance for a while in the 135 pound division.

“There wasn’t 1 second of that fight that I wasn’t trying to win”

Cody Garbrandt

Cody Garbrandt showed up looking sharp in his suit and his new belt. Garbrandt said the fight, “Played out exactly how I thought it was going to”. When asked about if TJ Dillashaw was next for the title.

“I had so much fun in there, let’s give Dom an immediate rematch, but it’s ultimately up to the UFC”

“I’m the baddest dude in the world. Bring em all.”

Garbrandt also got very emotional when talking about his young friend Maddux. Winning the belt for Maddux seemed to be more important to Garbrandt than winning it for himself.

TJ Dillashaw

Dillashaw looked like he hadn’t fought the hardest hitting bantamweight in the world an hour previous. He beat up John Lineker for 15 minutes and looks like he’s ready to fight tomorrow. He addressed the elephant in the room: Cody Garbrandt. TJ felt that it would be a good backstory selling the Alpha Male drama for a potential fight. He spoke about Dominick Cruz and felt he may have been injured, because he looked really stiff. Ultimately, TJ wants his belt back. That really seemed to be all Dillashaw was concerned with.


Amanda Nunes

MMA media sample question: “Enough about Ronda, Amanda. Let’s talk about Ronda.”

Ugh. Amanda Nunes was a sport in her post-fight interviews, entertaining the ridiculous questions aimed at her by “journalists”. Nunes really was really letting her personality show though. She certainly thought Edmond Tarverdyan was poisoning Ronda into thinking she was a boxer. It wasn’t that long ago that Nunes couldn’t even speak English and now she is running post-fight pressers. She was very happy that she even got the fight with Ronda and said she asked Dana White for it. Nunes did offer her thoughts on what she thought was next for Ronda Rousey.

“That’s it for her. For sure she’s going to retire”