UFC 213 Embedded Vlog Series Episode One – Fight Camps

UFC 213 Embedded Vlog Series Episode One – Fight Camps

It’s time again for the UFC’s vlog series, Embedded!

UFC 213 is three nights away, and the UFC has released their first in a series of UFC 213 Embedded videos, covering the fighter’s week ahead of the event. In episode 1, we start by seeing Robert Whittaker training and discussing his upcoming fight with Yoel Romero. He’s working hard and will compete for the Middleweight Interim Title Saturday night.

Next, we check in on Yoel Romero who talks about how he’s expected to lose to the younger fighter Whittaker. He tells the story of George Foreman fighting Muhammed Ali, and he says we know how that played out. Ali defeated the upstart George Foreman. Yoel looks ready to go and it should be a really exciting fight.

We transition to Valentina Shevchenko working out in a Las Vegas park. She’s running and then hitting pads. She looks really sharp and comments about not having to cut any weight. We then join her in The Range, a gun shop and shooting range in Vegas. She’s dangerous enough without a gun, but it turns out she’s a fantastic shot.  Her target has bullet groupings in the head and chest. Yikes.

We join Amanda Nunes in the UFC Performance Center, and she’s working out with her trainer Din Thomas.  Amanda works out and the episode ends with her drilling with her team.