UFC 216 Embedded Ep. 1 – Calm Before the Storm

UFC 216 Embedded Ep. 1 – Calm Before the Storm

The UFC has rolled out there awesome series Embedded for UFC 216.

This episode opens and we see Tony Ferguson at the ocean, doing some light punching drills. He’s happy to be on the beach, as he’s been at elevation training for this camp and has missed the views. He talks about how he’s training and fighting for his son, his family and so they will have a better life. Tony’s coach says that Lee is talented, but the experience is a motherf*cker, he gonna learn.

Next, we’re taken to the residence of Kevin Lee. He’s at his home getting a haircut. He opens by saying, “Tony can fight, he says he’s been in the mountains running with coyotes. All that means is he’ll take a long ass whopping.  We then are taken to Las Vegas Dream Racing and Lee talks about the Audi A-8 and says that’s next. He just bought a new house, and that car is next. He takes a little shot at Conor McGregor saying, ‘My shit ain’t going to be rented either, I won’t be out in a rented green Lambo.”

After that, we are transported to Ray Borg’s house which appears to be a double wide in Albukerke, NM.  You can definitely see the progression as fighters win bigger fights and start earning more money. Ray’s a young fighter and lives modestly. He talks about how he and his wife are expecting a baby. Ray said he’s ready because he’s helped raise kids, and changed diapers growing up. Borg says he’s excited.

Next, we jump to Kirkland, WA and AMC Pankration gym where Demetrious Johnson trains with Matt Hume.  Matt talks about the fight and says he expects Johnson to stop Borg and set the new all-time record. Johnson is seen driving home and he’s talking about how this fight is super important to him. He says the record is what it’s about but he needs to win all his fights or his paycheck will suffer.