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UFC adds domestic abuser to the same card as a domestic abuse survivor

Oh UFC… This is SUCH a bad look. Greg Hardy is a disgraced fallen NFL player who was released because of his hobby as a domestic abuser. Rachael Ostivich is still recovering from a broken orbital as a result of her husband’s domestic violence against her. These are the stories surrounding the two and the UFC just put them on the same card.

Right here is where we all give a collective, “Smack. My. Head.”

I’m in no way a sensitive guy and am very much at the forefront of the ‘Get over yourself’ movement. However, this here, is just a bad look. The UFC could have taken such a different route and this did not HAVE to happen. However, here we are and it’s a reality.

Of course, most fans share the same sentiment of, ‘WTF were they thinking?’. It’s a money driven business and I assume that the UFC dotted their I’s and crossed their T’s to make this work.

To me, it just doesn’t make senss and it brings a lot of negative attention to their product. These are the decisions that the UFC have made and now they will have to address it every time it comes up; Which it will. A lot.