Looking Ahead to UFC Fight Night Vanzant vs Waterson

Looking Ahead to UFC Fight Night Vanzant vs Waterson

Sunday is the day of rest and we all needed it after the amazing night of fights that went down this past Saturday at UFC 206. Well, it’s Monday and it’s already a new fight week! We have the UFC on FOX Fight Night card from Sacramento, headlined by Paige VanZant vs Michelle Waterson.

The UFC puts all their eggs into one basket, when marketing their pay per views. FS1, Fight Pass, and FOX cards… Not so much. There is a fantastic Fight Night card this Saturday and unless you were watching Sunday afternoon football on FOX, you may have had no idea. The main card has four intriguing match-ups that are very fan friendly.

Alan Jouban vs Mike Perry

Urijah Faber vs Brad Pickett

Sage Northcutt vs Mickey Gall

Paige VanZant vs Michelle Waterson

Usually, we see a plethora of exciting match-ups on the UFC on FOX cards. Obviously this is a smart move, because it gives the mainstream fan a chance to see fights with a high finish rate probability. The guy who you hate at work that always talks about his car, stumbles across UFC Fight Night and gets hooked, then orders every UFC pay per view for the next two years.

I’m loving the Alan Jouban vs Mike Perry fight. Mike Perry has 9 fights, 9 wins, and 9 knockouts. Since his UFC debut just a few months ago, Perry has amassed a huge fan base, because of his brawling style. Almost as big as his group of fans, are his group of haters. Mike Perry has made some questionable PR decisions, which have pissed off a lot of people. However, he doesn’t seem to care. He knows that as long as he keeps winning, people will want to watch him.

Perry will take on model/fighter/podcaster/dad, Alan Jouban. Unlike most models, Jouban doesn’t mind getting punched in his money maker. In fact, his track record shows that he almost prefers it. It seems that Jouban is willing to take a punch, to give back three of his own. Despite being the more technical fighter of the two, he has no issues making an MMA fight into a street brawl. Simply put, whoever is conscious, wins.

The pioneer of the smaller weight classes is retiring. The great Urijah Faber is calling it a career and his final fight will be against Brad ‘One Punch’ Pickett. Pickett and Faber have a combined 80 fights between them, so there will be no shortage of experience in the cage. Pickett is walking into hostile territory for this fight, though. The UFC on Fox card is in Sacramento,  Faber’s home town. It’s Faber’s retirement fight, so you can bet fans will be energized and behind Faber. Both of these guys are absolute warriors, so we should she a barn burner in Faber’s last hurrah.

Mickey Gall beat former WWE superstar CM Punk and gained instant notoriety. In his post fight speech, he called out Super Sage Northcutt. Dana White seemed to like the idea, because this fight is on! The WWE killer vs The Living Ken Doll. The Gangster vs the President of the Mickey Mouse Club, AC Slater vs Zack Morris, Cobra Kai vs Daniel LaRusso. You get the idea. Gall has 2 fights in the UFC and both were in a sense, experiments. Northcutt could also be labeled as an experiment, when he was signed by Dana White during a webisode of ‘Lookin’ for a Fight’.  Both Gall and Northcutt are looking to shed the labels bestowed to them. Can Gall hang with Sage on the feet? Can Sage survive on the ground with Gall? We shall see!

Michelle Waterson vs Paige VanZant… You want to talk about great marketing? Put 2 gorgeous ladies who can fight their asses off, as the main event of your UFC Fight Night card. One is named the ‘Karate Hottie’, while the other was on ‘Dancing With the Stars’. The only way these two could get more fans, is if their names were McGregor and Rousey. Being the main event on national television is a no-brainer. Both of these women are excellent fighters who set a very fast pace, inside the Octagon. VanZant will probably try and take this fight to the ground quickly and use her ground & pound, while Waterson will look to keep it a striking match.

Look for a night of entertaining UFC fights this weekend, Saturday December 10 on FOX. It should be a good one. Check out a preview for the event:

Video courtesy of youtube.com/user/UFC/videos