UFC on FOX: Sacramento. Play by Play & Results

UFC on FOX: Sacramento. Play by Play & Results

UFC on FOX Main Card

Paige VanZant vs Michelle Waterson

Round 1: Waterson is doing a nice job mixing up her kicks n punches. They clinch and Waterson gets a great throw out of it. She gets the body lock and works hard for the rear naked choke. VanZant fights it off for a moment, but Waterson keeps working. VanZant is almost asleep and John McCarthy stops the fight. Wow! Very impressive by Waterson.
RNC finish for Michelle Waterson at 3:21 in round 1.

Mickey Gall vs Sage Northcutt

Round 1: Quick flurry between the 2 and Gall gets the takedown. Gall doesn’t throw strikes or anything, just working for position. Gall tries the guillotines, but Sage gets out. He stands up and talks smack What?!?! He continues to talk smack as he lands strikes. Gall wants NONE of Sage on the feet and goes straight for the takedown. They end the round with a scramble.

Round 2: Sage is really going to work on Gall. Then Gall lands a huge overhand right and drops Sage, who shoots in. Big mistake, as Gall takes his back and submits him with a rear naked choke.

Submission win for Mickey Gall in round 2. Gall calls out the Outlaw Dan Hardy.

Urijah Faber vs Brad Pickett

Urijah makes his Octagon walk for the last time. His home town and California Love?!? The crowd goes nuts!

Round 1: The first 3 minutes is a big feeling out process. Little exchanges between the 2 , but Faber get the better with leg kicks. They scramble on the ground and get to their feet. Faber lands a booming left hook that drops Pickett. Urijah let Pickett off the hook because he thought he was out. Urijah takes his back, then mount. All the while, dropping elbows and punches. Pickett bleeding a lot. Round ends and the crowd is going nuts.

Round 2: Pickett has his wits back and seems to be just barely outpointing Faber for the first 2 minutes. Faber gets the takedown and punches from the guard. They are back to the feet and Urijah Faber is cruising ahead. He drags Pickett to the ground as the round ends.

Round 3: Urijah goes straight to the takedown. Pickett is doing a great job staying away from the Faber guillotine. Another takedown by Faber, who is not looking like a guy that is retiring in 2.5 minutes. Faber drops elbows from half guard. Pickett’s face is all swollen up on the right side. He lands a left hook that sends Faber to the mat, but it landed to Urijah’s chest. The fight ends and Urijah signals that it’s (his career) over.

The California Kid wins a unanimous decision 30-26 x3.

Alan Jouban vs Mike Perry

Round 1: Mike Perry walking straight forward. Jouban countering Perry’s wild punches and wobbled him a bit. Jouban tries to halt the forward attacks by using body, head, and leg kicks. When Perry gets close, Jouban gets the takedown, but Perry is right back up. Perry continues to look for the homerun punch and Jouban keeps kicking.

Round 2: The body kicks Jouban is landing are brutal. Jouban has a nice combo where he cracks Perry, but he’s fighting to stay away from Perry’s power. Jouban keeps circling to Perry’s power hand though. Perry is having a tough time getting to Jouban, who sticks and drops him with a straight left.

Round 3: Alan Jouban can brawl with the best of them, but he’s being very economical with his punches. He’s continuing to kick Perry and has him thinking too much. Perry isn’t stalking any more. He is getting pieced up on the feet by Jouban. He just doesn’t know where Jouban is coming from. Jouban has a lot of respect for Perry’s power, so he gameplanned this perfectly.

Jouban wins by Unanimous decision 30-27 x2, 29-28


FS1 prelims

Henrique Da Silva vs Paul Craig

Round 1: Da Silva wants to touch gloves and Paul Craig kicks his hand. Da Silva pushes Craig against the cage. Craig throws some uppercuts from the clinch. Paul Craig gets the takedown and a cut is open over the left eye of Da Silva.  Craig gets side control then tries for the guillotine. Da Silva escapes and they are standing again. Da Silva’s face looks like a Tarantino movie.

Round 2: They look tired when starting the round. After a brief exchange they clinch against the cage. They separate and Craig pulls guard. He transitions to armbar and gets the tap!

Winner submission by armbar, Paul Craig.

Cole Miller vs Mizuto Hirota

Round  1: About 1 minute in, Cole Miller drops Hirota with a right hand. Hirota recovers quickly. Back on their feet Hirota leg kicks Miller, who is jabbing at range. They go to the ground and Hirota has top position, but doesn’t really do much with it. Kind of uneventful round.

Round 2: Miller tries to utilize his range again. Hirota swarms by jumping in with punches. He uses that to get a takedown, where Miller works a leg lock. He is able to sweep Hirota with it, but Hirota does a good job defending Miller taking his back. Hirota reverses and punches Miller from half guard.  Hirota doesn’t do much from top position again. I just noticed Cole Miller has 1 glove without the UFC logo on it. Totally useless observation. Sorry.

Round 3: Miller needs a stop here, but he is looking tired. He gets taken down. Halfway through the round and nothing is happening. The referee doesn’t even issue a warning. With a minute left, Hirota lands some good ground and pound. Then it’s back to inactivity. The fight is met with spattered boo’s from the crowd. All but Wineland’s fight have been decisions and the crowd is getting restless.

Hirota wins the unanimous decision 30-27 x2, 30-26

Bryan Barbarena vs Colby Covington

Round 1: Barbarena spends a good amount of time fighting the hands of Covington, who is trying to get a takedown. 3 minutes to be exact. He finally gets separation and they exchange for a short time, before we are back to Covington trying the takedown again. Covington is a lot faster with his strikes and tags Barbarena, who looks like it’s a lazy Sunday.

Round 2: Barbarena gets taken down, but manages to get back up quickly. Covington flurries and goes back to the takedown attempt. Barbarena fights it off nicely. They separate and Covington tags Barbarena with punches. Back to the takedown. Barbarena gets up and wants to brawl, so Covington shoots for another takedown, which is thwarted.

Round 3: I feel like a broken record, but… Covington lands strikes and goes for the takedown. They fight in the clinch and then separate. Covington throws some punches, then gets his 9th takedown. Barbarena fights the hands and they separate. Covington seems to be able to reach Bryan’s chin at will. Barbarena is trying to get it to a firefight, but Covington is getting the better of those exchanges. Covington gets takedown number 11 with :45 second left and rides out the round, throwing punches in Barbarena’s guard.

Colby Covington wins the unanimous decision 30-27 x3

James Moontasri vs Alex Morono

Round 1: 3 minutes down and they are putting on a kicking contest. Moontasri is landing the harder ones though. The body and legs of Morono are purple. Round 1 was literally all kicks.

Round 2: Morono swings wildly with punches, then they continue the kicking show. Morono is getting sick of Moontsari being passive and starts winging wild punches at him. The second half of the round, Morono is taking control the fight and forcing Moontsari to play his game.

Round 3: Morono  doing the stalking and trying to close the distance. Alex unloads on Moontasri against the cage with all of his weapons. I don’t know how Moontasri is standing. Morono is putting Moontasri against the cage and letting his hands fly. Moontasri has eaten a lot of knuckles in the round and is bleeding from his brow and nose. We started technical and ended wild!  Should be 29-28 Morono. It is.

Alex Morono wins by unanimous decision 29-28 x3.

Josh Emmett vs Scott Holtzman

Round 1: These guys are swinging for the knockout right away. Holtzman lands a nice right hand then kicks Emmett in the pills. They restart and Emmett eye pokes Holtzman. Emmett gets a nice double leg takedown, but Holtzman is able to get to his feet. Holtzman gets a trip takedown of his own. He works some nice ground and pound from half guard on Emmett. They get back to the feet and the round ends.

Round 2: At about 4:00, they exchange a lot of HARD punches. Emmett keeps looking for the takedown, but Holltzman defends well. They go back and forth with takedown attempts and scrambling. About a minute left and both have slowed a bit. This is a very grueling fight for these 2 monsters.

Round 3: Deep breaths for both guys, as they throw hard punches. Holtzman taunts Emmett saying ‘what you got?’. Emmett then wobbles Holtzman with a punch. This is a very close fight and they are so tired, but still throwing punches and working in the clinch. 30 seconds left and Holtzman is trying to bang it out, but Emmett tries to keep it close and control Holtzman. They empty their tanks as the round ends. Both raise their hands in victory. Someone will be disappointed.

Josh Emmett takes the unanimous decision 29-28 x3.

Leslie Smith vs Irene Aldana

Round 1: Leslie Smith chasing the very tall Aldana around the cage. Smith drops Aldana with a right hook. She pounces but Aldana gets back up and lands some of her own punches. Smith continues stalking. Smith brawling and Aldana finally using her range. The round ends with the 2 throwing punches against the cage.

Round 2: The first couple of minutes, Smith is giving Aldana no rest whatsoever. She moves forward throwing 4 punch combos. Aldana is just trying to set up the jab at range, but Smith won’t get out of her face. With a minute left, Aldana starts putting together combinations and tagging Smith. Aldana is great with her boxing and slipping punches. Smith seemed to get the better of the exchanges, but this is still a very competitive fight.

Round 3: The firefight continues. Leslie stalking and moments of great combinations from Aldana. Smith is winning the exchanges when she has Aldana backwards. Aldana gets the better of the firefights. Great fight ladies!

Unanimous decision for Leslie Smith. 29-28 x2, 30-27

UFC Fight Pass Prelims

Takeya Mizugaki vs Eddie Wineland

Round 1: Mizugaki spends the first few minutes mixing up strikes and kicks, while Wineland looks to be feeling out Mizugaki. Eddie Wineland crumbles Mizugaki with a right counter punch behind the ear. Mizugaki is hurt and stumbles. Wineland clips him with a right on the chin and follows up with more punches as the ref stops it.

Eddie Wineland wins by tko in rd 1.

Fredy Serrano vs Hector Sandoval

Round 1: Immediately, Sandoval bouncing everywhere and using footwork. He gets a takedown on the Olympian Serrano, who pops right back up. Sandoval seems to be connecting with punches every time he swarms. Jeez, this kid is all over the place. Serrano seems to be finding a home for the leg kick. The round ends with both guys throwing a flying knee at each other.

Round 2: Both come out firing. Serrano really enjoys this jumping knee. Sandoval seems to have Serrano on roller skates. Serrano is throwing 1 big punch, while Sandoval is using combinations. These 2 flyweights look like linebackers. The fight is close, but Serrano is spending the fight with his back to the cage, which never plays well with judges.

Round 3: Sandoval gets an immediate takedown. Back on their feet, we see more of the same. Serrano with the better leg kicks and Sandoval with the footwork. Serrano is taking the center of the Octagon in round 3. Sandoval does a good job countering Serrano’s punches.

Winner by unanimous decision 29-28 x2, 30-27 , Hector Sandoval

Bojan Velickovic vs. Sultan Aliev

Round 1: Bojan comes out throwing jabs and low kicks, while Sultan looks to counter. With 2 minutes left Aliev gets the double leg takedown. He tries some ground and pound, while Velickovich momentarily works for an armbar. Bojan gets back to his feet and the round ends.

Round 2: Aliev wants this fight on the ground. He continues to hold Bojan there and strike from guard. Bojan tries a few submissions off of his back, But Aliev isn’t having any of it. Aliev is cut and bleeding from an accidental headbutt.

Round 3: Velickovich with the leg kicks again and then shoots for the takedown. The Sambo master Aliev, fights it off. Aliev goes for a takedown and gets countered, but ultimately gets top position. He goes body/body/head from half guard. He is smothering Bojan and doing just enough to not get stood up by the referee. The fight ends with Aliev in side control. Aggression goes to Velickovic, while control goes to Aliev.

Winner by split decision, Sultan Aliev 29-28, 27-30 x2


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