The new UFC Performance Institute is amazing, check it out

The new UFC Performance Institute is amazing, check it out

The UFC Performance Center is a state of the art training, rehab and office facility

The UFC is preparing for a move.  The offices are headed to a brand new state of the art facility in Las Vegas.  This isn’t your standard office building however, the UFC are building a state of the art performance and wellness institute geared for their fighters to train, learn, recover and relax.  Introducing the UFC Performance Institute.

There will be state of the art gym equipment, an octagon, and all the bags, gloves, and workout materials you could ever imagine.  The focus isn’t just on training, it will also be on recovery.  Here’s a video the UFC provided to give some insight into the new facility.


The facility is not just state of the art offices, there is serious training to be done.  The Institute will be available to fighters on the UFC roster.  One great feature is an Octagon with multiple cameras mounted above so that fighters can record there sessions, and then access their training from multiple angles in the adjoining film and video rooms.  It’s film study for the next generation and a tool that fighters will greatly benefit from.

The second floor of the training facility will contain  a full-sized Octagon and boxing ring, as well as bag and mat training areas featuring camera analysis and motion capture technology. In addition, a tiered seating media center (65-person capacity) as well as a multi-purpose meeting space are available.

The facility can host a couple hundred fighters at a time, but the UFC is going to schedule time to keep the numbers training at given time much lower.  The UFC will encourage fighters to come out and spend a week or so at a time. That way they can benefit from the many training and recovery features the new Institute offers.


facilitynowIt’s not just about working out, it’s about healing.  Inside the complex there will be many rehab options for the UFC fighter.  They can utilize such recovery tools as Hypoxic Lab, Laser light therapy units, Cryotherapy Chamber, Hydrowork Pool, Norma-Tec compression units, Hot and Cold Plunges, PT-Rooms, sauna and steam rooms, Woodway treadmills, force plates, Keiser Machines, indoor outdoor tracks and much more.

The creators searched facilities far and wide to gain ideas and options for their training institute.  The fighters will also have access to nutrition centers, and relaxation rooms.  The staff of creators took specific inspiration from the facilities used by the Manchester City Football club, located in England.

It will undoubtedly be a welcome home away from home for visiting fighters.  The offices and training institute occupy some 185,000 square feet.  The property takes of a whopping 15 acres.  The offices and Training Institute are both set to open this May.