UFC Women’s Featherweight division quickly becoming a quagmire

UFC Women’s Featherweight division quickly becoming a quagmire

de Randamie won’t fight “Cheater” Cyborg. Cyborg calls de Randamie “Scared”

The UFC opened a new division when they had Germaine de Randamie take on Holly Holm at UFC 208. Their goal was to crown a Featherweight champion.  Well, things started off on the wrong foot, as the fight was rife with controversy. Since then, it’s been pretty much a dumpster fire.  Let’s take a look at the UFC Women’s Featherweight division and why things are so topsy-turvy.

Germaine de Randamie – Won the inaugural Featherweight title and immediately took it into hiding. First, it was a hand injury that kept her from facing Cris Cyborg.  Then that hand injury cleared temporarily when Germaine was thinking she’d fight Holly again in a rematch.  When that didn’t come to pass, her hand started hurting again.  Now, because your hand can’t hurt forever, she’s saying she will not face Cyborg because Cyborg is a known cheater.  Well, it’s not up to her, if she wants to be a champion.  She’ll have to face the number one contender.  So either she’s going to be stripped of the title, or she’ll face whoever the UFC sees fit.  Not a great look for a UFC champion.

Holly Holm – Lost the title fight, officially protested the result, and has since moved on to another division. She’s opted to head back down to 135 pounds and has a fight with Bethe Correia booked at UFC Fight Night 111. Nevermind the small factor that she’s lost three consecutive fights since she knocked out Ronda Rousey.   She doesn’t seem destined to be a player at Featherweight.

Cris Cyborg – Well, first things first, she opted to punch Angela Magana in the face this past weekend at the UFC Fighter Retreat. So she’s likely going to have some legal issues to overcome. That said, fighters are not genuinely interested in facing her.  Now, if you’re team Cyborg, you simply say, “They’re scared.”  However, if you are on team everyone else you say, “They’re scared because Cyborg is chemically enhanced.”   There’s no simple truth and no easy answers. Cyborg makes a living of being the victim, but she’s not. She’s bullied, been bullied, intimidated, and it’s come back to haunt her. People don’t want to fight her.

Megan Anderson – She seems game to fight Cyborg, but she’s not currently signed to the UFC and her last three fights in Invicta were against fighters with a combined 16-11 record. Facing Cyborg would be a MASSIVE step up in competition.  I’d say it’d be interesting to get her in the UFC and get her a fight and see where she is, and then maybe set her up with Cyborg.  She’s the Interim Featherweight champion in Invicta.  She might be the best of the bunch, but we just don’t know yet.

The bottom line is the division is paper thin and the people at the top all have issues preventing them from fighting. Whether or not the UFC opts to just cut the division remains to be seen.  They are launching the Flyweight division with TUF 26, and that division seems stacked with talent, and already primed for success. Maybe it’s time to pull the plug on 145 and come back to it when there is the talent to support it.