LatestReal Quick w/ Mike Swick Podcast

EP #39: Fight Life (Untold Fight Stories & The Shows Unique Dynamic)

The word for the day, kids, is ‘Dynamic’. Why? Because Mike Swick said it a fistful of times when describing his relationship with his co-host, Marc Bogutzki. This episode is much more personal than usual because they basically only talk about their relationship.

There is some MMA talk, as Swick definitely wanted to clarify his comments and opinions on Conor McGregor

“The guys answer the most asked questions about the show and explain their unique dynamic as a Podcast. They go over many never before told stories from Mike’s entire fight career.”

My favorite part of Mike and Marc is always how they bash each other, yet barely bat an eyelash. Like it didn’t even happen. Have fun with this episode, guys. Mike and Marc certainly did.

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