Urijah Faber on Paige VanZant after her loss.

Urijah Faber on Paige VanZant after her loss.

Urijah Faber is the head of Team Alpha Male for a reason. Aside from creating it, Faber has been the leader of the team for years. Just days after his retirement, Urijah is already in coach mode. He addressed the career of Paige VanZant, after her tough loss to Michelle Waterson.

“There’s no one that works harder than her when she’s in the gym. The problem is, she is being yanked in all these other directions. It’s not necessarily her fault, though. She’s 22 and she’s in this new role (being a mainstream star) and she’s  doing her best to juggle things. We’d love to see more of her in the gym, when she’s not in fight camp. But she’s got all these obligations and there’s money dropping in her bucket and those are opportunities that may go away. You never know.”

Call it being a good leader, but Urijah has always had a big brother mentality with the fighters in his stable.

As soon as  a fighter loses, people love to jump on the hate bandwagon and offer their negative opinion. Faber keeps it in perspective though. He’s basically saying, we’d love to see you in the gym more often, but we totally understand doing other things for your career. Those opportunities may be gone tomorrow, so go after them while you can.


Video courtesy of TMZ Sports