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Usman on Covington, “I just want to punch a hole through his head”

Kamaru Usman hates Colby Covington. How much? Enough to want to punch a hole through his head. I mean, Usman really hates the guy. Coincidentally, so does pretty much anyone who listens to Cody speak.

Covington has a gimmick and despite it being a lame transparent one, it’s still a gimmick. However, Usman says that Covington is a legitimate problem for him. Not in the cage, but just being in his vicinity.

“He’s ducked me three times since they offered him that fight. I want the fight because honestly, and I’ve said this to numerous people, he’s the one guy in the division that I can’t be around. It doesn’t matter what other fighter, if I hate you or whatever, I can be around you. If I see this beady-eyed snake head looking dude in any room, my heart rate goes up. I just want to punch a hole through his head.”

I guess Colby’s gimmick is working.