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Pretty Paige VanZant, posts ugly foot gash. Not for the faint of heart.

UFC straw-now-flyweight, Paige VanZant, is a beauty. The picture that she posted via her Instagram of a deep gash on her foot… HORRIFIC.

Well damn.

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Have no fear, FanZants. She posted this pic yesterday and had it stitched up. Today, she is already back to working out.

VanZant's gash is stitched up

VanZant is scheduled to make her 125 pound UFC debut at UFC 216 this October against Jessica Eye. This little setback won’t keep her from performing, as it’s just par for the course in a training camp.

You have to admire VanZant, though. If I sliced my foot open like that, I’d be asking people to take care of me for a few months.