UFC vet turned Vegas police officer, statement on Las Vegas shooting

UFC vet turned Vegas police officer, statement on Las Vegas shooting

Josh Haynes, the UFC vet who fought Michael Bisping in the TUF 3 finale, is currently a Las Vegas policeman. Josh was a first responder to the shooting that took place on the Las Vegas strip the other night. Friends and family checked on Josh, but responding individually was too overwhelming, so he issued a statement via his Facebook.

“I just want to give those who are concerned an update.

My trainee and I were a few of the first to respond to the mass shooting in Las Vegas. We arrived and were immediately pinned by gunfire on Las Vegas Blvd.

My trainee took a round to the shoulder which ultimately lodged in his chest. He and I were able to scramble through the oncoming rounds for better cover where I attempted to apply a tourniquet. Given the location of his wound, it wasn’t an option. We moved through the gunfire to an open vehicle which I took. I was able to drive him to the hospital for emergency care. He is doing well and will recover.

This whole thing is a disaster and I am so sorry.

The only reason I am posting is that there is a lot of concern. I am sorry for all those who lost their lives or were hurt and I am sorry that we as police were not able to stop this before it happened. You have my most sincere apologies.”

Josh hasn’t fought in MMA since he retired in 2010 to pursue a career in law enforcement. Since then, being a police officer is what he’s been doing. The word ‘hero’ gets thrown around way too much these days, but I think we can all agree that Josh truly is a hero.