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Vitor Belfort calls for the oddest fight, to end his career on.

After losing to Kelvin Gastelum last week, ‘The Phenom’ Vitor Belfort announced that he had one more fight left on his UFC contract. Essentially, Belfort has one more fight left in his career too. Father time has caught up with him and he is not the fighter that he once was. Right now, he is Michael Jordan on the Wizards averaging 16 pts a game. It’s good, but just not how he used to be.

He was interviewed by AG Fight and named who he felt would be a viable career ending opponent.

“It would have to be an interesting fighter, but not a top fighter”. I’ve been fighting good guys before: Weidman, Dan Henderson, Jacare, Mousasi and now Kelvin. These are all hard fights, so if you can book a smoother fight… What’s the name of that guy from WWE? CM Punk would be a good fight. CM Punk, let’s get it on. That would be a really good fight.”

I don’t know about “a really good fight”. An easy fight for Vitor, yes. Let’s hope he is at least half-joking when he did this interview.

He also said he wants the fight to be at 205 pounds. Punk made his debut at 170 pounds and Vitor JUST fought at 185. Them fighting at light heavyweight is as likely as Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor actually happening not very likely. Added on top of this is that Vitor is a 39 fight veteran, to CM Punk’s 1 professional fight. No commission in their right mind would sanction this.

However in this new day of the UFC, you never know.