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War Machine found guilty on 29 of 34 possible charges, sentencing June 5th

Jury could not agree on Attempted Murder charges

Jonathan Koppenhaver, better known to the MMA world as War Machine was in court again Monday as the verdicts were read on the 34 charges he faced. They jury convicted him on 29 counts, including first-degree kidnapping, sexual assault, and battery.

The two most severe charges, the attempted murder charges of Christy Mackinday and Corey Thomas, resulted in a hung-jury. The jury was unable to agree upon a verdict. However, the kidnapping charge, paired with the sexual assault, the battery and the use of a deadly weapon are very serious. Those could result in a life sentence without parole.

The Incident

The incident stems from the attack by War Machine on Christy Mackinday and Corey Thomas. It took place inside Mackinday’s residence on August 8th of 2014. The trial, which was available for live viewing online, was at times difficult to watch. The eight hours of testimony from Christy Mackinday was particularly hard to view. She broke into tears on numerous occasions. She was asked to recall and explain the violence she suffered that evening, as well as three previous incidents of violence charged against War Machine in this case.

The Trial

When Christy’s mother Erin Mackinday testified she was asked by a prosecutor if she wished she had contacted the authorities sooner, she had an eerie reply.  She looked directly at War Machine and said, “No, I wish I would have shot you.

The 911 call was difficult to listen to as well, and the prosecution smartly played it again in their closing arguments last week, before sending the case to the jury.  The verdict was read on all 34 counts this afternoon. The video of the verdict being read is below.

War Machine will be sentenced on his 29 guilty counts on June 5th.