Under the Radar – The Co-Main at Bellator 170 packs a punch

Under the Radar – The Co-Main at Bellator 170 packs a punch

Paul “Semtex” Daley set to meet Brennan Ward in a fight sure to be a puncher’s delight

Everyone is talking about Tito Ortiz and Chael Sonnen today, as it should be. Chael is renowned for his ability to sell a fight. This is the last time legitimate icon Tito Ortiz will step into the cage. There is a ton of interest for good reason.  It makes sense that the MMA world would be on the edge of their seats waiting for it.  However, Bellator 170 is about more than just the main event.

The co-main event tonight packs a punch.  A punch that will undoubtedly entertain at the highest possible level. Paul Daley is a puncher’s puncher. His nickname is “Semtex” for goodness sake.  He has heavy hands and does not know how to be boring.  It’s just not in his DNA.  Daley brings a 38-14 record into this fight. He has tons of experience and has a few losses on his record, because he doesn’t play it safe. He engages.  From the time the bell sounds, Paul is on the prowl looking to do damage. It’s a joy to watch.

He was in the UFC, until after a contentious fight with Josh Koscheck, where Daley felt held down and smothered, he punched Josh after the bell.  Dana saw red, and that was it for Paul Daley in the UFC.  Daley has had plenty of success outside of the UFC and had won five in a row, until his last fight, where he lost to Douglas Lima at Bellator 158.  He loves to stand and trade and will find a willing partner in Brennan Ward.

Ward (14-4), doesn’t have the same level of experience as Daley, and hasn’t faced as many top level fighters, but what he has done is captured the fans’ imaginations with his brawling style.  He enters this match having won five of his last six. His lone defeat in that stretch came when he was caught in a submission by Evangelista “Cyborg” Santos.  He rebounded from that with a first round knockout of Saad Awad in his fight at Bellator 163.

Ward is popular, because he has no fear. He will bite down on his mouthpiece and throw leather, come what may.  That being said, he also has an ability to grab hold of a neck and squeeze it until opponents sleep. He can hurt you standing, and when you drop, follow you down and choke you out.  He’s a dangerous opponent for Daley, and Daley will mark the best fighter Ward has faced.

It is kind of difficult to predict how this fight will play out.  The one thing that remains a certainty is it will be violent, it will be fun, and could very well steal the show.